Reincarnated Evolution 101


In the near future, North America will begin to receive the first wave of Reincarnated evolutions. This is a new type of evolution that provides a new layer of power and I wish to explain the process along with the pros and cons in this article. The thoughts explained below apply to the REM monsters who require an awoken evolution. Moving forward, you may begin to see monsters with the prefix R or Re and that simply designates their reincarnated form.

As a forewarning, you are unable to reverse this process so you must exercise caution before committing to a reincarnated evolution.

Video commentary

What is a reincarnated evolution?

A reincarnated evolution is a new type of evolution that upgrades an existing awoken evolution. This will increase their rarity (number of stars), grant them a third typing, and retain their original active. In addition, the required materials are easy to obtain, but unlike an ultimate evolution, reincarnation can only occur if your monster is max level.



In the above image, a level 99 Awoken Minerva can be reincarnated with those five masks. She will be unable to revert back to her awoken form and her level will be reset back to 1. This is usually not a problem with the abundant snowglobes or king infestations floating around; however, reincarnated forms require 16 million experience to max level (as opposed to their normal 4 million curve). This is a massive experience sink and you should not commit to a reincarnation unless you are able to max level them again as the augmented stats will not be justified until level 90+.


The benefits

The whole reincarnation process is quite resource intensive, but the rewards are worth the effort. First off, the reincarnated Gods have around 1,000 weighted stats and this has a dramatic impact when your teams are already +297. This gives you additional wiggle room when team building around damage thresholds and these monsters also greatly benefit from the stat oriented latents, especially from the future all stat HP/ATK/RCV latent.

The improved stats should be motivation enough in most cases; however, many of the reincarnated forms gain an improved leader skill. This helps breathe life back into dated teams as well as providing niche uses for certain cards.

Finally, the reincarnated forms regain their God typing (or gain a third typing) and this has practical implications on the newly announced MP Dragon evolutions. The original 5 MP Dragon leader skills only benefit gods and with skill inheritance, you can freely use them and simply override their base actives. This should be done to help fill out your team’s roster, capitalize on the 1,000 weighted stats, and utilized their ideal awakenings.

When you should not reincarnate a monster

In the vast majority of scenarios, the reincarnated form is the better option and should be pursued. However, it must be delayed if you are unable to re-level them as the dramatic stat drop would not be justified. One nice aspect of playing on NA/EU is ample time to prepare yourself for these new evolutions.

Another scenario in which you should not reincarnate a monster is if you are using them for a specific sub colour on rainbow teams. Finally, if the monster in question has a PAD X / Cross evolution, it may be advantageous to keep them in those forms if they better suit your teams.


Reincarnated evolutions are an exciting new step for Puzzle and Dragons. It helps revive older cards back into relevance while providing another goal for players to receive.

What do you think of the whole reincarnated process and who are you most excited for?

Happy Puzzling!


35 thoughts on “Reincarnated Evolution 101”

  1. Personally, I’m looking forward to RMinerva. Not because I have one, but I have a decent Ilm/RMinerva team, and I have some friends planning to run it. Can we expect a post about the Ilm/RMinerva arena team?


  2. Personally I’m really looking forward to Reincarnated Kagutsuchi as just a sub for Krishna though I’d be curious to try out his leaderskill too.


    1. His leader skill will have niche uses for acting as a resolve killer. Granted it may not have too much application at this time, but who knows what the future holds =)


  3. Can’t wait for Revo Parvati. That extra awakening makes her a very attractive sub for my wood teams. Of course, I’d also lead with her more often.


    1. ReParvati regains her God Typing and has a place on the new Ra Dragon teams as you can easily inherit something over her along with helping keep your whole team bind immune


  4. The reincarnated form of Bastet is a vast improvement over Ace Bastet, and it’s pretty much the case all the way down the Ace cards/forms. I don’t think there are any Ace cards that are justified staying Ace form versus simply reincarnating.

    Article could perhaps have used a mention about Neptune. Dusty card finally becomes pretty good. Not quite as discussed as Minerva, but shows up in the tier lists, and quite solid.


    1. Ace Horus has a completely different active so he is probably the one to have the most consideration

      I simply used Minerva as a sample for the images, when cards are released in NA, I will possibly do a review of some sorts =)


      1. Yeah, that’s always a problem for me :/ My Urd and Echidna’s RCV’s compensates for it most of the time, but it still sucks when you’re up against a monster with a high preemptive attack.


          1. Yeah… I’ve been trying to build up my pandora and Ra teams, along with putting together a Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Kush team… but I can’t make myself abandon my Shiva, I’m too used to it _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


            1. Well with his new evo, Shiva is quite powerful. He will struggle in super end game content due to low HP, but the massive RCV and easy damage (not active reliant) is pretty wonderful


  5. i am happy to reincarante evo my Lakshmi and Venus just waiting for A.Isis lets see what she will get and i think after that the egyptian pantheon the Japaneses pantheon with Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi will get one i know that hino got one so far maybe when ama gets one she will be maybe one of the strongest healer Lead ever xD with that self heal


  6. “Reincarnation can only occur if your monster is max level”, this might not true, at least this is not the case of my Verche and Chaos Dragon Knight, Voice….


  7. hey Mantastic what would u think when the Greeko Pantheon like Artemis would get their LS like this currently they are for example Artemis is 2 x HP/Atk unconditional 3x for Water/green combo up to a 36x un dual lead what when their revo will have a 2x HP/Atk with 3x/3,5x/4x on Water/green combo and 1,5x atk/rcv for a Green/Dark or Green/Light i know they would be sort of a mixed Rainbow team but would be interesting to see u can decide if u would see a 49x/64x for Water /Green or 16x Atk/ 4x RCV for a Green / dark or Green / light combo together they will do at least 81x/110x or 144x well its just a idea i think 81x is strong enough for a really easy LS so between 64x/81x would be enough


    1. I feel if the Greco Romans received a reincarnated form, it would be mostly a boost to their damage output. They rarely release a leader with above 2x HP as the health pools could begin to get somewhat out of hand.


      1. na i just meant somthing to see a 4x HP/ 64x ATK /2,25x RCV dual lead would be cool to see when doing like artemis Wood/Water for DMG and Wood /light or Wood/ Dark for RCV only


        1. Ah that is an interesting idea, but a leader with that kind of multiplier would most likely not be a 5* pantheon card unless GH begins to reshift power out of the 6* GFE


          1. like i said it was just a idea on the revo cards because their leader skill are the same as the awoken form with a slight extra on them or they do just more atk so i cant say much about them


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