Maintenance Tonight + Best Friend & Rank 150-800 Machines

After Wednesday’s Maintenance, Rank 150-800, Best Friend, & Presents will be reset. *Note: If bonuses remain unclaimed by the date of the reset, the unused bonuses will be lost. Players will only be able to receive each bonus once after the reset.


On Wednesday March 25 at 5pm (UTC-8), PAD will go under maintenance and this will also reset the Best Friend Token, Present, Rank 150-800, and One-Time Bargain set.

The Best Friend reset will grant an additional Token which will allow you to choose a new Best Friend. This additional selection will not overwrite your existing ones but failing to use a current selection will not carry over after the reset.

Best Friends are a vital part of your PAD experience as it will enable you to expand the leaders available as well as gaining additional Pal Points.

This article will explain the Friend and Best Friend System along with how you can improve your chances of being selected by strangers as well as how to form BFF Triangles. For the most part, this post is copy/pasted from the previous Reset as nothing has changed mechanically for Best Friends.

For this Reset, I plan on pruning my Friend’s list of inactive players (2+ months for BFF) on both accounts in order to make space for any of my readers who wish to Best Friend me. If you wish to Best Friend either of my accounts, please leave your ID number, your in game name, and which account you want to Best Friend. Due to limited space on Mantastic, I will not be able to accommodate everyone.

Finding Friends

The first step to Pal Point domination is to find friends to populate your list. As you rank up, your friends list will max out at 50 players. You can add 5 additional friend slots for 1 magic stone, up to a maximum of 300 friends.

With that being said, the sooner you add space and expand your friend list, the more Pal Points you will be rolling in. You can view this as an opportunity cost as for each day you have more friends, the more Pal Points you will generate in future days. Because PAD is a long term game, the sooner you invest, the more you will be rewarded. Thankfully, making friends in PAD is quite easy and the community is incredibly warm and welcoming. We can find friends via:

  • Posting your ID on various Reddit threads, Facebook groups (@PG@US@HG), and forums
  • Typing in a player’s ID under Friends -> ID search
  • Choosing Users from the helper selection list

When you first start your PAD journey, you want to add as many friends as possible and constantly delete inactive low-level players (as they have most likely quit/rerolled) to maximize your Pal Point generation by having a list of friends to choose from when entering dungeons. If you post your ID on the various fan pages, players will send you invites, and many high-rank players will offer their leads. As you progress, you are going to become more choosy with whom you keep on your friends list as space may become an issue.

Best way to display your ID

It is best to not post a picture of your entire box as you only want to highlight your most preferred leaders. Showing numerous maxed out cards will cause intimidation and fear that you will rotate between too many leaders to be a stable Best Friend.

As such, I prefer to edit my team to show my favourite leaders from left to right along with my ID as the team name. This condenses your information to a single picture and shows stability in those highlighted leads.

Keys to success

The key to building and maintaining your friends list after the early game is based on several factors:

  • Popular leader(s): If you are fortunate and have a popular leader, you will generate far more pal points than the more niche ones. Even if you are unable to effectively use that leader, still have it visible, especially when you take a break for stamina/sanity etc
  • Account activity: Logging in everyday will refresh your last activity status on your friends list and will lessen your chances of being deleted
  • Consistent leader display: your number of friends is strongly based around what leaders you have visible, so always try to keep a consistent showing of your ideal leaders.
  • Invested leaders: In this day and age, most teams have fully maxed out cards; however, if resources are scarce, invest in your strongest leader. This is because it is the only card displayed to your friends and having a fully invested Leader will attract more friends. One thing to also keep in mind is having ideal inherits for that team composition (eg. Skill Boost Skill Boost for Transforming cards)
  • Avoid duplicate leader display: your team slots determine which monster your friends can see and take. Slot 1 and current team selected display to your entire friends list. Slot 2 is only visible to best friends (BFF). Try to avoid showing the same leader in any of these team slots.

Best Friend selection

After you have done all that and have passed rank 50, it’s time to make a best friend selection! Choosing a best friend is a large commitment by PAD standards and once the selection is made, it cannot be undone. If for some reason you are deleted or you delete your BFF, you will lose all the benefits even if you re-friend at a later date. There have been a several BFF Resets that allow you to select a new BFF in addition to your already existing friendships. This may or may not happen every X number of months so please choose wisely.

