Orphen Versus Alt. Arena 3

Health update at end of article


I wish to continue a new series of posts in which i share my successful Alt. Arena 3 clears for both the video and explanation/rationale for my sub choices. For this article, I wish to take a closer look at Orphen as he is a powerful leader who does not rely on 7×6 or Auto Follow Up Damage to succeed.

Furthermore, Orphen offers a modestly unique play style as you must manage your health and is dependent on Zaerog Core for success. With that being said, his Effective Health can be difficult to manage and his largest weakness is healing to just above 50% and losing his massive Damage Reduction shield.

This is by far his largest weakness and players should become familiar with their healing output to better gauge how much health will be replenished. On the other hand, this team can pump out a ridiculous amount of damage and tanky spawns should never be an issue.

Video clear

Notable Alt. Arena 3 mechanics

Alt. Arena 3 is currently the hardest dungeon available in North America and will push many teams to their limits. As such, it is important to understand the key mechanics that must be addressed.

The following is a brief summary of the notable mechanics in the dungeon. This may not be an exhaustive list for every team but is the checklist I use when team building for this dungeon.

  • Damage Absorb Void (Fujin -style)
    • 2 turns is ideal
  • Jammer skyfall buff (eg.  )
  • Skill Delay Resists  for the above
  • VDP
  • FUA (maybe )
  • 100% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • 100% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Effective HP > 100,375 (largest preemptive)
  • One Awoken Bind clear or orb changer that removes Poison
  • 1 Dark Resist Dark Reduction or built in Damage Reduction
  • Not reliant on Light for Damage Reduction/activation
    • If reliant, bring shield or active that counters unable to match mechanics
  • Self RCV buff/debuff or exceptionally high RCV

Being able to address each of these options will ensure a much higher clear rate overall.

Orphen overview


Active: Reduce HP by 50%; Unlock all orbs; Change Heal orbs to Dark orbs; Lock Dark orbs (8 -> 3 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 1.5x all stats for Dark Att.; 3x ATK when 6 or more combos; 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 50% when below 50% HP [2.25/324/2.25/75%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune  Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist  45 45 
Super Awakenings:  Skill Boost 
Typing: Balance
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1109 (1386)
HP 4293 (5366) / ATK 2590 (3238) / RCV 485 (606)
Weapon Assist   Imp HP Imp ATK

  • Fast charging active skill
    • -50% HP cut
    • Heart -> Dark + Lock Dark
  • Strong LS multipliers
    • Deceptively tanky
    • Massive damage output
  • Can use any Dark sub
  • High personal damage
  • Balance typing
    • Can use any latent
  • Strong stalling capabilities
  • Must be below 50% to deal meaningful damage
  • Damage Reduction only occurs <50%
    • Shield only takes effect if below 50% when getting hit
    • Healing can be deadly
  • Reliant on Zaerog Core
Orphen boasts many strong aspects including a fast charging active, higher personal damage while also owning a VDP , ability to use any Dark sub, along with impressive multipliers for his leader skill. While he is unable to benefit from 7×6 or Auto Follow Up Damage, he can fully activate with 6 combos along with having access to Zaerog Core for his 1 turn -50% HP active that also provides movement time.

This is valuable as players can always stay in their damage zone while also enjoying copious amounts of movement time. With that being said, I feel Zaerog Core is vital to the success of Orphen in harder content as the HP reset is invaluable along with Zaerog Core also functioning as your hardest hitting card who can essentially solve most of your damage requirements on his own. As such, the rest of your team can be populated with utility-based options as damage should not be a problem.

While all of this sounds fantastic, the largest hurdle Orphen teams have to overcome is managing their Health. It is easy to cut 50% due to Zaerog Core but maintaining a healthy amount can be difficult.

This is because his Damage Reduction only occurs while below 50% HP (75% or 4x more Effective HP) and is only calculated after matching orbs and healing. This is further compounded by the 2.25x RCV which means players must either fully heal or not heal at all. As such, players must have > 100,375 HP to survive the potential Kundali preemptive as there is a strong possibility you will be healed to full health on a regular basis.

On the other hand, stalling can become quite easy, especially against multi hit opponents as the first hit may bring you below half health which then grants 75% Damage Reduction for each subsequent hit. This means a 1 combo will still trigger the full 75% Damage Reduction and means you have effectively 4x more health than shown. This ability to stall can help with juggling actives before the final floors which inevitably increases clear rates.

Team building

The following is the Oprhen team I was able to make from my Monster Box. It is able to address all of the above mechanics while having sufficient health to survive any preemptive at full health:

Solo Alt Arena 3 – Orphen
HP Badge





Devil killer Devil killer
God Killer x3 x5
Dark Reduction
x6 x6 x6

As mentioned above, Zaerog Core is critical to the team’s success as both an HP cut and massive damage solution. With this in mind, players can technically bring any utility sub they desire and a perfect example is the farmable Halloween Myne who provides a 1-turn cooldown, Cloud Resist , Jammer Jammer Resist/Blind Blind Resist Resist, and most importantly, two Team HP . This provides a sizable amount of added bulk and I chose to inherit Black Ranger’s Weapon for Dark Skyfalls along with an on demand 30% Damage Reduction. While it may seem like overkill for more Damage Reduction, I want to stress how dangerous it is being just above 50% health and having an additional safety net can save you at key moments. Furthermore, the Skyfall buff provided from Black Ranger and Nergigante can be kept up at a high frequency.

