February 10-11 Godfest Overview

 Godfest Basics

The format for Godfests has been dramatically changed through their REM Renewal along with Full Disclosure of Rolling Rates. These changes dramatically improve your chances of rolling a specific card as the pool of available monsters is significantly smaller as only a portion of the all possible monsters are featured at a given time. This is great news for players as you are better able to focus your Magic Stones on key cards.

Godfests no longer advertise “rate increases” and instead Highlighted specific cards along with 6* Godfest Exclusives being available. As such, these events are the best time to roll the REM as the current meta is heavily favouring these rare and elusive monsters.

Rolling rates may change or vary with each Godfest event.


Another Godfest with no name will be debuting on February 10 that has a pretty solid roster overall. Like the previous Godfest, only 20 6* GFE will be featured which also means that many will be missing. As a result, it may or may not be an ideal time to spend your Magic Stones based on your individual Monster Box requirements. However, this roster looks far more appealing compared to last time.

This article will summarize what is currently available (as well as what is missing) to help you make an informed decision as well as reposting a review of Macha  and Morrigu  in case you missed it last time.

Video commentary

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Godfest overview

Unlike Godfests of the past, only some 6* GFE will be featured. If they are listed as unavailable, you will be unable to roll them during the event.

February 10 – 11 Godfest
6* GFE available

     3236  3370 
3391 3392     2991   

6* GFE not available

   3268 3414 3233  Scheat Ult Kaede 3416

I almost feel showing what is missing is almost as important as what is featured since you ideally wish to line up a Godfest that overlaps with several key targets.

Based on the revealed rolling rates, 6* GFE will have 0.6% hit rate each for a total of (0.6*20) 12% for any 6* GFE. This also means that there is a 0.6% chance to acquire one of the two new cards released.

One interesting point is that Dark Kali  has not been featured for the second time in a row.

GFE Tier list

This list reflects a card’s overall usage/viability in the current meta as well as moving forward. Cards are in no particular order within each tier.

6* GFE Tier List – February 9, 2018
3414   3235    


 Scheat 2991    3268 3391
 3392 3233 Ult Kaede 3416
February 10-11, 2018 Godfest Rankings
 2991   3391

Looking at this list, it becomes apparent that only higher value cards missing are Fujin 3414 and Ameno . This leads me to believe that this is one of the stronger Godfests since the REM Renewal and would be an opportune time to roll if you are a missing most of the featured cards.

Macha & Morrigu review

Simply reposting their information in case you missed the previous posting.

 Macha (New)

Macha is going to be one of the most desired cards in the game because of her amazingly powerful active skill and interesting Leader Skill.

The Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM featured the very first inheritable Leader swap through Li . This is important and game breaking because you are able to utilize the most powerful teams available on a 7×6 board through intelligent inheritance. Essentially you will want to use a 7×6 generating card as your Leader but bring your intended leader as a sub with Li inherited. Thus, a player may enter a dungeon with Diao Chan  as their leader and bring Anubis 3385 with Li inherited as a sub. With this team, you would pair with a friend’s Anubis.

Eventually, you will be able to swap Anubis into your Leader spot and then enjoy your full multiplier on a bigger board. While you are able to provide greater consistency for high combo teams, you also open the door for colour cross teams to shine.

Colour Cross teams rely on matching several colour crosses but run into spacing issues on a 6×5 board. Thus, when you gain access to a 7×6 format, you are able to match more than 3 colour crosses and deal unparalleled damage.

In essence, a Macha leader swap makes any team perform better as you retain your normal Leader Skill on a larger board. Furthermore, Macha takes one less turn to charge up than Li along with having a stronger secondary benefit.

While most of Macah’s focus will be on her Inheritance potential, she is able to lead a 100x team with dual Macha when HP is greater than 80%. This enables you to build some interesting farming teams provided there are no preemptives.

 Morrigu (New)

In this day and age, Bosses are starting to have outrageous mechanics that players are forced to counter. This can often results in the need to form a column of Hearts () and a 3×3 square () along with numerous combos to ensure damage.

It is certainly possible to use a 7×6 board for more space, but that is not always an option for the average player and you may have to rely on bonus Combo Count actives to meet all of your requirements.

Up until the release of Morrigu, we were only able to utilize +2 combos plus a secondary benefit. While this is often enough for many scenarios, having +3 may help alleviate poor board distribution.

Thus, having Morrigu provide +3 combo count for a single turn can be wonderfully powerful under the right scenario. This will mostly be limited to challenging Special dungeons or niche farming situations as it is less potent as a straight damage enhance for burst. You will most likely be pairing a Morrigu active with a strange board pattern that forces you to match several cumbersome shapes.

However, a vanilla +3 combo boost on a 18 turn cooldown may still be limiting as it does not help prepare the board for you. For example, un-awoken Oichi  generates a tri-elemental board with heart orbs along with +2 combo count on a much shorter cooldown. This can help facilitate your various patterns while helping boost your number of combos. Furthermore, it only occupied a single active slot while accomplishing two goals.

