Best Friend Resets and Raffling off my Tokens


This coming Wednesday will bring the return of the Rank 150/250 REM rolls along with Present and Best Friend Resets. This means you must use these benefits before Wednesday (April 5) evening.

For myself, I have not used my Best Friend token on Mantastic and plan to raffle it off through my Twitch Twitch stream and Revlo.

How to participate

To participate, you simply need to have your twitch account watching my stream to passively generate 1 Myracle Stone every 3 minutes (like stamina) and then using 5 Myracle Stones for a raffle ticket.

There is no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase and will have until part way through my Tuesday stream when I plan to draw the winners.

You can enter by typing in Twitch Chat:

!ticket X

Where X = the number of tickets you wish to purchase. This can be done repeatedly and as often as you wish.

“Fine” print

I have 3 planned Twitch streams (Saturday 2pm, Monday 6pm, and Tuesday 4pm PST) so there is plenty of time to participate. You do not even have to be present to generate the Myracle Stones as having my window open will credit you accordingly.

You can also purchase tickets offline via this link HERE if you were unable to type in the Twitch chat.

Three winners

There will be three winners in total: 2 for Mantastic and 1 for Fantastic’s Best Friends token.

The first winner will get to go first in which account they wish to be best friended by. However, at least 1 winner for Mantastic’s account has to be present in the Tuesday Stream as it has to be done before the reset. The other two winners can be best friended any time after the reset.


Make sure you use all your Presents and Best Friend tokens along with 150/250 rolls before this Friday.

Looking forward to see you in my Twitch Stream these next few days.

Happy Puzzling!

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14 thoughts on “Best Friend Resets and Raffling off my Tokens”

  1. Hah! I knew this was coming and I sent my present to your Mantastic account a few days ago. I only run one account myself, and I thought I might as well send it to someone I follow.

    Happy puzzling!


  2. ahhhh omg if only i had time to tune in and watch ;-; i have classes during the majority of your streams, and if it’s not classes it’s other extracurricular commitment ;-;


  3. I still have to use my best friend(no present though). Mantastic if you have any slots free can i best friend you?



  4. I am a relatively new player. Your blog posts and videos have been very helpful to me since I started playing around the New Year. This seems like a good opportunity to give something back in return. If you have room to spare somewhere, I would be happy to designate you as my best friend, and send my present your way too. My ID is 359,822,433. Please drop me an invite if you are interested.


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