Springtime Sonnets Godfest Review and Analysis with Updated GFE Tier List

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post which is in the process of being updated. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase any of the Monster Point cards, please refer to my updated Tier List for help and advice.


The Springtime Sonnets Godfest descends on Friday and features a unique 4x rates for featured Pantheon monsters. This is a first, but they picked somewhat questionable pantheons along with only featuring one per day. In addition to this, all rolls will come out as +10 to a random stat. Finally, non-featured Godfest Exclusives will not appear from the Rare Egg Machine.

Following the trend of my previous Godfest reviews, I will include a tier list of both the pantheons, GFE, and a list that combines both for each day.

If you wish to read a more thorough analysis of the Three Kingdoms 2 pantheon, please refer to my previous post HERE. A full review of Fujin and Raijin can be found HERE.

Carat Gala of Tides 2918

Day 1
Egyptian 2
Set   Nephthys
rodin Blodin Green Odin Metatron dtron Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia
Kali Dark Kali Ult Zuoh 3235 Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria
Sylvie Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233 Baby Satsuki 3268 3372
3370 Sherias Roots Sherias 3414 3416

Day 2
Wisdom Kings
3198 3200 3202 3204 3206
Kali Dark Kali Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Ult Zuoh 3235 Eschamali
Scheat Australis Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Fenrir Viz
Fenrir 3372 3370 Sherias Roots Sherias Ronove 2991 2993
2997 3268 Gremory 3414 3416

Video commentary

—video goes here—

Ranking the cards – Pantheons & GFE

As part of my new format for Godfest posts, I will try my best to rank the featured pantheon cards along with GFE and then combine the two to showcase how strong of a day it is to roll. These opinions are my own and take into consideration the card’s value as a leader, sub, inherit, and possibly any niche role they fulfill. In order to rank in the highest tier, the card has to excel in their respective role and cannot feasibly be replaced by anyone else. This can also be thought of as a Best in Slot card and tends to have applications on the top tier teams.

Despite my best to remain neutral, there is always the potential for bias and you need to be able to examine a card and determine if it can benefit your unique Monster Box.

Legend guide

Symbols condense the time spent processing information and here is a brief explanation for each one I will use:

download download download

The best of the best. These cards compromise a best in slot role on top tier teams. They are largely irreplaceable and tend to offer something unique that cannot be easily replicated. This mostly exists to showcase the jump in power between the rest of the cards available.

download download

All of the cards in this tier bring tremendous value to a variety of teams as either leaders, subs, or inherits that are challenging to mimic elsewhere. For example, Green Odin 3390 remains one of the strongest bind clears and only card that can remove 5 turns of awoken skill binds (outside of Odin Dragon 3264). It may not be paramount to your success, but is well worth owning overall.


This category indicates cards that have value, but are not as widely used/irreplaceable as the above tier(s). While they may make your life easier and still bring an additional layer of power to your team, they are far from necessary. With that being said, some of these cards could hold the key to your own teams as everyone has different tools to work with.


Cards in the question mark category tend to be those that are a luxury and are often not widely used for the average player. With that being said, they may bring niche value to your monster box or provide an additional option to use. A great example of this is Red Odin 3392 who is a premiere button farming option, but with the addition of Red Tamazo 3162, players at least have a “farmable” poison inherit along with the future implementation of Descend inherits.


This category indicates the bottom of the Puzzle and Dragons barrel. These cards tend to have almost minimal value as they simply do not fit in the current meta and are badly in need of a buff or new evolution to give them viability. With that being said, you should still keep them as they technically have the most potential for improvement (think Light Metatron Metatron)


This arrow indicates if a card has moved up since the last posting/tier list. The category they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved up (eg. 2 will indicate they climbed up two tiers).


This arrow indicates if a card has moved down since the last posting/tier list. The category they are placed in will be their new home and each arrow will show how many brackets they moved down (eg. 2 will indicate they were demoted down by two tiers).

Ranking the pantheons

The Egyptian 2 Pantheon now has split evolutions and the ranking takes into consideration the best form of them. Regardless of that, the 4x Pantheons feel underwhelming as nothing is essential to success.