If one relies on Morrigu, you may not have an ideal board to match and the bonus combos will do you no good then. As such, she may be a poor crutch overall as she does not help make your board stronger while also having a lengthy cooldown.

As a leader, Morrigu is interesting, but challenging to reliably activate. She requires 7 combos along with 6+ connected dark orbs to trigger your full offensive and defensive multiplier. This is reasonably orb hungry along with losing all of your defensive traits if your board lacks 6 dark orbs.

Pantheon/5* GFE Highlights

With the presence of a Godfest, only 6* GFE are Highlighted. As a result, the 6* Pantheon cards now lose their Highlighted rates and drop down to 0.64% chance to roll which makes them on par with 6* GFE.

This creates an interesting conundrum, during non-Godfest events, the chances of you rolling a 6* Pantheon card are significantly higher but you cannot acquire the GFE.

With this in mind, it is still best to roll in Godfest events as the 6* GFE tend to be stronger overall and you can at least still roll a 6* Pantheon card at the same time.

Collabs vs Godfests

Prior to the reveal, it was quite risky to roll in Collabs as they often left players more dissapointed than anything else. However, after seeing the Monster Hunter rolling rates, you have a pretty solid chance at acquiring a 7*+ card. Of course you will have to weigh the pros and cons along with examining the lowest rarity rolls from the Collab.

One interesting point is that Macha has a 0.6% rate while the top prizes in Monster Hunter had 2% and 5.22% for 6*. If that Collab rate carries over to the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller event, you would have around a 5% chance of rolling Li for the Leader Swap active.


This upcoming Godfest features the strongest line up since the REM Renewal for featured 6* GFE. This is because only 20 cards are featured during a given Godfest and the current roster is only missing 2 powerful cards. Furthermore, of the 11 total missing cards, most of them are of lower quality. Thus, this Godfest may be an opportune time to roll if you are missing numerous 6* Godfest Exclusives.

The new format of Godfests will require more patience overall since only a few cards will be featured at a given time. While this enables you to better snipe a key card, it also means you have to make peace with hoarding stones until the cards you truly want are featured.

Godfests remove the Highlighted status of Pantheon cards to make space for the 6* GFE and while this can be frustrating, Godfests are still the best time to roll the REM.

Let me know what you think about this Godfest and any suggestions to formatting future Godfest posts in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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14 thoughts on “February 10-11 Godfest Overview”

  1. Much harder to splurge for godfests with the new format, and then it’s compounded by the string of collabs/seasonals we’re in the midst of. Guess I’ll -never- get Ryune sniff


      1. Hm, maybe you’re right… I’m actually missing 8 of the 20 GFEs in this set, that’s about as optimal as it gets for me (I have all the excluded ones)… I’ll need to re-assess the value of the new year cards for my box; maybe spending on this god fest + valentines would be better than spending on new years + valentines.


  2. I’m torn on rolling. It used to be if Fujin wasn’t featured, i wasn’t interested. She was forever the great white whale…but after getting Leona from King of Fighters, I have lost my huge desire for her(not to mention she isn’t featured).

    I find that my hopes for 6+ collab cards is beating my desire for 6 GFE cards. So while i don’t want GFE Fujin so much anymore, Beach Fujin is very appealing. But perhaps this will change if Fujin gets an ult.

    Cotton, Gremory, Typhon and Morrigu are the only ones i am interested in(Got a couple Li’s already, so Macha isn’t that desireable). So perhaps my main will hold on to its stones for an appealing collab(or PCGF) in the future.

    My secondary could still use plenty of GFE so i will likely roll with it.

    PS. isn’t Red Sonja missing?


    1. Red Sonia is a 5* GFE so she is no longer highlighted and is simply in the regular REM rotation

      Fujin is still valuable, but has more competition from similar actives so it is less unique now.

      I find it strange they announce GF and NY REM at the same time as players may hold back on rolling in this pretty good GF but then again NY isnt as amazing


    1. It is because Cotton eclipses here in essentially every aspect (outside of maybe active skill, but both are good for dif reasons)

      I have a Ney and don’t find myself using her due to better options


  3. I made 5 rolls and got a gryps rider, red chester, Goetia (at least a sub for Nergigante), Apolluo and Roots.
    Not sure if Roots is still a thing when you have a Anubis, but with 2x RagDra, 2x Indra, Mizutsune….I am sure there is room for a new team.
    .Not really!


    1. I play Sherias Roots on pancaaake’s account and it feels far more relaxing compared to Anubis. This is because your damage ramps up at 7 combos (instead of 8) so every board is doable. Can make medium-hard content easier overall


      1. Yeah, easier activation. But, who needs to be unskilled? :’-D
        I run a non-optimized Anubis, but 8+ combos is not a big deal nowadays.


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