[First Impressions] Great Witches Weapon Assist Evolutions – Madoo, Reeche, & Zela


The North American server is 2-3 months behind Japan and while this is can be problematic, it does give us a chance to fully prepare for any new content coming to Puzzle and Dragons.

The First Impression series is a type of video I produce on my YT YouTube channel and lets me voice my opinions on newly announced content.

For this video, I gave my initial reaction to the Great Witches Weapon Assist  evolutions along with the precedence it sets along with what I feel makes a strong Weapon Assist.

Video commentary

Weapon Assist forms

All Weapon Assist forms are able to transfer over sizable stats due to their high weighted stats.

Madoo:  Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row  Imp HP

Reeche:  TPA  Imp HP

Zela:  Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row  Imp HP

General thoughts

Weapon Assist  evolutions enable the card to transfer over awakenings when inherited on another monster. The Weapon Assist retains the same base stats and active skill while also permanently committing them to an inherit as the process is irreversible.

For myself, I look for three things in a Weapon Assist: beneficial awakenings, a useful active skill, a long cooldown to act as a better skill delay buffer.

With this in mind, Reeche’s Weapon Assist is the big winner of the three released as she covers all the criteria. This is because she is on-colour and can provide massive stats to Beach Fujin  which means she can take the 7 Combo 45 Super Awakening to bring her personal damage up to 8x.

The main concern I have for this trend of continuously buffing 7* GFE is that GungHo is raising the Powercreep for rare cards. In the past, many teams were locked behind 6* GFE which made many of them inaccessible to the average player even if they had some of the cards.

Over time, the need use 6* GFE has declined and most are now used as trade fodder for rare Collab cards. While owning a 7* GFE is nice and is not mandatory, the fact that GungHo is continuously buffing them (Super Awakenings, Weapon Assist) is somewhat alarming when you consider how little love is given to Pantheon cards. I understand that this is a business but when you realize that the majority of teams run little to no Pantheon cards is alarming.


The Weapon Assist forms the Great Witches gives them even more value and flexibility. With that in mind, it would not be wise to convert any into a Weapon Assist if it is the only copy you own as they provide a great amount of value in their base/evolved forms. Furthermore, the Weapon Assists would also act as a deterent for using them as Trade Fodder for 10-stone events.

Let me know what you think about these Weapon Assist evolutions in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Great Witches Weapon Assist Evolutions – Madoo, Reeche, & Zela”

  1. I was super happy to hear these evolutions coming out! I agree with everything you said.

    I was going to buy a Mut on impulse to equip onto my Mel, but luckily a friend talked me out of it. Now I’m super happy I didn’t because I have many Reeche duplicates.


  2. Couple days late here, but I just pulled my third reeche (from this event too so definitely very lucky). It might be too early to tell, but do you think it would be ok to evo one of them to the weapon assist version? I have beach fujin as well, plus a few others that could benefit from her unbindable awakening and everything else she would grant.


    1. Considering you have 3 I would make at least one a Weapon Assist as I don’t really fathom a scenario where you would actually need 2 let alone 3 (can always pair with a friend for a second Reeche)


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