Springtime Sonnets Pantheon Rankings
Day 1
Day 2
download download download
download download 3202 3198
download  Set  Nephthys 3200
x 3204 3206
Day 1

Day 1 features the interesting Egyptian 2 pantheon. They were one of the worst even at the time of their release as they were never able truly fit in anywhere. Despite the fact that they have received new ultimate evolutions (with Nut, Osiris, and Hathor being released today), they still feel a little out of place. Perhaps as a saving grace, their new evolutions feature the new and perhaps future 7 combo 45 awakening as more cards are starting to have combo-rewarding leader skills. Thus, they could be well positioned for the next few months, but presently speaking, they still do not play a critical role on any team as their active skill is not impactful enough.

Osiris  does fit in well with the combo and TPA nature of wood teams. This is why he is ranked the highest in the pantheon as he can be utilized right away. With the 7 combo 45 awakening, he will be your hardest hitting sub provided you actually hit 7+ combos. Unfortunately, he does suffer from a lack of utility awakenings and if playing in solo mode, you need to be conscious of your SBR coverage.

Perhaps Hathor  has the most room to grow as her leader skills is interesting. While she is able to form a tanky team (2.25x HP / 36x RCV / 2.25x RCV for light cards), the 7 combo 45 awakening will enable you to deal more lethal damage. As more cards gain this awakening, you will be able to deal more respectable damage. Conversely, her potential as a sub is tremendous due to the fact that she has dual 7 combo awakenings but the main problem is finding an appropriate home. The same can be said about the other new evolutions in this pantheon as they are somewhat paving the way for more 7 combo awakening teams.

Day 2

On the other hand, the Wisdom Kings are a newer pantheon in North America and do offer unique abilities that unfortunately fall flat for the most part. While Acala 3202 is able to form a powerful team that utilizes colour crosses, she does suffer from a vulnerability to binds. Furthermore, she is just simply not as popular as other meta leaders so it may be somewhat challenging to find friends and really get her off the ground.

Trailokyavijaya 3198 is a card I will never be able to pronounce and does offer another powerful leadership potential that is durable while being able to fully heal after attacks. Furthermore, you have the option to pair with Brutal Don  for a 7×6 board which should make for a more consistent activation. Furthermore, she offer the unique 20% gravity of MAXIMUM health and this can be vital for dancing around resolve bosses as you can guarantee your damage.

Moving down, Kundali 3200 is able to pair with other water leaders, most notably Sarasvati 3069, for damage control along with a minor damage mitigation shield to create a slightly more durable glass cannon.

The other Wisdom Kings are in a somewhat awkward place as the Light 3204 and Dark 3206 one are for extremely niche situations where you need to kill a resolve floor.

GFE tier list

I feel that having a tier list that visually ranks the various GFE against each other when looking at their viability as a leader, sub, assist, or niche role is beneficial. Being able to cover numerous aspects will result in a higher placing along with their value in rolling dupes. This will attempt to rate these cards from a general box point of view and your individual situation will dictate just how important each card is.

Generally speaking, if a this is your first time acquiring a GFE, it will have at least some value and you should never sell a non-duplicate card.

This is an updated list compared to last time to reflect the new evolutions that have been announced/released in the most recent JP stream. Within each tier, the cards are in no particular order outside of the highest tier and is simply how they appear in my icons master list.

Finally, this list takes into consideration all the cards in JP that we will receive (such as the future MP dragon evos).

GFE Tier List – March 15/2017
download download download 3233 Dark Kali 3414 3416
download download 3390 Eschamali Ryune Saria 3235 Sherias Roots Gremory
Ronove 3391 3372
arrow-down-red-300px Ult Kaede
392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591  dtron
392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 Metatron
download Blue Sonia Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Sylvie Scheat Baby Satsuki
2997 Ult Sumire 3260 Australis 2991
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 3392 Red Sonia Green Sonia Ult Zuoh Gadius Typhon 3370
3268 2993 Fenrir Viz
x Sherias Kali Fenrir

Notable changes


Perhaps I am a bit traumatized from the Sphinx ranking dungeon, but I was honestly thinking of demoting Kaede Ult Kaede in the previous Godfest. However, being able to actually play her and experience just how orb hungry solidified my point of view. Kaede desperately requires numerous orbs for success and without two wood combos (ideally with TPA), your damage falls somewhat flat. While the heart cross is naturally powerful, it is hard to justify when her multiplier requires too many orbs to ramp up efficiently. By comparison, Myr Miru only requires a heart cross for full activation and will be both easier and faster when playing through a dungeon.

Many people may argue that a Kaede system is amazing, and that holds true for most content, but falls flat in end game content. A system requires both solo mode and 4 dedicated actives to efficiently cycle an active every turn. This only leave 2 for utility/counters to mechanics and becomes nearly impossible when running through the hardest dungeons.

