10-Stone Voice Godfest Review


The magical event that is scheduled for North America kicks off with a bang on Halloween with a special 10-Stone Voice Godfest. This event is akin to a Super Godfest in that the cost per roll is 10 Magic Stones, but the actual rolling rates are significantly higher along with each roll coming with +297 and max awoken.

While the pluses and awakenings are nice, they are not truly needed and technically add to the cost of each roll, but having a 33% chance to roll any 6/7* Godfest Exclusive (GFE) or 7* Heroine card is pretty amazing.

This leads to a stone conundrum for players as we will be receiving 100 Magic Stones at the same time along with the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC) event on the near horizon.

As with any event, the choice of whether or not to roll should be based on your own individual needs and goals. With that being said, it would be wise to save Magic Stones for the DBDC event if missing the 5* cards as they are tremendously valuable.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Featured cards

The Voice Godfest is split into two days with a different set of cards being Highlighted. Highlighted cards have double the chances of being rolled compared to non-Highlighted cards of the same rarity: GFE/Heroine or Pantheon.

Based on the line up, there is an astounding 33% chance of rolling any 6/7* GFE or 7* Heroine card. Even when factoring in the 10-stone cost, these are pretty fantastic rates overall as a regular Godfest has a 10-11% chance of a GFE for 5 Magic Stones.

The following are the Highlights for each respective day. There are non-Highlighted GFE and Heroine cards on each day and is why the total may not appear to be 33% from the below images. You can check the official rolling rates in game or via the GH FB page HERE.

Part 1 Highlights (1.5% each) – 33% total for GFE/Heroine


Part 2 Highlights (1.5% each) – 33% total for GFE/Heroine

      3236 3233    


**Neys and Cottons are 0.3% each but come evolved

As a whole, I am more inclined to roll in Part 1 as it features a better pool of Godfest Exclusives with powerful leaders such as Ryune  and Dark Metatron  along with Ilmina , Planar , and Fujin . Furthermore, Part 1 does not Highlight Raijin , Kanna 3233, and Morrigu  who are all somewhat lackluster at this point in time.

On the other hand, Part 2 showcases the two better Witches in Reeche  and Saline  while also featuring the recently buffed Cottons and Neys. Sadly, as mentioned above, Part 2 features three lackluster highlights which will most likely end up as trade fodder for future Monster Exchange events or if GungHo gives them meaningful Mega Awokens.

To roll or not to roll

At first, I was skeptical about this event, but upon seeing the rolling rates I had to reevaluate the potential for strong rolls. Rolling in any Rare Egg Machine will always be a gamble and it is possible to end up on the wrong end of the bell curve like I did for the most recent Super 7’s Godfest.

With that being said, I am not sure what other strong event GungHo NA will offer for the remainder of 2018 outside of DBDC. Full Metal Alchemist with the newly buffed Edward  should really be approached via the Monster Exchange instead of rolling and Christmas will probably follow a similar train of thought.

Of course, GungHo NA has a special announcement on November 12th but I believe that will be DBDC and not something completely different.

As such, I would be inclined to roll in this event under the condition that one already has a large chunk of the DBDC cards. The DBDC event features some of the best, if not the best 5* cards (lowest rarity for the 10-Stone event) and almost all of them are invaluable.


The 10-Stone Voice Godfest is a surprisingly strong event and this would be the single best time to start a new account due to the strength of this event and the 100 Magic Stones and Witch REM.

For myself, I am quite tempted to roll on Day 1 as I already have the DBDC cards on both accounts.

Let me know what you plan on doing for this event in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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95 thoughts on “10-Stone Voice Godfest Review”

  1. Rolled:
    -2nd Ryune
    -2nd Blonia
    -Dark Ney
    -2nd Kaede
    -Cronos (after Zela my 2nd green 3x7c for Kaede)
    -2nd Astraea
    -2x Thetys
    -AAme no Uzume

    Witchroll was this yellow girl. Somehow disapointed. A 2nd Reeche or the fire lady would have been good. IDK what to do with her. At least I have 2x Li I never used.


