To Kuroyuri, or not to Kuroyuri


The GungHo Collab returns to North America on Wednesday, January 16th and comes while the REM portion is reasonable overall, being able to purchase Kuroyuri  for 750,000 Monster Points is exciting.

At this point in time, there are not too many things to spend Monster Points on and while the 750,000 price tag is quite steep, Kuroyuri is a powerful card to own. Unfortunately, players require two of her to fully capitalize on her unique abilities.

This article will explain how Kuroyuri works and why can be beneficial to purchase for your Monster Box for the limited duration of the GungHo Collab event.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Monster Point system

The Monster Point system has been around for a couple of years and over time has become more user friendly in the sense that players are able to acquire MP more easily. The Monster Point Shop can be accessed via Shop -> Purchase Monster.

In the past, the only way to acquire Monster Points was to sell Rare Egg Machine (REM) cards. This was both costly and impractical for the average player and is arguably the worst way to acquire MP.

Presently, we are able to acquire Monster Points via Monthly Quests, Rogue Descend farming for PreDRAs, and generous gifts from GungHo. As such, it is not unreasonable for players to rack up a hefty amount without ever selling a REM card. Furthermore, some players have been able to acquire various MP cards via Ranking Dungeon rewards.

Limited availability

Kuroyuri is only available during GungHo Collab events and will be removed from the Monster Point Shop on Sunday, January 27th. Despite the fact that she will be available again in the future, being able to have a card now at the height of their power is invaluable.

Generally speaking, Puzzle and Dragons experiences Powercreep (the increase in potency of newer cards compared to older ones) at varying rates and being able to use a card when they are at their peak helps ensure one is able to progress through current content more easily. For the most part, many cards go through ups and downs in terms of viability and right now, Kuroyuri is arguably as strong as she will be.

As such, if you are able to benefit from Kuroyuri’s presence right now and have a dedicated place to use her, it is worth spending the Monster Points during this event. Unfortunately, one technically needs two Kuroyuri (1.5 million MP) to fully benefit from her kit.


Active: Heal for 40% of max HP every turn for 6 turns. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. (12 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Dark and Fire combos at the same time. ATK x3 when simultaneously clearing 3 connected Heart orbs. All attribute cards ATK x2 on the turn a skill is used. (Multiple skills will not stack)

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend  45
Super Awakenings:-

  • 40% Max HP healed every turn for 6 turns
    • Also provides 1 turn Haste
  • 12 turn cooldown
  • Can be looped with 2 Kuroyuri
    • This System can create semi immortal teams
  • Can be inherited on 1-turn bases and still loop
  • Currently no common counter to her healing
  • Only works for high HP teams
  • 1.5M MP price tag
    • Requires 2 Kuroyuri
  • Takes up 2 active skill slots
  • Does not work in coop unless everyone has the System
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
    • Active may not be ready

Kuroyuri has quickly become an incredible card to own assuming one is able to purchase two of her. This is because she is able to provide a 40% HP heal every turn for 6 turns along with a single turn of Haste on only a 12 turn cooldown. This means that two Kuroyuri (often referred to as a Kuroyuri System) are able to loop indefinitely to have a permanent 40% heal every single turn.

Naturally, this has the most application on teams with 4x HP as this can essentially solve all healing issues when one is able to restore a massive amount of health each turn. Furthermore, these types of teams are arguably the strongest in the game due to the fact that they can tank all incoming preemptives without a shield. Of course, the main struggle will be restoring their HP as they lack an RCV multiplier. While on can use numerous Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakenings, using a Kuroyuri System can provide more consistency as it is not Heart orb reliant.

A Kuroyuri System can lead to pseudo immortal Beach Barbara & Julie  and Sherias Roots  teams as one will be restoring 60,000+ HP in solo mode. Furthermore, due to the Haste component, Kuroyuri can be inherited onto any 1-turn cooldown card if her typing/colours are inappropriate. At this point in time, Halloween Myne  is the strongest 1-turn card to inherit Kuroyuri over as she provides Team HP  awakenings which directly improve the total healing provided.

While one does not need to own Kuroyuri to succeed, she greatly improves high HP teams and at this point in time, GungHo does not have a direct counter to this healing method outside of Dispells which are almost never seen.

Of course, Kuroyuri is not without faults as she is only valuable in high HP teams (4x) along with not working in coop unless all parties have the System.

Viability compared to other MP options

At this point in time, I feel that only Odin Dragon 3264 is a more universally beneficial Monster Point card to purchase (full article can be found HERE). This is because he provides a full Bind and Awoken Bind clear, high weighted stats, useful awakenings, and only costs 300,000 Monster Points. Furthermore, he can be used across a wide variety of teams and is relevant in most dungeons.

With that being said, many players already own Odin Dragon and the only other true contender for spending would be Amen  for his farming prowess and ridiculously high ATK multiplier.