Just remember that with each Best Friend Reset, you will be able to expand your number of Best Friends and previously selected ones will not be lost.

Best friend benefits

Establishing a Best Friend link grants bonuses to both players every time you choose each other to take into a dungeon (whether coop or solo mode). Both players gain 100 instead of 10 Pal Points per day along with being able to see leaders in team slots 1, 2, and active/current as well as remaining visible for up to 24 hours without a login refresh. This is especially important for low level players who wish to simply use a powerful friend repeatedly for faster and safer clears. With this in mind, when you are making a BFF decision, you should seek out players who have:

  • Leader(s) suitable to your box and team
  • Established a certain tenure of playing in hopes they do not suddenly quit the game
  • Have some sort of communication established

Best Friend Triangles

Best Friend selection is only needed from one party for both players to benefit and allows three players to form a Best Friend Triangle:

  • A -> B
  • B -> C
  • C -> A

Doing this successfully will enable all parties involved to have two new Best Friends with only one selection.

Triangles naturally work best if all three members have complimenting leaders along with some form of communication being established.

Newer account Best Friending

There is some controversy as to what a new player should do with their BFF token. Some people argue that the Pal Points through a triangle are more valuable, while others claim that having a high-rank BFF will allow more content to be cleared. I am personally in favour of best friending a high-ranking player at the cost of losing out on a triangle. This is because having access to leads far stronger than what you are capable of is far more important than up to 200 Pal Points per day. Stamina is still a more valuable currency compared to Pal Points as it could mean the difference between victory or losing 50 stamina for a failed dungeon. There is still risk in choosing higher level players as they may rotate between many leads and could restrict your access to what is ideal for you. As such, please message/contact your intended recipient and establish some sort of communication.

On this train of thought, it is advantageous to use your Alternate account to Best Friend your Main. This will grant your newer account a faster level of progression along with more Pal Points overall.

Best Friending Mantastic or Fantastic

If you wish to Best Friend either of my two accounts, please send me a Friend request along with leaving a comment that includes your username, PAD ID, and which account you intend to Best Friend after the Reset.

At this point in time, Mantastic can only accept a few individuals as I am already at 300/300 Best Friends but several are inactive. On the other hand, Fantastic has more total space as I can delete regular friends.

On a side note, Mantastic has only gained 7 ranks since the previous BFF reset (around October 19, 2019) whereas Fantastic has gained 4 ranks.


The Rank 150-800, Presents, and Best Friend Tokens will be Reset after tonight’s maintenance. These benefits will not carry over if left unused so it is in your best interest to utilize them now before they are “lost.”

With this in mind, Best Friends are a boon to be had for all players as it allows for increased Pal Point generation along with having access to desirable leaders for 24 hours at a time.

Let me know what you think about the Best Friend system and make sure you spend your current one if you haven’t done so already. Also, if you wish to Best Friend Mantastic or Fantastic, please leave your username, ID, and indication of which account you have in mind.

Happy Puzzling!

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52 thoughts on “Maintenance Tonight + Best Friend & Rank 150-800 Machines”

  1. Hey Mantastic, I’ll be sending a friend request!
    ID: Mikanokaoi
    Friend Code: 369 047 405
    Friend request to Mantastic account!


  2. I wish I had more friends that used Kyori, she is actually a decent leader and I‘m tired of pairing her up with Minaka…


  3. I remember those days when everybody selected me as their best friend since I was one of the few people with RevoKushinada with a Fujin inherit in Europe…

    PAD Europe come back please


  4. Hello Sir,

    Hopefully you are feeling well….. Right Now.
    I’m already Best Friends with Fantastic. 1852 straight login days as MonsterMan. Would love to be Best Friends with Mantastic. 312,064,311

    Have a good one.


  5. Not sure if you’re still doing this.. But here goes!

    Rank: 661
    Name: strmchasr2


    Rank 689
    Name: mmmkay

    Ty good sir!


  6. Hey I added you on fantastic to best friend!
    IGN: bsuzzle
    my ID: 331 572 247

    would also be ok to best friend mantastic if fantastic is full!


  7. Would love to BF either of your accounts from either of my accounts!

    IGN: foweij and foweij 2.0

    ID: 338 638 493 and 378 048 448


  8. Would love to add you as a best friend, just sent you a friend request from petebrno 328.919.443 I play mostly Minaka, Akine, Yugi, Ina. Thanks for consideration, pete


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