GungHo Collab 2 Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


The GungHo Collaboration 2 Tournament will go live on Monday September 23 and gives players the opportunity to chase a crown along with Rainbow Event Medal by achieving a high score. Players are ranked based on Combo Count, Time Remaining, Max Damage, and Skill Only Defeat with the top 7% earning a Crown and top 27% earning the Rainbow Event Medal.

This article will explain my thought process for earning a crown along with strategies for maximizing your score as this dungeon features No Assists and essentially no active skills.

Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

149,202 score

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the GungHo Collab Tournament is 6  floors, each Combo is quite valuable and is worth pursuing provided it can be formed in a reasonable time frame.

5,000/6= 833.3 points per combo.

This can be greatly amplified via a 7×6 leader as it will provide up to 14 possible combos instead of the regular 10. Due to the fact that there are no Assists and there is a 99 turn skill delay on Floor 1, no active will be used in this dungeon.

No Assists, 99 turn Skill Delay

The GungHo Collab 2 Ranking Dungeon features the No Assist clause which means players will have to rely on their leaders/subs to cover the relevant awakenings. Thankfully, having 100% SBR Skill Lock Resist is not required.

In theory, one will be able to have 5 turns of skills charging up, but that is not enough time to have a relevant active skill come up.

Relevant awakenings

Having access to damage via 7 Combos will 45 help ensure one is able to his the 40 million damage cap required for 10,000 points, but having Poison Poison resist and Jammer Jammer Resist Resist can make or break your run.

Dungeon breakdown

More dungeon information can be fond here.

GungHo 2 Ranking Dungeon
Floor HP
Floor 1 3M
37 physical killer
Converts board to Wood and Poison
Poison resist saves the run or gamble skyfalls
Floor 2 2.3M x3
Balance killer
3,150 Preemptive x 3 (9,450)
Floor 3 3.6M
physical killer
Floor 4 5.4M
9,440 Preemptive
Heart to Dark
Floor 5 6.3M
99% Preemptive gravity
Floor 6 13.5M
God Killer
Preemptive spawn Jammer, Poison,
Light, and Hearts
Poison resist & Jammer Resist may help

I have only listed the highest possible HP for each floor.

Leaders to use

Due to the short nature of the dungeon along with no active skills, it is best to run a Combo-based leader paired with a 7×6 card. The Combo leader one chooses to use can greatly vary and stacking 7 Combos 45 and relevant Killers can help ensure each floor is killed. Just remember that Super Awakenings take effect in Ranking Dungeons as they are solo mode.

The best 7×6 leader to use for this dungeon is Diablos  as he provides a high ATK multiplier that does not require any specific colours along with a damage reduction shield which may help some teams survive if they elect to use fewer subs.

Ideal Combo leaders are those that do not have a specific colour restriction along with an RCV component as it will enable them to better survive the first or final floor if matching Poison orbs. Base form Ney  may be a tempting option as she has a high flat multiplier for DBDC cards along with RCV.

Can I use Zeus Verse ?


Zeus Verse should not be used due to the fact that you will not have any active skills due to the preempetive Skill Delay along with numerous damaging preemptive strikes.

Subs / awakenings to bring

Assuming one is running a 7×6 leader, having access to Time Extends Time Extend may be needed depending on individual puzzling skills. Of course one should be trying to match as fast as possible, due to the nature of the 6-floor dungeon, making an additional combo within 1 second is worthwhile. Another thing it remember is that the more of the board one clears at a time, the higher the chance of skyfalls occurring. Having sufficient 7 Combos / Killers can hit damage cap, especially if using fewer subs overall.

With that being said, Poison Resist Poison resist will be helpful if running 7×6 and one does not plan to rely on Heart Skyfalls Each awakening grants 20% chance to resist and a full list of Poison Resist cards can be found HERE.

Three notable farmable cards are Droidragon , Moogle , and  Serket. Using either Droidragon or Serket paired with Moogle grants 100% resistance to both Poison and Jammer orbs.

Why do some teams have empty sub slots?

Ranking Dungeons are heavily time-based and any form of animation such as Haste, Orb Unlocking, and attacking slows down a run. While some are avoidable such as spawn mechanics, it is up to the player to try and minimize any on their own end. As a result, cards with a sub attribute (assuming both colours are matched) will be ever so slightly slower compared to one without a sub attribute. This notion can be further expanded to not using a sub and leaving they slot empty to not contribute any attack animation.

While this is a small min/max scenario, it may be quite profound in this Ranking Tournament as Active Skills will not come up and bringing board changers and sufficient Skill Boosts Skill Boost is pointless.

If you are planning on removing a sub or two, it is best to make sure you have enough damage to actually hit the damage cap along with sufficient movement time to match orbs.

Solo mode badge

While it may sound counterproductive to finishing the run as fast as possible, using Time Extend may be the best option for the solo mode badge. This is because each combo is worth 833.3 points so going out of your way to match more is worthwhile along with more orbs being cleared increasing the chances of skyfalls.