    1. That is still a hefty amount of GFE you rolled! As for Saline, being able to rank up when you want is pretty amazing and even just using 1 for easier dungeons can make a big difference


      1. Maybe I am able to find a Ameno/Saline Li-swap team to beat A1/A2/A3.
        Reeche did my first A3. But I am not aware of the Radar mechanics. I have to learn a lotabout this dungron.


        1. Leader swapping for Saline is most important for players who are higher rank and want to loop their rank ups

          If that is not your situation, her evolved form has some merit as a damaging VDP card


  2. After looking at the rates (and reading your post), I decided to blow the first wad of free stones on this machine. Not merely because I have an irrational desire for Veroah, and the witch machine gave me my first Zela instead (very happy about that though).

    I think it really paid off, I got my first Uranus, my second Mori (already in awoken form), a DMeta (dupe), Morrigu (dupe for fodder), 2 Ilminas (2nd and 3rd, why no planar!?), some other pantheon dupes (none bad), and my last roll was Veroah!

    Rates were really good, +297s and awoken are really good, free stones is really good… plus a free witch, I’m really happy!


  3. Omg! Got reeche man, what I do now? I saw you posting somewhere that reeche is better when paired with Yuki.
    Should I lead with Yuki and friend reeche and reeche as sub, or with reeche itself and Yuki as sub, or (that’s will sounds weird) inherit reeche on Yuki until I get that Uruka that I told you, or perhaps another reeche? :/

    Anyway, can’t believe that I did again man! Just like Ideal, on the very first pull.

    So happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reeche is best with either Yuki or Jhoira as the +2s movement time is not needed twice

      You generally only want 1 Reeche on a team as it would be rare to need a fujin-style active that often (as it can charge in 10 turns)

      Also, congrats and i am happy for you!


  4. Got madoo and kaede not to bad for my alt. Them veroah and madoo on my main. Still thinking about hanging on to the rest. We’ll see what happens.


  5. Haven’t actively played in awhile but decided to roll with 60 of the free stones and got:
    -2nd D.Meta
    -2nd Krishna
    -2nd Scheat

    It seems I’ve done well. Though I suppose I need to see what I need for Saline and to build a team for both her and D.Meta


  6. Easily the best GFE (of any kind) i have had in a long time. 11 Rolls(free one and i used all my 100 batch of stones):

    Rotton(Red Cotton)
    Dotton(Dark Cotton)

    Non GFE werent too bad for me either:
    1st Keiji
    1st Hestia
    Dupe Kundali
    Dupe Antares
    Dupe Spica

    I will happily take 6/11 GFE.

    My alt was getting trolled. First 9/11 were all Pantheon. Then my last 2 pulls got Raijin and Uruka. I won’t say that redeemed it all…but it cushioned the blow.

    Both accounts got Veroah on the free witch roll! So i’m happy about that.


  7. Pulls were so good I had to make one extra. Gotta say, I’m really happy:

    Free pull: Krishna
    Witch Pull: Zela
    Voice Godfest pulls (in order pulled:
    Lu Bu
    Sun Quan

    Was starting to wonder with the run of three non-“Fest” exclusives, but then those last three pulls! If I hadn’t bought a pack for the recent 7 Star Godfest (which was comparatively a bust) I would definitely whale on this REM.

    Probably for the best I stop while I’m really happy with my results 😀

    Just have to accept I’ll never had a DMeta 😛

    Wish you all equal luck!


  8. On Halloween Day, The Egg Machine labeled” 10 Magic Stones! Voice Godfest Part 1″ At the bottom it is written, “6 day(s) to go”.

    I’m CONFUSED. I thought this godfest is only for 2 days.
    Will Day 2 also be for “6 day(s) to go”?


  9. Used half of my 100 stones to roll Blue/Black Ney, 2 Scheats (tried to evolve both with devolving the other two for trade fodder), Antares, & stopped at Acala.


  10. Rolled my second Reeche from the free witch machine.
    100 stones got me my first Saline and Ney!!!
    Alt got Zela from free witch machine and 100 stones yielded first Cotton and Viz
    I think overall it’s truly a really good time to roll.


