Debut GFE Tier List & Extreme Event Rush I Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


This is a bad Godfest. If I ended my review here, it would technically be informative, but probably not very helpful as it does not explain why. As such, I wish to experiment with a new addition to Godfests by creating a tier/hierarchy list for the Godfest Exclusives. I have tended to stay away from ranking cards as it is subjective and simply duplicating/reposting JP leader tier lists is redundant. Thus, I will be creating a quick reference chart to help categorize the GFE from all points of view: leader, sub, inherit, and niche roles. Remember, this is a subjective list and your opinions may differ so I encourage you to voice your opinions in a constructive manner.

Video commentary

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The actual Godfest

This Godfest will feature all the Godfest Exclusive (GFE) cards at a mere 4x rates and no pantheon cards alongside. 4x may have been amazing a year ago, but it is my understanding that with the numerous additional cards in the REM, the actual rate of rolling a particular card has gone down. Thus, the 4x rates is simply to keep abreast with the older 3x rates.

The Midnight Gala will be occurring along with all GFE appearing in their evolved form at level 50 as well as +50 to a random stat. Coming out evolved may drive some players crazy as it will result in a void in their monster book.

My advice is to not roll and simply save stones and recover from the Heroine REM.

GFE tier list

I feel that having a tier list that visually ranks the various GFE against each other when looking at their viability as a leader, sub, assist, or niche role is beneficial. Being able to cover numerous aspects will result in a higher placing along with their value in rolling dupes. This will attempt to rate these cards from a general box point of view and your individual situation will dictate just how important each card is.

Generally speaking, if a this is your first time acquiring a GFE, it will have at least some value and you should never sell a non-duplicate card.

As this is my first time doing this, constructive feedback is appreciated and I will also do my best to explain/justify my placements of each card down below. Within each tier, the cards are in no particular order outside of the highest tier and is simply how they appear in my icons master list.

Finally, this list takes into consideration all the cards in JP that we will receive (such as the future MP dragon evos).

GFE Tier List – February 17/2017
download download download 3233 Dark Kali Ult Kaede
download download 3390 Eschamali Australis Ryune Saria 3235 Sherias Roots
Gremory Ronove
download Blue Sonia 3391 Urd Skuld ult evo Verd 3372 Sylvie
Scheat 2997 Ult Sumire 3260 dtron
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 3392 Red Sonia Green Sonia Baby Satsuki Ult Zuoh Gadius Typhon
3370 3268 2991 2993
x Sherias Kali Metatron Fenrir Viz Fenrir

Tier explanations and justifications

download download download

Presently speaking, Kanna, Dark Kali, and Kaede comprise the three strongest GFE cards in descending order. It may be surprising to state that Kanna is the strongest card, but that is because she has value on numerous top tier teams: Myr Miru, Ra Dragon 3265, and Dark Athena 3193. Her incredible array of TPA awakenings and bind immunity in her light form make her crucial to maximizing your potential. By comparison, Dark Kali is primarily used on Ra Dragon teams (requires 2, but possibly more for inheritance protection). Finally, Kaede is beginning to decline as a leader due to the excessive orb hungry nature of her team along with the lower viability of systems in end game content as you must dedicate 4/6 cards to the base active. Thankfully, Kaede is still a key sub on Ronove Ronove teams.

download download

The main purpose of the triple check mark category was to segregate the significantly stronger GFE cards. However, all of these featured cards bring tremendous value to a variety of teams as either leaders, subs, or inherits that are challenging to replicate else where. For example, Green Odin 3390 remains one of the strongest bind clears and only card that can remove 5 turns of awoken skill binds. On the other hand, Australis Australis may have varying value, but he is a wonderful Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei button farming alternative and one of the strongest wood inherits.


This category indicates cards that have value, but are not as widely used/irreplaceable as the above tier. While they may make your life easier and still bring an additional layer of power to your team, they are far from necessary. With that being said, some of these cards could hold the key to your own teams as everyone has different tools to work with.


Cards in the question mark category tend to be those that are a luxury and are often not widely used for the average player. With that being said, they may bring niche value to your monster box or provide an additional option to use. The only potential outlier I can think of is Red Odin 3392 who is a premiere button farming option, but with the addition of Red Tamazo 3162, players at least have a “farmable” poison inherit.


