[PSA] Please Farm a Psychopomp Princess of Oblivion, Grida

You must play Mythical or Pyromaniac difficulty and the invade rate is around 2% so be prepared for a long ride (I around 100 clears for my first invade)


Wit the Heroine REM coming on February 6th, most of the attention will be on collected all the pretty girls (you can read more about my review HERE). However, I want to direct your attention to the Heroine version of Grisar 3285 who is a rare invade from the event dungeon and is one of the strongest farmable cards you can acquire.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the event dungeon, I strongly encourage you to acquire her right away as it is uncertain how long it will be before she returns. it is better to have her now (and skill up at your leisure), then regretting a Grida-less box a month or two later.

Video commentary

Devil Rush vs Blue Sonia & Australis/ALB
—-video goes here—

Who is the Grida?

Psychopomp Princess of Oblivion, Grida
3,560 HP / 2,144 ATK / 67 RCV
807 Total
TPA TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance

Active Skill:
Light Arrow Dark
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 3x ATK for Devils
2.25x HP / 9x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Farmable
  • All awakenings are relevant
  • Haste and does not remove hearts
  • Dark Athena 3193 & Aizen 3359 sub
  • Massive base ATK with TPA
  • Better stats than Grisar Grisar
  • Better awakenings than Grisar
  • Cuter than Grisar
  • Art
  • Easy to skill up
  • No evolution tree – ready to use
  • Is a rare invade
  • 67 base RCV
  • Only 6 awakenings

Grida is one of the best farmable monsters to come around in a long time. Granted she is not as gamebreaking as Myr Miru, but she is able to act as another stellar dark sub for the most teams. Presently speaking (and near future-wise), Aizen 3359 and Dark Athena 3193 comprise some of the strongest leaders in Puzzle and Dragons. One of their greatest assets is the ability to take advantage of the majority of dark subs while being able to clear end game content. In addition, both teams easily compensate for her lack of RCV so her weighted stats are now more favourably skewed.

Looking at Aizen, Grida is able to provide two orb enhances Dark Orb Enhance along with two TPA TPA for when you wish to take advantage of your passive 36x ATK. Granted she may not be the perfect sub for him, but she does provide a reasonable base body for inheritance.

On the other hand, Grida is a truly wonderful sub for Dark Athena. Dark Athena is reliant on TPA for damage and the orb enhances are icing on the cake. Having access to another high damage TPA card is crucial to success and in theory, both are farmable cards. Furthermore, with the inclusion of a single SBR Skill Lock Resist awakening, Grida does not endanger you further to skill binds.

While Aizen and Athen are the strongest dark teams available, this does not mean Grida cannot be used else where. Her Devil typing allows for inclusion on various teams while the combo-focused play style of Noctis 3305, Yomi Awoken Yomi and Oku 2985 can utilize her.

Farming for skill ups

My above video showcases less spectacular teams that can farm Devil Rush for her skill ups from Grisar. While it makes more sense from a purely stamina point of view to KingTan Grida, it is reasonably lucrative to run Devil Rush due to the fact that it offers hefty amounts of rank experience along with 5-6 plus eggs per run.

I encourage you to purchase Devil Rush from the coin dungeon (as opposed to the multiplayer tab) because it will ensure you receive a drop per floor to allow for the maximum benefit.


Grida is a powerful monster to pursue and is well worth your stamina and time over the next two weeks. You may not find a use for her right now, but it is better to have her in your monster box instead of regretting in the future.

Let me know how you feel about Grida.

Happy Puzzling!


97 thoughts on “[PSA] Please Farm a Psychopomp Princess of Oblivion, Grida”

  1. Too much stuff happening this week. I am going to clear challenge dungeon 1-7 and the new fire guardian dragon before focusing on trying to get Grida and skill ups for the other Heroines.

    She works great as a Durga sub. Durga isn’t a popular lead, but Grida removes the only useless orbs.

    Double Awoken Okuni and Grida is going to suffer with rcv. Its a shame that Awoken Okuni didn’t get the slight rcv multiplier like his previous evo. At least solo mode has rcv badges.


