Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! Strategies + Monster Experience


Today marks the first day of the Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! dungeon in which players will strive to achieve an S-Rank score to unlock lucrative rewards including a free Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM roll. Furthermore, players are able to repeatedly clear the dungeon to acquire a lil’ Snow Globe, Monster Experience, and possible chance of a Killer latent Tamadra.

Score Challenge follows the same formula for the current S-Rank system and is quite forgiving as it only requires 140,000 to secure the top rewards. This can be achieved through various means and there are countless different team compositions for success.

In addition to securing an S-Rank, this dungeon can offer an alternative to Training Arena for leveling up monsters.

Video clear

Ways to improve your score

S-Ranking dungeons is significantly different compared to Ranking Dungeon as the formula for score calculation is more forgiving. We are scored based on Average Combos, Total Turns taken, and Average Rarity.

For the most part, the largest determining factor is your Average Rarity which can be greatly modified by leaving empty sub slots. This is because each empty slot is counted as 0 rarity which in turn lowers the average. This is why you may see players choosing to not include 1-2 subs as it will help bolster their score. As result, assuming one is able to combo reasonably well, an S-Rank can be secured. From my own example, I did remove 2 subs but still chose high rarity cards which gave me less points in that regards.

With that being said, the requirement of 140,000 is quite forgiving and can allow players to simply combo their way to victory. In my above example, 8.8 average combos yields 118,900 points which is nearly enough all by itself.

Dungeon specific advice

In addition to the above points, try to keep the following in mind as it can help clear the dungeon with less turns taken:

  • Awoken Bind Clear (assuming one does not kill Carat in 2 turns)
  • High damage cards (7c 45 is the best)
  • Fewer subs
  • Tape Resist
  • Subs with LS that have some synergy
    • Medjedra will swap a random sub with your leader so having subs that share similar LS can help clear floors in less turns

Training Arena alternative

The Score Challenge dungeon is an easier alternative to leveling up your monsters as it drops a lil’ Snow Globes that offer 1.95-2.44 million on-colour experience along with 1 million experience upon completing the dungeon to your monsters.

This is actually more stamina efficient compared to Training Arena (my first video clear can be found HERE) assuming players need to level up cards of all colours as each run will yield essentially 3 million experience. Furthermore, there is a modest chance that a Killer awakening will appear as an invade.

The main downside of the Score Challenge is the lack of control for which colour the lil’ Snow Globe drops as along with requiring more time due to the 20 floor duration (100 stamina worth of Score Challenge).

In essence, Score Challenge is a slower medium that offers more Monster Experience assuming one has no colour preference while also having a significantly lower skill/team building requirement.


The Score Challenge is a fun little dungeon for players to unlock an additional Dragonbound & Dragon Caller roll paired with a friendly Monster Experience medium for leveling up their cards.

The 140,000 threshold for an S-Rank is quite forgiving and can be achieved with a wide variety of teams.

Let me know what you think about this dungeon along with what teams you have found success with in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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16 thoughts on “Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! Strategies + Monster Experience”

  1. For some reason after my first run getting a A I keep running it again with a clearly better run but I don’t get a new score


  2. Is the 1 million split across all monsters? I had a full team and only saw it go up by 200k for the one I was tracking. So if I did 2 monsters it would be 500k each?


  3. I did mine with barbara julie, base suou and kuroyuri, and the other leader was evo suou and i found it easy to complete.


  4. Did it with Akuma, Hiei, VNey, Tsukuyomi, Nees. I like my Dark box. I got some interesting things for it.
    (when I think about how old my Hiei is and he was never played, now like a VIP).

    Guys, never waste old cards. 😀


  5. Using the Valentine’s Sonia + Nidhogg’s system…. pretty brainless (I am lazy), and so far I got killer latent about 1 out of every 3 runs.


  6. I did it with dual Valk Ciel, NY Yomi (bind clear) and Zela (triple 7C). I ranked A but tried again trying to increase the combo count and made S.
    Got Kulia – not the best but at least it was the only 5* I didn’t have


  7. So the last 5 rolls i have done in this event have been No.6’s or Kiris, bringing my grand total up to 14 of them 😭 Hopefully this free roll will be something else…


  8. The monster exp is spilt in 5 ways regardless the level, beside, the dungeon is prerry damn hard if your team is not hyper maxed, I tried it few times with couple undeveloped teams but never get pass floor 6… overall, farming super kings would be much efficient if your goal is to level up your cards. Not to mention the drop rate for killer is kinda low for 50 stam too.


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