This category indicates the bottom of the GFE barrel. These cards tend to have almost no value as they simply do not fit in the current meta and are badly in need of a buff or new evolution to give them viability. With that being said, you should still keep them as they technically have the most potential for improvement.


I strongly caution against rolling in this Godfest as there is simply not enough value with only 4x GFE rates.

On the other hand, I hope the addition of my debut GFE Tier list is helpful and I do plan to include it (updating accordingly) alongside all future Godfest posts to help you better decide which days to roll.

Let me know what you think of the rankings and will do my best to address all of your comments.

Happy Puzzling!

59 thoughts on “Debut GFE Tier List & Extreme Event Rush I Godfest Review and Analysis”

  1. I was actually waiting for your review on this Godfest as I had saved most of my stones from the heroine rem, after rolling Ilmina, and was hoping to get something good, however this is clearly a trap and not that worth it , i would prefer to keep on rolling the heroine Rem because at least they are worth a good amount of Mp. simply a total dissapointment….


  2. Good evening Mantastic,

    I recently started an alt account for the purpose of coop with my main and had been hoping to roll in this godfest. I only have Raphael, Hathor, and Mel. Do you think it’s still not worth rolling in this GF? Should I roll in the Heroine and hope for some better stuff or just keep waiting for the next Godfest? I really appreciate your content and hope you’re doing ok.


    1. I would be patient and not roll this Godfest as the chances of non-GFE are very high as there is no buffering pantheon alongside. Most of the Heroines outside of Meri are lackluster leaders, but you can wait and see the JP reveal.

      Regardless, I would still not pull this Godfest


    2. I have no clue if this is the place to ask… but…. here goes… message me plesae.. I used Firefox web browser (i wont change i love it) and i use Youtube but if i refresh, or move away from the page when i go back it has to load again.. before it used to stay in my computer so when i came back it was already loaded.. any help?


  3. Awe man! I pulled ‘in decline’ Kaede a few weeks ago. Keeping up with the meta is frustrating! Good thing I am patient 🙂

    Seriously though, I like the the notion of tiers. Something you might try as you generate a more of these is to chart the rise/fall of various gfes over time.


    1. In decline from the top is still very good =P For the most part, she is still a cut above everyone else so dont be too worried!

      As for changes, I plan to do a chart with every godfest and will highlight any changes or shifts as needed =)


  4. I cannot for the life of me cannot roll Kanna 😦 What would be an acceptable sub instead of Kanna on Mega Ra when (if) we get him?


    1. My ‘poverty’ plan is probably to use Ariel. Stats aren’t as good as Kanna and has only 3 tpa (though base atk is actually on par). But unbindable and 4-turn cd on own active so ok to inherit something onto even tho own active is not likely helpful. And maybe we’ll actually roll a Kanna before we get the uevo on RaDra!


  5. I have 80 stones left to roll for Heroine. Haven’t pulled Ilmina or Meri yet. Should I keep rolling and hope I get it, or keep saving stones? Definitely not rolling for this, of course. NIAP by the way.


  6. I know that most of the people that read this blog are long term PAD players, but I want to suggest that Sherias (not Roots) is one of the best starter leads in the game. 9x for three colors is a great deal for early game, and scales well as you get more water orb makers.

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of discussion for new players anymore, and I thought it might be helpful info.


    1. I dunno… early game pretty much flies by in an instant at the current version. Team cost is pretty much a non-factor these days, and farming ranks can be done very quickly and easily.

      Differences from way back when:
      1. Easy rank
      2. Guerrilla dragons aren’t guerrilla anymore and give more exp
      – Getting unreincarnated cards to 99 is pretty easy.
      3. Multiplayer:
      3a. Half stamina potential
      3b. Carry potential
      3c. Just generally, everything is easier in multiplayer
      3d. Button team farming
      4. Powercreep
      – Technical Evo dungeons are now easily clearable for most players (they weren’t quite as simple when first released)
      – Farming just about anything is easier
      5. More dungeons
      – More stones

      All in all, early game pretty much lasts for as long as you want it to last. If you start of with Ronove, for example, you can probably beat every non-Technical dungeon with only 1* cards.