One thing I tend to do if unsure what to inherit after covering Resists is to just add more Orb Enhances. This provides a noticeable amount of passive damage and helps ensure I can sweep a given floor with a single Dark combo.

I feel Valentine’s Ney is still a strong sub, but her damage output pales in comparison and she is mostly used for her strong base active as it provides a tricolour board along with Bind/Awoken Bind clear. She is far from needed but I felt was the best option for a card with a useful base active.

Finally, Zaerog Core is further bolstered by Sagat’s Eye Patch for another <50% awakening. This is important because it means a 6 combo board with VDP will still kill things which will happen often when FUA is needed. I normally wish to use Killers on key damage cards but for Zaerog Core, his selection is lackluster due to his lone Dragon typing and decided to use Skill Delay Resists and the single Dark Damage Reduction.


Orphen is able to lead an incredibly hard hitting team as he is able to beautifully use Zaerog Core. This will inevitably solve most of your damage requirements which then allows you to populate the team with cards of your choice.

While he is capable of clearing content such as Alt. Arena 3, the health management can be a nightmare and healing to just above 50% has led to numerous unfortunate deaths.

Let me know what you think about Orphen along with these types of posts moving forward

Happy Puzzling!

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Health update

In regards to my current health situation, I am slowly returning to my normal baseline of pain but am still far from it. I am no longer dependent on my cane for moving around the condo but at the same time, have not truly left the house outside of going down to the first floor to get the mail twice (used cane).

Right now, my main hurdle is fatigue from pain and inability to concentrate along with standing will cause me to experience sharp shooting pains that radiate out from my back down through my buttocks and down each leg to around mid thigh as well as wrapping around into the groin. As such, I need a chair in the kitchen and all tasks must be broken up into smaller chunks as constant rest is needed.

Regardless, thank you for all of your continuous support these past two weeks ❤

34 thoughts on “Orphen Versus Alt. Arena 3”

  1. What are your feelings on Orphen versus Ranger Slayer?

    I only have one Orphen and I’m using him as an equip on my Ina, but have been toying with converting him to make basically the team above (have to swap Nergigante since I don’t have him). However, I do already have Ranger Slayer which seeeeems like a similar play style, and it’s honestly the team I play 90% of the time, but has some failings.


    1. I have Ranger Slayer on my alt account but have not used them much so harder to compare but both can dish out massive amounts of damage. One thing with Slayer is that there is no SBR so you will have to use double SBR cards or inherits which may or may not be an issue. Also, Core does not fully benefit from the LS multipliers

      As for Nergigante, I am not sure he is truly needed simply because Core does so much damage but he is a solid stat stick overall while also covering FUA


      1. Exactly! It is one of the checklist items I go through and Core does not have better latent options at this point in time and being delayed beyond my 5 SDR is not a horrible thing as I will get my active back in 1 turn


    1. Has high damage output but I feel is not truly needed since you have Core and two Orphens. The low CD may be appealing but again, Orphens are both 3 CD. I feel more utility cards with stronger base actives would be better here


      1. Sadly I only have one Orphen and no friends have him. You couldn’t trade for him, and the rolling rates were abysmal, as usual. I’ve played around with other cards as 2nd leader, but nothing is as good as 2 Orphens.


  2. Great post! I do have orphen on both of my acct but I haven’t try AA3 again since my A5 kitty team failed. Now im waiting for kuroyuri on sale, after that i will build Zaerog – Diao chan leader swap using sousuke equip + kamen rider faiz double void abaorb. I think this team have more durability & firepower to overcome AA3. What do you think?


    1. Core on 7×6 is far more consistent compared to 6×5 and I have yet to try Core as a lead in harder content as Orphen is just easier

      I can most certainly see the appeal of Core on 7×6 as the damage will be ridiculous with both leaders doing basically enough damage for the entire team


  3. I have a herniated disc and was going through intense shooting pain last year but I found that after deep tissue massage and going to the chiropractor the pain slowly got better. After recovering it is more about just maintaining it now and stretching and walking really helps after and not sitting as much. I hope your recovery goes well and keep fighting it will get much better.


    1. Thank you for sharing and glad to hear you have found some relief =)

      I have tried both of those methods numerous times (probably 10+ dif chiropractors now) and none provide relief and are horribly expensive so I just do my own physio exercises at my condo’s gym along with various treatments at St Paul’s Hospital


  4. Hey Mantastic,

    Glad you are feeling better and I hope your doctors can find a long term solution. Chronic pain is an awful way to live. I have lymphoma that spread to my lumbar spine and is giving me the exact same symptoms. Thankfully mine is curable but you have my sympathy!

    Keep up the great work on mantasticpad.com


  5. Long time reader, occasional poster!

    Just wanted to say I hope you find a diagnosis soon and that you find relief in your pain soon!!


  6. Hi Mantastic!
    Glad you are on your way for a recovery.
    What do you think for D/L Orphen and Veroah as subs?
    Thx for answering


          1. I made a team with double dark orphen as lead, zaerog core/Veroah/light orphen/Eir
            I also have lord drakkonand ranger slayer as good subs
            Was thinking of veroah for cloud SA and D/L orphen for another shield
            Don’t have V.Ney nor nergi


            1. I feel that you can be flexible with team builds for the most part and you need to learn your RCV potential, especially with Eir who will heal significantly more

              I used Vney for her base active so she is reasonably replaceable and while I do enjoy Nergigante, you should have enough damage to kill things with Core


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