Dark Metatron

On the other hand, Dark Metatron’s new evolution transforms her into a 2.25x HP / 81x ATK / 2.25x RCV team when under 80% HP (think 70k+ HP in solo mode). This dramatically widens her threshold level and enables her to better control her damage and not run the risk of running too low on health. While the RCV may seem counter intuitive, it will actually facilitate easier stalling and control as she has the no skyfall clause. No skyfalls are perhaps one of the strongest mechanics in the game as you always have perfect damage control and have no one to blame but yourself to unwanted matched combos. Another bright aspect of Dark Metatron is Durga’s new evolution that only cuts HP by 50% while providing 2.5x ATK burst for 3 turns.

Light Metatron

Despite these changes feeling impressive, the largest surprise was Light Metatron Metatron being dramatically upgraded to a meta status. Light Metatron has been the butt-end of jokes for years now (I can actually say years due to the longevity of PAD) as she simply fell off most viability after a year or so of her debut. However, GungHo has finally heard our cries and Light Metatron is now able to form a 506x ATK / 6.25x RCV for Gods. Light Metatron is now a light cross leader with each cross adding 3x ATK while having a passive 2.25x ATK at all times.

While Light Metatron will not be as powerful as Aizen 3359 due to the fact that the passive multiplier is dramatically lower and a weaker base active, this is still an amazing boost to her viability and probably makes her one of the strongest 5-star GFE available.

Light Metatron’s main down side will be her lack of an HP multiplier and orb hungry nature as a single light cross (5 orbs) will only result in 56.25x ATK. While this may be sufficient for many floors in Arena 3, it may run into some troubles if you do not stack enough enhanced light orb +light orb awakenings.

Another point to consider is her dramatic drop in RCV as she now becomes attacker, but this is perfectly acceptable due to the 6.25x RCV. Finally, her artwork is 11/10.

One last thing to consider is potentially pairing with Paimon 2997 as you now have the option of utilizing heart crosses for damage reduction. It will lower your overall damage so maybe only do so if you own the Paimon.

Putting it all together

Copy + Pasting frenzy

Springtime Sonnets Pantheon Rankings
Day 1
Day 2
download download download  Dark Kali 3233 3414 3416 Dark Kali 3414 3416
download download  3390 Metatron dtron
3235 Saria Ryune Ult Kaede
3372 Sherias Roots
3202 3198 3235 Eschamali
Ryune Saria 3372 Sherias Roots
Ronove Gremory
download  Set  Nephthys
Blue Sonia Sylvie Ult Sumire Ult Tsubaki
Baby Satsuki
3200 Urd Skuld ult evo Verd
Scheat Australis Sylvie 3370
2991 2997
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400  3392 Red Sonia Green Sonia Ult Zuoh
Gadius Typhon 3268 3370
3204 3206 Gadius Typhon
Fenrir Viz 2993 3268
x Kali Sherias Kali Fenrir Sherias


The main draw this Godfest is mostly the Godfest Exclusives and that should not be your motivation to roll as they are only featured at 4x rates while being paired with sub-par pantheons.

Regardless, let me know what you think about this Godfest, if you plan on rolling, and on which day.

Happy Puzzling!

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This was somewhat rushed so please excuse grammatical errors and let me know if you find any. Replies to comments may be slow/delayed as I am currently undergoing my second Lidocaine infusion. Thankfully I am able to take my bottle plus catheter home, but I am experiencing nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If it works I should feel the benefits in 1-2 days time.

53 thoughts on “Springtime Sonnets Godfest Review and Analysis with Updated GFE Tier List”

      1. Also has no Skyfalls which is quite appealing imo. So she becomes a decently tanky leader with average damage output. Probably will have to abuse the 7c awakenings


  1. Hey Mantastic, I had the worst luck in godfest and pulled 4 Nuts(no pun intended) and im going to guess im gonna roll number 5…(sucks), so how about a Nut system team(again no pun intended) think it could work?, or should I sell those and just keep my main 2 nuts.?..lol (pun XD)


    1. That is truly bizzare but I would keep a few Nut incase a strong water TPA/combo leader is released. I honestly feel that that is going to happen soon rather than later and Nut is well positioned to excel there due to the awakenings and low CD active.