      What might be worth noting is that some leaders are good once evolved but not so much as a first card, like Sumire.


      1. P.S. This is experience from myself, someone who played PaD way back when x25 multiplier was the bomb.

        I stopped for a couple years and just started 2 months or so ago. Currently rank 312, limited primarily because I got bored of grinding. Fully IAP, I cleared Arena 1 within 30 days of playing. Probably could’ve done it sooner if I had realized the newer cards are so much more OP… I actually used GOdin as my first leader this time around. =[

        Sure, newer players would take some time to learn how to match orbs, but they can do that whilst building a team. They have all those regular dungeons clears (and star for stones) to practice!


        1. These are all very good points about how the early game is no longer a thing as it really only lasts as long as you want it to last. Even if you ignore coop, you can easily piggy back off a strong friend who can probably carry the team single handedly (as 297 are so common now). For example, you could probs Bring a friend Myr, and 7.7x your way through almost all the normals as there is no preemptive

          As for sherias, yes it is a reasonable starting leader, it has no potential later on and will mostly remain a box cheerleader moving forward.


  7. If I’m after Typon, D.Meta, Durga, Haku and Lumiel, would it somewhat worth it to roll during this godfest/gala? I can handle the disappointment.


    1. Typhon and DMeta are 6-Stars, even in the 10-Stone GFE the chance of any 6-Star were only about 10% from what i read and there were only GFE in there. Dark gala ups the chances slightly but i’d say the chances for one specifically from your list are low. But that will never change in any GF. Still i figure the best chances are in godfests with
      5x your GFE, 4x your pantheons, midnight gala. (5/4/1)
      Today you have 4/0/1 and the 4 is on a larger pool.


  8. Omg yes this tier list is exactly what I’ve been needing! This is really great because now I can really organize and straighten out what I want why I want it and how hard I should gun for it. Wish I had Kanna…

    Poor Lmeta/kali XD

    And yes I agree godfest is a big bust. Something tells me upcoming ones will be better so don’t fall for the trap!


  9. I think you may want to explore some different ways of sorting your GFE tier list.

    The way cards are featured at bonus rates in groups, such as “Kalis” or “Norns,” makes the value of the chart (as it is now) a little questionable to me. With Dark Kali as top tier, and Light Kali as bottom tier, I still have no idea of rather or not Kalis being featured in a Godfest is a positive or negative thing.

    Personally, I think Godfest help posts would benefit more from a list ranking the groups. Something like Dragon Callers > Steel Gods > Dragonbounds > blahblahblah > Fenrirs.


  10. Unless my math is wrong, this godfest has slightly *better* chances of a good card than the previous one…

    My thinking:

    The baseline REM contains, say, C chances of rolling a crap card, and N chances of rolling a good one:

    The previous godfest offered 4x rates on 5 pantheon monsters, plus 5x rates on 25 GFEs which are not part of the baseline (no 1x rates for non-featured GFEs):
    = C+N+140

    This godfest offers no pantheon monsters, but 4x rates on 40 GFEs which are not part of the baseline:
    = C+N+160

    Am I wrong about how this works?


    1. Well, mathematically it makes no sense. First the equation has two sides, so your formula says
      What you roll = chance of rolling bad + chance of rolling good +(!) 160
      As I figure it, every card in the REM has a factor to roll it, e.g.
      Gala-cards 10
      GFE – 5 Star 2
      GFE – 6 Star 1
      Now every “card” gets thrown into the RNG-bowl the number of times it’s value is and you pull a card. GFE x 4 means every 5-Star is 8 times in there instead of 2. From what i read it about people pulling it is still much lower than gala-cards. Unfortunately non-gala cards are also in the bowl.
      That being just an example, one needs a sufficiently high amount of data to get somewhere close to the real numbers.
      That would be a nice project for a statistics afficionado, which i am not.

      Also, the definition of a good card is very broad. Taking mantastics tier list is good and i like it, but i pulled Ronove and I have no card from his (imho) very restrictive sub list. Ronove would be good if I had a team, which as a non-iap i can’t (don’t want to) force. Most likely he will never be anything for me.
      Good cards in my world are chaseable 5-stars which work as subs on many teams or the easy-team leaders.