  2. Farming Grida for my Aizen will be this week priority: Grida > Challenge Dungeons > Fire Guardian Dragon for my Trailokyavijaya. Well, I need some Metalit for my second Zuoh and some Bloodmare for my Sheena, luckily I can get them from Nightmare Street, this is a win-win situation 🙂


        1. Did another 15-20 runs, still no Grida… maxskilled Sheena, sold some predra, got a couple of skill up for Zuoh, got some Tama for Mito (sadly no skill up). At least this dungeon gives some decent xp at my rank (<400) and it's a very fast clearing with Aizen and Hanzo as a sub 🙂

          Keep doing this until I'll get my Grida! (Grida = screaming in Italian 😀 )


          1. Got mine this morning. 🙂

            What about Aizen(AKarin), DMeta (ASusano), Lumiel, Grida?
            Usually I’d use Zuoh(Zuoh) for the hp or Hanzo(Hanzo). I’ve got a pentamaxed Satsuki, should I use her as an assistant?

            Thank you in advance 🙂


            1. Congrats on your Grida!

              Lumial does not offer too much for Aizen unless you need the true damage or mostly tpa floors. May be better of with Zuoh for stronger stats and natural orb changer. Grida does provide badly needed OE and has well aligned stats

              Satsuki follows a similar train of thought as Lumiel in that its mostly for TPA damage but has for the most part a stronger active skill


              1. Happy to see you’ve got your Grida 🙂

                What latent setup do you suggest for Grida? Mainly ATK latent?

                As for Lumiel You’re right, I’d use her for TPA through trash floors (and TPA + a single cross will demolish most mythical bosses without resolve) and true damage, plus she’s unbindable and i think her board change i’snt that bad when high combo count is required (and can be corrected by Aizen active)… in fact, I didn’t use her before Aizen, now I like her so much.

                Zuoh has fantastic HP (mine is pentamaxed with five hp latent, plus a sencond Zuoh as an assistant), really useful active, one TPA and dragon killer, but he’s bindable and has three useless row awakening…
                With AHaku, DMeat and Grida (who need to be skilled up) as staples, I’d alternate them basing on the dungeon’s mechanics. 🙂

                OT: poison vs resolve, do poison act as Hino LS applying damage before the resolve?


                  1. I’ll wait your Dark Athena team building guide before deciding what to do with her 😀
                    (as for now, she’s a trophy)

                    My priority is working on the first one (she’s already +297, thank you GungHo PEM), maxskill her – Aizen(Karin), DMeta(ASusano), AHaku, Hanzo(Hanzo), Grida/board changer could be good for UDR farming? – and deciding what latent give her. Any suggestion about latent setup? (I miss a rainbow resist in the current teams I’m using)


                    1. Farming Grisar like Hell (pun intended)! Grida’s skill is at level 10 and I’m rank 400 🙂

                      My UDR farming team: Aizen, Grida, Lumiel, AHaku, Hanzo. Hanzo is MVP here, he can do crushing damage to Mephistopheles, Beelzebub and Grisar, in fact Grisar get oneshotted after a single cross+TPA O_o


                    2. Dark Athena teams will probably use SDR for the most part as she should not need Killers or stat modifiers in most cases. As for your UDR farming, I am glad Aizen is working out =D


  3. I could be wrong, but wouldnt a cloud system be pretty much made to farm that dungeon? Double tpa and devil killer on 2/3 of the cards, along with light and a 36x multiplier?


    1. Awoken liu bei or even liu bei plus Australis can easily button your way through.

      However, cloud does clear it with ease too. It’s not longer a challenging dungeon compared to its debut


  4. Hey Mantastic – sorry to go off topic, but maybe you can make a suggestion here; I’m about to hit 300k MP for the first tiem, um… ever and can’t decide what to do with the funds. Are ANY of the current 300k’s worth it? Should I keep hoarding for DAthena?


    1. Unless you have the perfect Ra Dragon team or absolutely no Dark Athena subs (and plenty of Akechi for Yomi Dragon), and insane Odin Dragon subs, I would say none of the original MP cards are worthwhile by comparison

      Just because you have 300k MP right now, does not mean you need to spend it.


  5. Hi, I play Japanese version and all I can tell you guys is that lots of players had run the highest difficulty more than 100 times still have yet to see one, I am lucky to see one at around 50 times so good luck!!


