PAD Academy Student Handbook is Valuable


The PAD Academy REM is in full swing and while it is lackluster, the farmable Academy Student Handbook is valuable and worth farming for most players. The Handbook functions as a Weapon Assist that provides the following awakenings: Poison resist Blind Resist Imp HP Imp ATK RCV Latent along with +1s orb movement time for 9 turns on a 14 -> 9 cooldown.

The Student Handbook follows the trend of other Collab farmables i that players need to repeatedly play the dungeon to acquire Bronze-Gold drops and Monster Exchange them for the Rainbow variety. Unfortunately, current Collab events require significantly more farming as each tier requires 5 fodder (5 Bronze -> 1 Silver, 5 Silver -> 1 Gold, 5 Gold -> 1 Rainbow, 5 Rainbow = Handbook). Thus, 5 Rainbow tokens requires a total of 625 Bronze tokens.

Despite this large farming hurdle, the fact that the Handbook is farmable (with large amounts of stamina) makes it quite valuable compared to other Resist options as it does not require limited (Rainbow Event Medals) or Premium (Magic Stones) currencies to acquire.

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Value of a Resist Weapon Assist

Weapon Assists have become invaluable when playing through harder content as they are able to provide additional awakenings to counter various mechanics. At this point in time, those that provide Resistance (Blind Resist Jammer Resist Poison resist ) tend to be the most valuable as they can trivialize certain spawns and mechanics. As such, striving for 100% Resistance against a particular mechanic is a reliable way to improve consistency.

With this in mind, the Academy Student Handbook provides 20% Resistance against Poison Poison resist and Blind Blind Resist Attacks. While this is not enough on its own, layering other 20-60% equips can help add up to the goal of 100%.

At this point in time, the easiest way to achieve Resistance is to purchase Odysseus and convert her into Trojan Horses . Unfortunately, these cost 4 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:.

Thus, having a potentially farmable option in the form of the Student Handbook is valuable for many players.

Advantages of the Student Handbook

The Student Handbook differs from the Trojan Horse in that it does not provide Jammer Resist Jammer Resist nor Time Extend Time Extend but provides some stats to all colours due to Imp HP Imp ATK RCV Latent. While these stats are small, they are a nice collateral benefit when pursuing 100% Resistance.

In addition to the extra stats, being Green opens up opportunities to transfer additional HP/ATK/RCV to Wood-type cards assuming one does not require Jammer Resistance. Furthermore, the active attached to the Handbook can provide an interesting layer of utility.

The Student Handbook is able to provide +1s orb movement time for 9 turns on a 14 (unskilled) to 9 (skilled) cooldown. This additional second may or may not make a difference for your particular team, but the main appeal would be to override Time Debuffs.

Various spawns can dramatically reduce your orb movement time to the point where activation may be semi impossible but any Time Buffer will override this. As such, the Student Handbook may be your best option as the Resists are valuable and this may end up freeing an active skill slot.

If you plan on using the Handbook in this manner, it would be best to inherit on top of a card with a short enough cooldown to have it ready in time. If playing through a longer dungeon, make sure the base card has an active you actually want to use for that particular team.

If you wish to read more about optimizing Skill Inheritance and Weapon Assists, please refer to my other article HERE.


The PAD Academy Student Handbook is a farmable alternative to the Trojan Horse as it can be 100% acquired by repeatedly playing through the Event dungeon.

While it will take a sizable amount of Stamina to acquire, it can be worthwhile due to the unique active, Wood typing, and free additional stats to all cards.

Let me know if you plan on farming one and how you plan on using your PAD Academy Student Handbook.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “PAD Academy Student Handbook is Valuable”

  1. Also, the collateral benefit of farming this collab is the rare invade of fairy tale princesses which can be sold for 3K MP. 😉


    1. Think it’s worth keeping and Skilling up one of these fairies? The 99 dmg button could be helpful for ranking dungeons – Or are there better alternatives?


      1. They are the definition of box cheerleaders. They are 4* so they can’t be inherited, making them completely useless outside of free MP (I’m keeping 1 of each because collecting reasons)


  2. I’m co-op-ing with myself to save on stamina, and then I’ll have one on each account. Farming for more would take all week. Farming for one might. At least Mythical gives decent experience.


  3. I have enough medals to do my usual thing… farm up 1 or 2 rainbow tokens, get bored, and then buy the rest. For those who need MP though, the collateral drops definitely helps.

    (FYI, you have the blind icon instead of the jammer icon when saying it doesn’t resist jammers.)


  4. Literally buttoned my way with double veroah on Int difficulty and honestly it only took like 5 hours of farming not including my stamina looping with arena to level up for the free stamina refresh. Definitely worth the time.


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