This can be slightly offset by using 1 less sub (losing on potential TE), but the animation time savings may make a small difference.

No Poison Resist Strategy

The best strategy for gaining a high score is to actually let the poison orbs spawn on Floor 1, match them, and pray for a Heart Skyfall. While this does result in many failed attempts, it yields the highest scores due to the fact that those players bring less subs and can make more combos on Floor 1.

If planning to go this route, one must bring an RCV boosting leader such as base Ney .

The optimal Poison / Wood solve is the following:

On the bright side, a failed Floor 1 results in death so one does not have to click Menu -> Quit.

Just be aware that the Poison orbs only spawn if using a 7×6 leader. 6×5 will result in a full 30 Wood orb board.

Will NA outpace JP?

This is always a challenging question to answer as there are several factors at play. Firstly, NA is able to sometimes use new cards, but will have a feasible team template ready on Day 1 which grants more overall attempts as theory crafting is not required; however, NA tends to lag behind JP when it comes to pure Puzzling skills.

As such, there is a possibility NA will be able to surpass JP due to the extra knowledge of winning team compositions.

The following chart was compiled by Pandaa and shows the JP cutoff for a Crown and 27% for the Rainbow Event Medal:

If the image does not load or is hard to see, the final cutoffs are:

Crown (7%) – 144,008

Rainbow Event Medal (27%) – 121,102


The GungHo 2 Collab Tournament gives players the opportunity to acquire a 7% Crown or Rainbow Event Medal at 27%. As a whole, this Ranking Dungeon will be quite accessible as one does not need to own a 7×6 card and can pair any combo-based leader of their own.

In addition to 7×6, bringing Poison Resist Poison resist and minimizing attack animations will help improve consistency and clear times.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Tournament in the comments below along with what team composition you plan on running.

Happy Puzzling!


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32 thoughts on “GungHo Collab 2 Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies”

    1. JP used Rikku and it works out (hit above cut off on my own run). He is a good option cause of high RCV for stage 1. Its just that you might need god killers on a light monster or use no. 6 + a low turn red orb converter like Chiyome or Red pirate.


          1. I m not sure about a crown, but i m pretty sure i can get a rainbow medal^^ can i use brachy later on on a vraska, gronia or kaede team?


  1. Kaede is a safe way to get a medal if you have Praline from DBDC or Fenrir Viz. the god killers help kill the boss, and you can just swipe floor one because you don’t have poisons on 6×5


      1. I did and ended up with 20%, which seemed to be my upper echelon. The advantage of Sherias Roots is the benefit to average players like me who only get around 50-60% each time can easily get the rainbow medal this time. Of course, roots team requires you to 7c each time but there aren’t constraints about skyfall like Kush, so you can actually count on RNG sometimes. Granted, not everyone has Roots who is a GFE but he can be replaced by farmables such as Brunhild or any other farmable combo lead. The only disadvantage to Roots is that you need to take an extra turn to clear out the full green board on the first turn, which massively handicaps your score and probably prevents Roots from crowning.

        For subs, stack subs with 7c or TPA. Any offensive boosts work well b/c you can’t use any skills thanks to the skill delays on the first turn. Killers are great, especailly Roots’ God Killers that helped me one turn clear the last floor.

        But hey, I got my rainbow medal so I’m not complaining.


  2. First tried poison resist strat with Sherias Roots and averaged about 138k. Tried again with Brachys while matching poisons. Got 148k with Brachys/Pralinae/Verdandi//Diablos. Pralinae was enough to just burst through final boss, even without killer latents.


    1. Nicely done! With that in mind, there may be no need to run Verdandi as you should have enough wood damage from Diablos/Brachy

      Unless verdandi was to heal, she is not contributing that much imo


  3. Ran a Ed diablos team w/poison resist for turn 1 hit 8.7%. Having issues finding Diablos friends for more runs. Also tried a Aten ed run worked ok with Rainbow team and Aten max skilled is up for the boss.


  4. Have been at it for a couple of days on a 7×6 but somehow, skyfalls don’t love me. LOL If I bring poison resist team, i waste a turn, and If i don’t i just die from no heart skyfall. somehow it’s rather difficult to get heart skyfalls to match. been sitting below 27%
    Whipped out my old normal Edward team last night and I am doing better, first 26% and slowly climbed to 14%. I am safe! It’s ok if i get no crown.


  5. Thanks for putting the guide together! I got 147k with Jhoira/Jormungandr-Ullr/Jormungandr-Ullr/Zela/Ideal/Edward. I failed many runs on Floor 1 because of messing up the optimal board, and I’m considering just dropping my poison resists and just RNGing it, but I refuse to stone for stamina so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Either way don’t care about crowning, just want the precious rainbow medal.

    I think Diablos is better than Jhoira because he’s green so it helps on floor one, but I don’t have him and none of my BFs have him up, so Jhoira it is.


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