  11. Nice~ 70 stones and the free rolls got me:
    5th Sun Quan :c
    6th Sun Quan T^T
    7th Sun Quan 😡
    Saline 😀
    2nd Saline 😮
    Castor 🙂
    Uranus 😉
    2nd Akechi 😐
    Planar :3

    A bit triggered by Sun Quan, but whatever;;
    Not bad for free stones! ❤


  12. Hey lovely people Im a returning player (best returning moment ever) and I got like 160 stones from past savings and free ones I have never rolled in the DBDC event, should I wait for that or dump half in this event?


          1. I ended up rolling all… -.-‘….Good thing I have lots of content to clear as the account is kind of new so there is still time..as far of what I got well…Awoken neptune, awoken antares, awoken hestia,awoken ame no uzume, awoken lu bu, awoken uranus, awoken mori, Madoo, uruka, and eschamali..so 2/10 GFE and 1 heroine..I feel neutral I think some use will come to this cards as they are maxed, however I do know odds could be better


  13. I tried to roll 6 times and I got:

    1st Lu bu

    1st spica

    1st ryune (yass!)

    3 astrea

    1st KaEdE

    And lastly ishida

    I think it was a good rolling session!


  14. GH gives you free rolls, you roll!

    Happy with this haul:

    SunQuan #3 (free pull)
    Saline (free witch, more experience)
    Tethys #3
    Ame no Uzume
    Lubu #3 (robu!!! haha)
    Baldin #2
    Ame no Uzume
    L.Cotton (nice!)
    Ishida Mitsunari (vraska’s new friend)
    Ilm #5
    Krishna #3
    Blue Sonia #2

    Antares #4 (free pull)
    Zela (free witch)
    Lubu #2
    Durga #3
    Ame no Uzume
    Maeda Keiji
    Eschamali #3
    Veroah (nice!)
    Akechi Mitsuhide #3

    Now I need more box space 🙂


  15. So for me I got the following;

    Free rolls

    Rolled 6 more times for;
    -2nd Astraea
    -3rd DMeta
    -2nd Acala
    -2nd Sherias Roots
    -3rd Astraea

    Saving the rest for Dragon caller, only have about half of those.


      1. So I decided to do two more rolls and got my first Eschamali and Zela! So I’ve got 3 out the five witches on my main!

        I also decided to start an alternate account. Figured on rolling all 100 stones banking on being able to get plenty more through leveling fit DBDC event when it comes. So here’s what I did;

        Free rolls
        Account start – Ma Chao
        Witch roll- Reeche
        Voice roll- Kundali

        100 stones
        -Sanada Yukimura
        -Norn Skuld
        -Akechi Mitsuhide

        Also got a free roll on the Halloween machine
        -Vampire Lord

        Then used saline for the 6th anniversary experience of a life time and levels 171 times, so got a toll on the rank 150 egg machine
        -Jade Dragon Caller Sonia!

        So between the accounts I got all five witches and have Ryune and Sonia leaders for both accounts. Pretty happy overall.


        1. One last thing, I finally maxed my friends on my main and have none on my alt, so if anyone needs a friend right now, think of me!

          333-569-334 rank 587
          383-343-444 rank 184


  16. lol my main has zela madoo and veroah teams. rank 300
    but i made an alt and rolled sherias roots and reeche. idk which acct i should keep on my phone anymore :0


  17. Not sure how well I did:
    -1st Horus
    -1st Tethys
    -1st Norn of the Future, Skuld
    -1st Ishida Mitsunari
    -1st and 2nd Castor
    -1st Durga
    -1st Planar
    And I got Saline on my witch roll.

    (I’m a newbie, hence all the “firsts”)


    Sun Quan
    Zela (dupe)
    Maeda Keiji
    Dusking Dragon Caller Gran Reverse


  18. Uhhh is uruka or fujin better for absorb void sub? I just got my first fujin and not sure is she better than uruka cuz of shorter skill charge?
    Day 1 was full of dupes and I already got what I think is valuable, should I go for day 2 for ney/cotton or wait for DBDC, still have 50 stones left? I rolled Li and all of those triple killer awakening cards before, not sure if its worth doing DBDC again or rolling day 2 for possible future monster exchange material.


