Chuan is not Worth the Effort


The Dragonbound & Dragon Caller event is in full swing and alongside the exciting REM (full review can be found HERE) is a limiting time Monster Exchange card that is acquired by repeatedly farming the DBDC dungeon.

In essence, players have to continuously play the event dungeon over and over again for the Event Tickets which can drop in Bronze, Silver, and Gold variants. Sadly, GungHo has increased the cost to acquire these cards as they now require 5 Rainbow (worth 5 Gold) Tickets instead of the original 3 when these types of exchanges first came out.

This means players will have to spend 60% more time farming and results in a massive stamina sink. While Eugeo and Saber Assassin were must-have cards (also only requiring 3 Rainbow Tickets) the most recent events have had lackluster options that take longer to farm.

As the title implies, it is not worth farming for Chuan as it is both a massive stamina sink combined with her low usability and possessing no natural Skill Ups.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

You may already have Chuan

Chuan was available in the past from a previous One Shot Challenge so there is a possibility you may already own one. Furthermore, she has no real merit in dupes so the desire to actually farm second one is quite low.

Limit usability

I own Chuan on both of my accounts and have only used her a single time last December during the Courage Ranking Tournament (video can be found HERE). In essence she functioned as an alternative to Zeus Verse as she can quickly sweep floors. This is helped by 4s movement time and No Skyfalls but also requires players to make several combos to deal damage. Furthermore, Chuan does not have to be full health to function so she gains an edge in that sense.

With that being said, Zeus Verse has significantly more universal usability as he has more team building options while also acting as a farming leader and niche cheese gravity option.

Outside of the occasional Ranking Dungeon uses, Chuan does not fulfill any meaningful role as she requires too much effort for farming (cannot swipe boards) and is a very high skill Glass Cannon leader otherwise.

No natural skill ups

Chuan requires 30 Skill Ups and has no natural way to do so. Thus, players would have to spend 30 Pys (15 Rainbowpys) which is a massive investment for little return. Those same Badpys could have been spent on Eir (which I did on both accounts) who has significant value with the 4x HP meta.

Perform the one time Rainbowpy/Super Snow Globe trade

During the DBDC event, players will be able to perform a one-time trade for both a Rainbowpy and Super Snow Globe for 1 Gold Event Ticket each. It is possible to acquire these by naturally clearing the dungeons for a Magic Stone and are worth replaying a bit after to complete these trades.

Go farm Pluses instead

Occurring alongside the DBDC event is the +99 dungeon for 99 stamina. This is one of the most time and stamina efficient ways to farm plus eggs in solo mode and will give you significantly more value compared to farming for Chuan.

If you ever find yourself with excess stamina, dump it here.


Chuan is available through the Monster Exchange system but has limit value/usability while also requiring 5 Rainbow Event Tickets to acquire. This translates into a massive stamina sink for a card that will most likely become a Box Cheerleader.

Let me know what you think about Chuan in the comments below along with your plans for farming or not farming for her.

Happy Puzzling!

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14 thoughts on “Chuan is not Worth the Effort”

  1. +1. I started to farm up a second Chuan, but realized what an insane amount of stamina it would take for a card I would never use for more than a meme.

    I need plus eggs way more.


    1. You don’t need huge stacks of rows on row teams… you’re usually better off diversifying your offensive awakenings, especially once you have 10 row awakenings.

      If you don’t have Chuan, and like dark row teams (like I do!), definitely get -one-… but two really is silly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol, hardly see mantastic would start a new thread to criticize one card, somebodys in a bad mood…. I totally agree, farming is pain in the ass


    1. Given how much stamina is required to farm one, and especially if you play solo, I think this article was definitely needed for a player like me!


  3. This is one time I didn’t follow Mantastic’s advice, but that’s only because I didn’t have a Chuan and thought the row actives might be useful in the future. But now that I finished all the farming, I have to say it was not worth it. I spent 15 stones to farm it. If I had spent 10 stones on a godfest and got it, I’d have been disappointed. I realized that half way in, but my rational brain was no longer working at that point.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I remember all of the other ones costing 5 rainbow tickets. Your posts on FSN Assassin ( and Eugeo ( both say 5 rainbows.

    The difference is that the exchange rates used to be 3->3->5->5 (225 bronze), and now they’re 5->5->5->5 (625 bronze). That means rainbow medals save you more farming. But rainbow medals are also more valuable now, with new evos requiring them.

    If needed, I can look into my data history to find out the exact exchange rates during those events. I haven’t made it easy for myself, so it’d take some work.

    By the way, this post doesn’t have the “Monster Exchange” category:


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