      What i thought of making, is a matrix of my leaders (y) and a list of pantheons (x) and assign values to the pantheon if it has a sub for my leader. Then I’ll get the pantheon with the highest value for my leaders. Best value is 10-stone GFE and PCGF i think, but i don’t know if 10-stone GFE will ever come back, PCGF is back in like 5 months i think?


    2. yes, you’re wrong, missing a whole lot of other info.
      if : C = 99% and N = 1%
      then: C+N+160 = 161?

      this is not how chance works.

      like what are you having you’re equations “=” too?
      “the chance of crap” + “the chance of good” =….what would the answer mean?
      if, in the baseline example C+N, we made C = 50% and N = 50%, I’d have a 100% of rolling…what exactly? I DO have 100% to roll something i guess, that doesn’t answer any questions tho.

      u’d need more variables even in your example, like in C + N + 160, you should add another variable or be changing N, because the godfest rate is affecting “good rolls”, not adding to the total chance.

      in order to know how the machine works, we’d need to know these variables:
      A = 6* GFE
      B= 5*GFE
      C= Regular 6*
      D=Regular 5*
      E = 4* and other
      F= Gala effect
      G = Godfest rate on affected cards
      H-Z = Gungho secrets
      and somehow make a formula off that.

      no one knows how the REM works except gungho, but this here is just weird maths


  11. That was really interesting and a new thing!

    I would probably put Tsubaki a tier higher tho. Her Dual-Evolution gives her both: A decent farming lead potential (as well as pairing with RevoMinerva) and a very good sub roll, since her double Dragon Killers makes the rouge rush very smooth and easy.

    I’m also not convinced by Ronove’s Ranking. He’s a good leader but other than that, he’s pretty useless, since he is far from being a good sub and his active isn’t a good inherit either.


  12. I suggest a separation of 5-star and 6-star as showing in two columns will make it more obvious where the majority of chances are (5-star) and also show that if you are lucky enough to pull a 6-star it can stll be questionable (Dantalion, Sitri). Still 50k MP though 🙂 (yeah i know, never sell 😉


  13. At first i was disappointed about your recommendation to not roll in this godfest because i finally had 50 stones saved up across my two accounts.

    Then i looked at the upcoming events announced on the gungho na Facebook page and realized that of i wait two weeks I’ll probably hit 60 stones on each account between the free stones, challenge dungeons and my main account hitting 200 cumulative days played.

    So I’ll follow your advice and sit this gfe out. Thank you.


  14. Same sample size but I rolled based on Reddit comments. Got typhoon and kaede on my main in 7 rolls. And gronia and gremory on my alt in 10 rolls. Sheen on alt as well. Appears to be a good time to chase the gfe 6*


  15. Foolishly disregarded your advice and pulled 6 times. Got Diadem, Kakkab, Urd (#3), Fenrir (#2), and Sleeping Beauty. Thank you, Dark Carnival! I was hoping for a Pandora or Persephone, but the Cyberdragons are just as good, right (at least MP-wise)? Then used my remaining 10 stones on Heroine and got a Kuvia. Don’t think I’ve ever wasted 40 stones so quickly! ;-(


  16. Welp my alt rolled a Sherias Roots because why not give my fiance all my lucky :’)

    Now his Ra Dragon team consists of Ra Dragon / DKali / Sherias Roots / AIsis / Kanna and I’m not jealous

    He also has two Liu Bei and at the very least I”ll be able to co-op with his account since he has Green Odin and I have Anji/Ra/etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hey Mantastic, I think you might have called this god fest a little early. In a normal god fest at 4x rates we have a gala, a pantheon, and 4-5 gfe series, or about 15-20 god fest exclusives at 4x rates. In this particular god fest we have no pantheon, a gala, and EVERY godfest exclusive featured at the 4x rates. Now it is of my understanding that the fact all godfest exclusives are “featured” is what sets this apart from a normal godfest. If I understand how rates are set in godfest correctly, and if I understand this incorrectly I think this could be a good topic for one of your videos to cover, all four star monsters have set rates that they normally appear at, same with fie star and six star. During a gala or godfest the featured content replaces the slots that four stars would normally take up. So If a godfest would have a 5x rates and a featured pantheon, each member of the pantheon would triple thier chances of being rolled by replacing the four star you would have rolled’s slot. God fest exclusives do the same thing, individually they take up ‘x’ number of slots. So when 15 godfest exclusives take up 4x more slots then the rest, we are looking at 15*4 + 25 = 85(the other slots the other gods have taken. In this godfest wouldn’t we have all forty godfest exclusives taking up 4x the amount of slots they would normaly get(4*40 =160) ? This would make you think that you are almost twice as likly to roll a gfe under these conditions as a typical godfest with pantheons, so for new players who just need immediate power for a team, or for experienced players who need more power for a larger amount of teams (note if they are just rolling for an individual monster it is best to roll 5x) wouldn’t this be like the dream godfest?