Kuroyuri is an incredibly powerful card to own as she is able to form a System that heals 40% Max HP every turn. This can create semi-immortal high HP teams as they will be restoring over 60,000 HP (assuming 150,000 HP) every single turn without relying on Heart orbs. This has more consistency compared to Enhanced Heart Orb +heart awakenings but requires 2 Active Skill slots to function.

At this point in time, GungHo has not released any consistent/commonly seen counters to this Healing mechanic while also pushing the meta towards high HP teams. As such, Kuroyuri is well positioned to do well moving forward and purchasing her now is solid investment for your high HP teams.

Let me know what you think about Kuroyrui and whether or not you plan on purchasing her in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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47 thoughts on “To Kuroyuri, or not to Kuroyuri”

  1. I love her. I happen to have 3 lajoa and was able to clear A4 for the first time with 2 kuroyuri on my Lajoa team. I think shes totally worth it and can even be a fun leader to test though not gor end game content.


    1. Same here, two on both account.
      No regret!

      I had a lot of fun using her as leader on New Year Quest luv.29, where 1 million pre-set HP.
      So even I Co-op with my other account, you just need the leaders to loop it. ^^

      Shameless, mindless and skillless…. I love it!!


  2. For someone who exclusively co-ops with an alt, Kuro x4 is a tough sell. Would you say Kuro is more useful in a solo scenario vs co-op?


      1. Well the only dungeon I solo is Training Arena or OneShots, essentially any arena that can’t be co-op-ed. TY for advice.


  3. She’s a good counter the enemies that lock use of hearts or change away hearts every turn, or halve your RCV. But requiring two when Light Bastet is around the corner (someday). Also with the buffs to the fate collab, having Shirou with his 4/400/4 LS is just paving the way for the next level of powercreep which Kuroyuri won’t be as effective in.

    I might buy one because I love the art, but I don’t play any 4x HP teams that can slot her in.


    1. Most likely, NA will never see light Bastet because she was released in an IRL gacha pack for PADR. As for the Fate Collab, it’s true that Shirou is great, but if you have the team to use her, Kuroyuri will be a great investment as no Collab is guaranteed (look at how long it took for us to get Persona)


  4. What are the other differences (besides leaders and 2 Kuroyuris) on Roots v B/J? Two slots…

    I also coop with my alt a lot mostly for stamina saving; I might get 4 :-p


  5. Great article as usual and very useful advices too.
    BTW, you forgot to link your article on buying odinDra “(full article can be found HERE)”
    Thx anyway for your great work.


  6. I’ve beaten all the dungeons bar Machine Noah with a Vraska team without the system but I also want to feel like an indestructible tank with 4x health and auto hp recovery would it merit me to pull the trigger with one dungeon left?


    1. Vraska teams need to use a Wood card so unless you have Tardis lying around it would not work on Vraska. On a side note, Vraska teams have pseudo RCV and can use Eir so she is reasonably well covered


  7. bought 2 for my Sherias team. Fun to see 260k hp. delaying on turn one to start the train is the only thing i see being an issue. would skill delay be good awakenings to put on it?


  8. I didnt think i was going to do it. I was at 1.15 million MP and didnt want to buy just 1. So last night was a huge purge of dupes. I didnt need 5 Momijis. Or 4 of various 5* pantheons. In truth, it was a long time coming and got me thousands of +’s.

    What made me decide to do this was that I use B&J quite a bit and Koruyuri would be handy there; but also, somehow during the Dragonbound event, i had horseshoes coming out of my butt. I managed to net 4x Lajoa. So not only can he really make use of a Kuroyuri system, but I can have a 2nd version of him in my monster box if none of my friends are running him. And i still have 2 of the other evo which has FUA. Leana gives me my void absorb as well as having some Killer awakenings. So most bases are covered.

    I know row is not the thing right now, but sometimes a change in play style is welcome.


  9. I have looked around and cannot find any videos of her. Whats an ideal team?

    I have 1.9M MP so I can get 2 myself and with the new helper feature (I mainly solo) I can double up. If she is that good then I would get 2 but need to make sure I can round out a good team.

    I have Tardis so any others? How many Heart+ should I put on the team?

    Reading other comments here she seems like she is awesome but I want to make sure I can round out a good team first.



    1. I forgot to mention, I don’t have Myne. Also, I know I’ll need things like FUA and whatever.

      But how many RCV and Heart+ and HP+ should I look for? Does any other cards stand out?

      Sorry to be a bother but this would be the biggest purchase I have made 1.5M is a lot to drop…


      1. The main idea of using Myne is that she is a superior base to inherit Kuroyuri but is not mandatory.

        The key thing to own is a strong 4x HP lead who can actually benefit from the System

        As for other subs, you bring a FUA and whatever utility is needed


  10. Please ignore my rambling… I totally misread this. She is a sub and although I do have Mega Sherias I’m not convinced she is worth it. Unless someone can change my mind?

    Thanks again.


  11. I yoloed and bought two without really having a team for them, then pulled a roots today.

    Too bad my alt who has roots has no where near enough MP for a second pair


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