    1. Also, are pulling rates in JP server better than in NA? I know it’s gambling stuff but getting Ideal, the third Cotton, Reeche and Lugh for void absorb on day 100 login is quite outrageous, and I didnt even use up all the stones.
      The fullmetal alchemist rem is meh though.


    2. If gunning purely for a absorb void, Fujin is better due to the shorter cd but if the board changer is beneficial, uruka is better

      If you have all of the triple killer cards from DBDC there is less merit to rolling it more


  19. Your post says: Day 1 & Day 2, is this correct? The part 2 isn’t Wednesday?

    I think better hold my horses for now, because the rates…😐


    1. Yeah, looks like it’s Part 1 and Part 2, both of which are many days. It’s a really long special godfest. Working on coin dungeons to roll some more.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Badly wanted Reeche from the witch machine but rolled Madoo instead, oh well. Made a second game (which I’ve been meaning to do forever) and re-rolled until I got Reeche.

    On my main account I used the 100 stones plus some other I’d saved on the Godfest since I already have Ideal as well as many of the 5-star DCDB monsters. For the new account, which would be better though, rolling in this godfest or waiting for DCDB?

    As for the rolls I’ve done on my main:
    Saline (2nd)
    Fujin (2nd)
    Horus x3
    Ame no Uzume
    Acala (2nd)
    Gronia (3rd)
    Akechi Mitsuhide

    Aside from the three Horus (already have one or two from forever ago that I never use) I am really happy with the results of this machine. Just not sure if rolling for another 100 on the second account would be better than waiting for DCDB or no.

    If anyone responds, thanks for the advice!


    1. For a newer account, I would say this Godfest would be stronger as the cards tend to be more well rounded

      DBDC has amazing cards but they are highly specialized/niche at what they do. They do their one thing well but have less applications elsewhere


        1. The rolls on my second account ended up being extremely worthwhile! Most is stuff I’ve never pulled on my main, so thank you again for the suggestion!

          Reeche (another!)
          Fenrir Viz
          Lu Bu x2


  21. Hey mantastic, with all the free stones and pulls coming our way. I was wondering if you could make an article about some of the better leaders and team comps to use with them. Ideal subs and things like that. If not can you tell me an ideal team to use for zela?
    Thanks. Good luck in your rolls


  22. Think I’ll stop with my 7th re-do for my alt account:

    Witch Machine – Saline
    Halloween – Cotton
    Free 10-stone roll – Eschamali
    Notable 10-stone rolls (spent all 100) – Fujin, Reeche, DMeta, Fenris, Scheat

    Pretty sure I’m not gonna top that.


  23. I went back on and rolled the other half of my free stones… please to report at 1600 days finally got a fujin, which is what I really wanted (or uruka). I really should have nuked my blue gfes for Blujin last month, because I duped them all in this machine!

    My god though the red cards love me.: Antares #5,6,7, sanada #4,5, horus# 5,6. Go away!


  24. I got 4 Zela’s back to back o.O could I make a full Zela team? Not sure xD
    Madoo, Veroah
    Krishna, Akechi (3rd), Maede (dupe), Baldin (dupe) and a Tethys (dupe). Very happy indeed 🙂


  25. mind if have have ur fantastic account (unwanted child):) im jk. how does pancake and momtastic to so good everytime? sounds like bs to me


  26. I have had probably the best Godfest I’ve ever had. I did pull my gifted 100 stones as well as stones I purchased specifically for this GF. I will list them with GFEs and Heriones first then regular cards.

    4 Baldin
    Green Sonia
    2 Sherias Roots
    Fenrir Viz
    3 Planar
    Green Cotton

    Now for the regular stuff
    2 Antares
    2 Cronus
    Sunada Yukimuru
    Are no Uzume



      1. I actually have been playing around with IImina the most at the moment but I have to say I’m a bit overwhelmed on what to do. It really is nice to have more options though so no complaints here. I think I’ll start with just building fun teams with the Witches then go from there. 🙂


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