Mantastic is on Discord!


Discord is Skype meets chatroom/forum for gaming. It is a medium in which you can connect with other players along with finding help with team building and coordinating coop adventures. In order to successfully use Discord,  you will have to download the app/client along with creating a profile and finding beneficial servers. I am in the process of updating my community corner post, but in the mean time, I want to advertise my own Discord server.

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Discord invite link

Video commentary

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Why use Discord?


Discord is another free resource players can take advantage of as there are many servers that provide a wealth of information. This can range from written guides to one-on-one help from more knowledgeable players along with joining a helpful community.

Within my own Discord, I have a Fantastic Chat section that is always “bumpin” with helpful and friendly users. These people range from beginners to experts who have cleared all the content in the game and are always happy to answer your questions or to simply talk about Puzzle and Waifus. Even if you do not have any burning questions, it is always beneficial to even discuss the latest changes in PAD along with tips and tricks for current and upcoming content.

In addition, my staff/moderation team are also an amazing group of individuals who help keep everything running smoothly and are always willing to help.

Finally, I also try my best to regularly interact with my Discord server through the Fantastic Chat as well as random coops and occasionally playing other game such as Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and League of Legends.

Finding coop partners

It is now widely accepted that farming the guerrilla dungeons (the hourly dungeons) in coop is vastly superior due to the stamina savings as well as ability to button farm. Furthermore, if you are having trouble finding synergistic partners, Discord is a great way to find friends who will gladly coop through your Tan Infestation.

Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to find like-minded individuals who can help you tackle challenging content as well as providing an additional level of insight/strategies.

Fun emotes and helpful commands

We play Puzzle and Dragons for fun and Discord should be too. Not only do we have a wide array of amazing cute/funny emotes, but helpful commands. Written chat is great, but everyone loves a sprinkling of my face in the strangest shapes as well as Pancaaake drawings. :Yass: :FuckYeah: :ChibiMiru:

Furthermore, we also have helpful commands that range from optimal board set ups to some meme-worthy screenshots of my Twitch Stream:



Discord is both a fun and helpful way to connect with your fellow Puzzle and Dragoners. I highly recommend you do check out my discord Discord server as well as staying tuned for my soon to be updated community post to help you find other meaningful resources.

Happy Puzzling!


6 thoughts on “Mantastic is on Discord!”

  1. Rawrzcookie here! Mod/Admin of both Mantastic’s Twitch, as well as his Discord, and I approve of this message! Hope to see you all in Discord! — Happy Puzzling ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Think of the official discord server as a really “formal” space to find partners and Mantastic’s discord as a really laid-back space to just have fun. I personally feel like on the official server, i dont exactly “belong” because of how “professional” it feels, where as in this discord, everyone is really open to making new friends and people get along quickly.


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