      1. well i meant it on a optimistic site 😀 took me and my pad pal 46 tries ALB farming and he pleaded me not to do it again even though he is interesting on a 2nd one and i got around 3k MP *shrugs* i got a lot to laugh


  6. Goodness gracious! I have only gotten the chance to do a half dozen runs so far; but if we are looking at 100+ runs and people still didn’t get one that’s terrible.

    Makes me reconsider keeping going with it.

    But since I rolled a Sheena from the machine i feel like I can continue until i at least max skill her.


    1. Well if you have any cards that need skilling up, it is worth running, especially with the 5x skill up rates =D

      Considering she is on par with most REM cards, it is worth the effort imo


  7. its weird, in my jp account when heroines came out, i found grida in 2 runs, but in my english account ive farmed it a good 20 times still no spawn from her and padx has her shaded grey on the dungeon info, so idk :/


  8. Welp, I need to skill up my Heroines anyway, time to get a-farmin’. I only hope she invades soon enough so that I can farm a couple skilled-up Touens before the event is over.


    1. Well it took maybe around 20 runs of mythical, but she finally blessed me with her presence. Of course she had to take up the floor that could drop MetaTama, but whatever.


  9. Do you think there’s a good reason to try keeping multiple copies of her? Generally its not such a good idea to try converting the same color multiple turns in a row but there’s always the haste as well..


      1. If you are playing it anyway for skill ups, might as well. If finished skilling up your other Heroine cards, it is up to you. The dungeon does offer a healthy amount of rank exp and you can do ALB x Ganesha pairing for more efficient runs.

        Having 2 is never a bad thing as you can decide at a later date if you want to invest in the second


  10. Request that you mention the time cost involved in farming her as part of your PSA. Did not know what I was getting into, 120+ runs 0 drops.


      1. Awesome!

        Variance log 2. Yesterday from coop farming it I got 16mil red exp for Revo Kagesutchi from using extra stam while farming for Grida.

        Today I got 10 mil blue exp from spill over stam to blue dungeon. Both Meri’s are max level now.

        Will stop again and try again tomorrow for green exp while I search for my first Grida.


        1. Well I am glad you are able to utilize the massive rank exp to level up all your cards! For myself, I was unable to do much these past few days outside of an arena 3 to close the exp gap to rank up once per day (I can of course spam a3 to rank up non-stop, but thats a different issue)


          1. I noticed you updated yours to finding a Grida!

            Unfortunately, travelers log day 3: I have now max leveled from Scratch RevoCeres with spill over exp. My pal machines are maxed from coop, got a lot of “free” tamas from spill over exp during grind. 0 Grida. Despair beginning to set in.


            1. WOOO! Was doing a few more runs before bed and she popped up. Myth round 1.

              I was beginning to check my monster book to make sure I didn’t accidentally sell her earlier…

              Travel log complete.


              1. Huzzah! I am glad you journey is finally over =D I’m also glad you were able to acquire so many collateral benefits alongside farming her with your excess stamina

                What’s the next pad goal for you?


  11. Ugh I need to farm up Grida—it’s worth noting she ONLY spawns in Mythical and the Campaign level. The spawn rate has been claimed to be 2% on the forums by people who are usually correct.


    1. Between 5x skillups and the guaranteed drop in ultimate devil rush, the skillup process was actually not that bad. However if your rank is high enough to not continuously rank running UDR then it is a little more involved time-wise.


      1. I am not sure what the rank cut off is for looped UDR, but you can always throw in an A1/3 to make up the difference along with the possibility to pair with a Ganesha and using heavy Devil Killers (aka Mito)


  12. About the only time I’ve had good luck in this game. 31 runs and 4 invades. Any thoughts on duplicates, use to skill up or keep multiple?


    1. You are insanely lucky. Just wow. I am at 65+ and no invade.

      Keep them all for now, you can easily skill her up via Devil Rush and Tamadras are easy. Doubt you will need 4, but it looks pretty


  13. Around 200 times and no invade 😭, on the flip side I can play all day in coop and never run out of stamina for now😀


      1. Getting close to 300 try in mythical and pyromare and still no invade. Is it possible that Grida doesn’t invade coop. I haven’t seen anything regarding that


  14. Finally got her. Took about 25-30 runs. I thought this would be like Tamadra in Castle of Satan, but she is a lot rarer. At least dungeon provides reasonable exp. I’ll keep any dupes I get since Tamas and Grisars are easier to get.