    Sorry for the long post, it may not be grammatically correct but it is basically the following. I think you should do a video on how to interpret godfest and gala rates, and I think that in this godfest you have a much higher chance of just getting some godfest exclusive then any godfest prior because all godfest exclusives have boosted rates instead of just some.


    1. I don’t think the exact way it works has ever been communicated, so we are all working on assumptions on how it could work.
      Thinking in slots is as good as any other way, but still you look at
      160 (4×40) slots with all GFE versus
      125 (5×25) + 20 (4×5) = 145 with your finer tuned choice.
      Plus the difference of 5* and 6* and whether you prefer the gala or not, it comes down to the question “do you target a specific (or few) card(s)? Then, as you say as well, take the 5xGFE. If you don’t care (dupe-risk included) you might as well pull here.
      Then again, IF the real method is totally different, we will never know.
      I’d still say, after so many random pulls, i’d like to avoid dupes and up the chance on cards i really could use. This is too much a mixed bag and going back on my suggestion to Mantastic, if he could seperate the list in two columns, 5*, 6* you’d see that the more realistic 5* are not even in the top tier, while some 6 star are even questionable.


      1. I made that list separating 5* and 6* and what i see:
        Tier 3 0x5* 3×6*
        Tier 2 4×5* 5×6*
        Tier 1 5×5* 7×6*
        Tier Q 5×5* 6×6*
        Tier X 4×5* 1×6*
        Total 18×5* 22×6*
        Chances of 5* are higher and only half of those are of genuine quality.
        Also i think you probably pull 3+ 5* before pulling one 6* (i have no clue about that rate). But if you pull a 6*, about 68% chance it’s good.
        Realising that one needs multiple Kaedes or DKali, I think i need to consider other options. 🙂


  18. Hey mantastic, not sure if this is the place to post this. I’ve found this site pretty helpful in regards to the 4 gentleman series, and helped me decide to not purchase any of them in favor of dark Athena, since I heard it is coming out soon for NA. Were you going to make a team guide for some of the event R.E.M. Cards? I own Christmas Gremory, and am unsure how to put a team together for her. As a quick team compilation, I could just dump my three Urds as subs for her, but I feel that they don’t synergize with her well since they have TPA’s compared to gremory’s row awakening, they do have the perfect active skills and all have an SBR though. I do have two Yamato Takeru and a Uriel that could excel as subs, but what would you reccomend as a team?


    1. Hey I am not mantastic, just someone looking at the post, and I would like to say the christmas gremory, yamato, yamato, Uriel, Urd with an urd inherit on gremory sounds like it would be a good team. You are missing a 2/3 board change for max dmg or even a 1/2 board, but with a 144x and 15 rows, I am not sure if you ever need to hit that hard. (It should be good to note that Uriel synergies very well with a gadius and when you combo the 2 you get a 1/2 heart 1/2 fire board, but it is hard to suggest cards for you. You didn’t post a link to a pad herder so I don’t know exactly what you have, it might be useful to reply with a pad herder as a link if you still want mantastic to give you input himself.


  19. So…I rolled with about 40 stones because i got excited and didnt read this article LOOL I rolled because my only thought was please RNG give me dkali. But my big question is what can i do with two Ilm? And which ult evo is better? now that i have two should i have both? It’s 50k mp…so im tempted to sell it LOL


    1. Keep both as she does have 2 viable evolutions and forms a powerful team! Selling for MP is not really needed considering we have 390k coming up in the next month or two as a gift from GH


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