      As for a Nut system, it probably wont clear very much at the moment =(


  2. Thank you for your effort in keeping this updated. As a new player it’s an invaluable resource. When I roll, I reference these lists to understand the value of the cards I receive, and gain a deeper understanding of the game as a result.

    I hope you feel better soon!


    1. Glad to be of help =) It helps that I have managed to make a template and fill in the gaps every godfest so that dramatically cuts down on the time spent making these posts


  3. I’m probably going to keep hoarding my 115 stones till a more appealing godfest, as I already have Hathor, Nepthys, and the Light/Dark Wisdom Kings. But the 150 and 250 REM resets are coming next week, so I’m excited for those free pulls. By the way, do you think they’ll update the lineup for those 2 REMs soon/ever?


    1. Remember that they are pantheon cards and do not yet have an Awoken form (never mind a reincarnated). I wouldn’t sell duplicate pantheon cards right now.
      Were it 5x Sherias or Light Kali, i would say sell a couple. But hang on to pantheon cards.


  4. I was going to do modest rolls. Maybe one a day and save the rest. Day one was not a surprise. My 6th(or was it 7th?) Sherias.


      1. I did more then I had initially planned. I had some extra money and thought why not. I don’t have many of the featured cards and day 2 had what i wanted for GFE. Plus with the Gala of Tides on I thought i might get some good cards for my Meri(Sarasvati I was looking your way.)

        As one might imagine, it wasn’t going so smoothly. My 3rd and forth Urd and my 5 or 6 Saria. Along with weird stuff like Phoenix Rider and Leeza. Trailokyavijaya was decent. Then the last pull…thanks to the new v.10 egg system it was a diamond egg so i knew i had something good coming.


        I know its like i spent all that money for just that 1 GFE 6* but i could have just as easily NOT have gotten anything good. So i was happy.

        I actually like the look of her. Match rainbow and get more attack and damage reduction. Damage control is easy with 9x ATK for Attacker type….
        ….which is a double edged sword as looking for primary light and one of each colour subattribute attackers has not been easy. Nothing with real synergy for her LS. So i am stuck with single orb changers/heartbreakers or both 1 colour and heartbreaker(like Apollo).

        If i had to field one today:
        Awoken Apollo
        Light Hanzo
        L/R Hathor

        At least my multiple Sherias/LKali could see some use as inherits.


        1. While my subs aren’t all max level, never mind +297; i finally managed to get a friend Raijin and I have to say, she is a lot of fun to play. While i am looking for more who run Raijin, if you build light attackers with the sub attributes for colour coverage then she synergizes quite well with the new Hathor evo.

          Here she is beating on Arena 3


  5. How do you collect magic stones quickly as an f2p after you beat all of the normal and almost all technical dungeons, most of which also have been cleared in challenge mode? I’m trying to get a team that can clear some descended, right now, my monsters are…
    If you have any advice for good teams I can make, that would be wonderful


  6. I’ve spent a lot lately, and have these pantheons, so I’m skipping this one.

    I’ve been watching JP vids of new Osiris and Nut, and while they’re functional (especially Osiris), in today’s meta they’re just a ton of work for not a lot of damage, especially when Krishna is out there (and to a lesser degree DKanna). It’s disappointing, because Nut is one of my favorite cards. The 7c awakenings might make them better subs though. Here’s hoping for good Awokens!


    1. They are very well positioned as subs if the meta shifts to the whole combo-oriented train that appears to be happening. Would make Osiris your hardest hitting sub. They are just weak right now as no where to truly fit in


  7. I feel like you’re vastly underestimating Fenrir. To have him in the ‘X’ tier while bumping up LMeta/DMeta that high is just… Mindboggling. Their buffs aren’t here yet, nor are Fenrir’s, but Fenrir’s changes are absolutely massive to allowing him a bigger sub pool and easier activation.


    1. Dark Metatron was already highly ranked and the new evo dramatically improves her functionality so that is justified.

      On the otherhand, Light Metatron had almost no uses and this buff is huge for her. The awakenings make her a strong sub as a base for SI due to bind immunity and new guard break (possible as a modest Ra D sub)

      As for Fenrir, all he really gained was an easier to proc multiplier and more damage was not what he needed. Viz by comparison is tanky and much easier to proc overall. Also, jammer cards require more jammer subs and that is not a popular trend for GH


  8. Hey Mantastic, just did a very favorable test with HATHOR!!

    I have a Ilm/Ilm/Saria/Saria/Hathor / Ilm team, and wanted to see how the new Hathor worked out. I like her!