  15. If Grida has a 2% chance of appearing, and one attempt costs 150 minutes worth of stamina, to get 50% odds of getting her, you have to run the dungeon 35 times, expending 3.5 days worth of stamina.

    For 75% you need to run the dungeon 69 times, a week’s worth of stamina.

    And if you run the dungeon 135 times, using all the stamina you get during the two weeks, you still only have 93% drop chance.

    After all is said and done, 7% of non-cooping endgamers will be somewhat upset and somewhat disappointed.


    1. You also need to take into consideration the massive rank experience from the dungeon. Granted I only played in coop, but my rank 720+ rank account could rank up once per day with an arena clear thrown in. Thus, I am certain lower rank players will be able to play excessively. Also, each run “resets” your luck as even 100 runs does not guarantee her


  16. ran it once on each difficulty and she spawned floor 2 on the pyromare required difficulty (my first run on that difficulty). stupidly got killed on floor 4 actually but stoned it just so i could keep grida.


  17. Around 80 runs before she first appeared. And of course she appears again 2 runs after. Congrats to everyone that got her. Can’t wait to use her if/when D Athena comes.


  18. Thanks.
    I’ve got 10 Grida now. A lot of food for skill up. It seems 2 per cent evade rate is a bit low, or I am very very lucky


  19. I got Grida on the 7th run, at first I didn’t notice because no one would normally expect one on the 7th run anyway. But as I was staring at the board, I saw a huge preemptive that almost killed my team, I was running AYomi at the time. It took one stone to pass Grida, and one because I forgot that you cannot cascade bomb orbs on the 5th floor, as I’m only rank 211. I want a second one, so hopefully my luck will increase if I run AYomi with a Grida on the team.

    The team originally was AYomi – AYomi / DMeta / DBOku / APanda – AYomi, but now I replaced the second AYomi with a fully maxed and awakened Grida. My own AYomi was inherited with Noctis, my friend’s was inherited with Akechi, and DMeta was inherited with Nobunaga. Only DBOku was not maxed, but all were max awakened.


    1. Well congrats on getting her so early on! She will serve your team well and the key to defeating her without stoning is having a heart orb generating active ready to heal up after the preemptive


  20. Finally got one after somewhere around 100 runs, glad this gives nice rank exp to make it less suffering to grind. Was a nice feeling not paying attention as the dungeon starts and looking back my heart jumped.

    Probably the most satisfying feeling in this game in a long time.


    1. I would recommend stoning if you encounter Grida and die as the stamina cost to find her again is huge. Even if you cannot use her yet, she will help round out your dark box =)


  21. I haven’t been counting, but i would say I am at about 60-70 attempts and still no invade. I have skilled up my Sheena and my Meri as well as Zuoh and Light Meta.

    So there is nothing else to get from this dungeon now except for Grida but it is getting old and i am running out of time.


    1. I ran it another dozen times and still nothing. Then i knew i would have my whole lunch hour so i binged on Muliplayer and got her finally after another 9 runs.

      Phewf! That ends that chapter. Now i can finally work on something else.


  22. Hi Mantastic. I saw your Gridar video but not the Devil Rush one. Thanks to you I managed to pull 2 in about 50 runs & now I know to use Devil Rush to skill her up. I use an Ilm team. Fortunately I have both evolutions of Ilm plus two Saria so I have a full board changer for 5 of the 6 floors with an Ilm friend. Not a button team but in solo it wrecks that dungeon. I’m glad the lidocaine Is helping you with your pain. That’s great news. My thoughts & prayers are with you Jonathan. In a side note I play Meri a lot & who should pop up as a friend I could request but MOMtastic. I sent her a request & she actually friended me. Lol. I am very happy she did


    1. Glad you managed to get a pair of Grida! There are plenty of ways of clearing devil rush now and I’m glad you have found all fast method =)

      The side effects are calming down from the lidocaine and that’s great Momtastic friended you!


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