    A test with an Ilm skill popped revealed that Hathor hit for 18 million damage while her counterparts hit for 4-6 million apiece. very please with the combonation of row/7c!


    1. Yeah the 7c is amazingly powerful provided you can hit 7 combos as it is effectively 4x damage for her. However, Ilm teams tend to be lower in natural combos so I feel Hathor is mostly waiting for an ideal team where she can make an appearance.


  9. Thanks for writing this up even while on your lidocaine procedure.

    I wanted to ask about osiris’ leadership potential, having 2.25/42.25/2.25 multipliers to make a strong tanky team. I think the only problem is his lack of SBR meaning you need to run someone like perseus or bartz. He has 2 tpas and the 7 combo awakening to deal very high damage too.

    You mentioned Hathor as a leader, but I feel that osiris is stronger.


    1. Hmm that is a good point as I did somewhat glaaze over Osiris while just simply ranking him higher without going into more detail. That leadership potential is quite potent with TPA + 7c and will make him feel similar to Krishna, but probably with lower overall burst as massive row stacking tends to be stronger.


      1. I did 2 more rolls on main yesterday and got another troll silver plus kanna! Today, I had one roll on each acct. Main got kraken rider, alt got carat! So alt still rules!


  10. New
    dMeta Uevo is very tempting, but should i deevolve my current Dmeta for the new Uevo? im worried about no skyfall


    1. no sky fall is actual blessing on her, all these years as we all know, her blood limited based attack power can become a backfire on herself; add a no sky fall skills on her could stabilize her combo multiplying process. If you worry her recovery speed, have some heart orb making God/Balanced or Attack Sub on the same team (at least one, typically rcommand two sub with similar skills) to stabilize the recovery process.


      1. Personally, I try to save stones or make a small amount IAP to the chance to get another one. Sometime, an ultra split can be a good sub for the new ultra.


        1. The new Dark Metatron ult is far superior as a leader as you have perfect damage control, higher multiplier, and RCV. All of this translates into a more stable leader. The no skyfalls means you never heal when you do not want to and higher base RCV means you can control your health easier

          The main drawback is for button teams that require the extra SB or water typing for Aizen

          I will be making my only Dark metatron this new form right away


  11. Wish I would have remembered that Osiris’ new evo was a split evo before I sold him off along with my trash rolls. But hey, I now have enough MP for DAthena when she drops in 13 years.


        1. Yeah, I let out a soft but rather audible gasp when I realized what I’d done to poor Osiris. Taking full advantage of this 5x xp boost chance to get my new gal Lakshmi to max level so I can reincarnate her later.

          Still wish that my fourth LKali could have just been a DKali. I haven’t rolled 6* exclusives since the herione machine :/


  12. Wow, the new light Metatron leader skill is a *huge* improvement, considering that Metatron had been basically a joke. I was just thinking the other day that his/her active was pretty useless now that so many subs were unbindable and bind clear has become so common.

    As with all multi-cross mechanics I think the best use will be on 7×6 boards, or maybe paired with Aten. A Metatron/Aten pairing, particularly, would let take advantage of the new Metatron defense break with a five-color match, and you’d be able to manipulate your damage level extremely precisely: 2.25x, 6.75x, 12.25x, 36.75x, 101.25, or even 303,75 if you can make three light crosses plus four other colors (and you have my respect if you can).


    1. Well the issue with bind clearing active is somewhat offset by the low base cd and the ability to easily inherit over. Have two leaders with any spell at only +4 cd is strong.

      I feel you should build rainbow, but with light primary (so Apollo, wedding Izanami, something water n dark etc).

      I’d still feel safer with double light meta to take advantage of orb changers as guard break is not always needed


  13. Woot! Here’s what I got for my Godfest rolls (I really should have saved for a better one, but where’s the fun in that?)

    Main account:
    Day 1: Carat – the jewel princess!
    Day 2: First Black Dragonbound Typhon, great skill inherit for DAthena team – very happy! Also, 50k monster new 6 start platinum egg was nice to see!

    Alt account:
    Day 1: Osiris
    Day 2: Vajrayska

    Which, when clearing dungeons fast, I like his leader skill!! Overall, very happy with those 4 rolls!!!


  14. I got a bunch of junk (oh look another dragon knight) but on my last roll I got Raphael. He’s a bit outdated, but as an inheritable skill he has become almost indispensable on some button teams. So overall, I’m happy enough, but I could really do with one of those gemstone princesses.


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