Lampeid x Fasca Versus Alt. Arena 3


Alt. Arena 3 is one of the most lucrative dungeons to farm and is considered the second hardest dungeon in the game at this point in time. As such, being able to clear this dungeon will provide a wonderful Rank EXP, Pys, and satisfaction.

Over time we have acquired numerous different leaders who can tackle this dungeon and while it is possible to secure a clear with a wide variety of teams, being able to consistently farm Alt Arena 3 is valuable overall.

For myself, I have used a wide variety of teams and have found that Lampeid (Lamp) paired with Fasca to be a wonderfully strong team. This pairing combines the two strongest Leader Skill mechanics of Auto Follow Up Damage and 7×6 along with enough powerful subs to handle this dungeon with relative ease. Furthermore, there is copious amounts of movement time along with strong multipliers in all metrics.

While Lamp does require 6+ Water orbs to function, this should be quite doable on 7×6 and not having to worry about Resolve greatly improves any Row-based team.

With this in mind, I wish to explore how I built my own team along with addressing the major hurdles that can be found in Alt. Arena 3.

Video clear

Notable Alt. Arena 3 mechanics

Alt. Arena 3 is currently the second hardest dungeon available in North America and may push many teams to their limits. As such, it is important to understand the key mechanics that must be addressed.

The following is a brief summary of the notable mechanics in the dungeon. This may not be an exhaustive list for every team but is the checklist I use when team building for this dungeon.

  • Damage Absorb Void (Fujin -style)
    • 2 turns is ideal
  • Jammer skyfall buff (eg.  )
  • Skill Delay Resists  for the above
  • VDP
  • FUA (maybe ) or Auto Follow Up Damage
  • 100% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • 100% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Effective HP > 100,375 (largest preemptive)
  • One Awoken Bind clear or orb changer that removes Poison
  • 1 Dark Resist Dark Reduction or built in Damage Reduction
  • Not reliant on Light for Damage Reduction/activation
    • If reliant, bring shield or active that counters unable to match mechanics
  • Self RCV buff/debuff or exceptionally high RCV

Being able to address each of these options will ensure a much higher clear rate overall.

Lamp x Fasca overview

Base Lampeid – S

Active: Delay enemies’ next attack by 2 turns; Changes to [5985] for the duration of the dungeon (12 -> 12 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 2x all stats for Dragon and Attacker type; 7x ATK when matching 6 or more connected Water orbs; 50000 additional damage when matching 6 or more Water orbs [4/196/4]

Awakenings: Skill Boost Skill Boost Water Row Water Row
Super Awakenings: –

Typing: Dragon / Attacker
Available Killers: Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 904 (-)
HP 2868 (-) / ATK 2835 (-) / RCV 150 (-)

 Lampeid Transformed

Active: For 3 turns, 3x ATK for Water Att.; Remove all awoken skill binds (10 -> 10 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 2x all stats for Dragon and Attacker type; 7x ATK when matching 6 or more connected Water orbs; 50000 additional damage when matching 6 or more Water orbs [4/196/4]

Awakenings: Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row Water Row
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Dragon / Attacker
Available Killers: Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1004 (-)
HP 3868 (-) / ATK 2835 (-) / RCV 150 (-)

Base Fasca

Active: For 1 turn, increase combo count by 1; Changes to [5842 ] for the duration of the dungeon (18 -> 18 turn CD)

Leader Skill: [Board becomes 7×6] 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when 8 or more combos

Awakenings:  Skill Lock Resist 45
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Attacker / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 552 (-)
HP 2510 (-) / ATK 1325 (-) / RCV 109 (-)

Fasca Transformed

Active: Reduce unable to match orbs effect by 9999 turns; Remove all binds and awoken skill binds; For 1 turn, increase orb move time by 2 seconds (5 -> 5 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 4x ATK & RCV and 1.5x HP for Attacker type; 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when 8 or more combos [2.25/256/16/43.75%]

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist 45
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Attacker / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1406 (-)
HP 6500 (-) / ATK 3350 (-) / RCV 258 (-)

  • Natural 7×6
  • Auto Follow Up Damage
  • Strong multipliers
    • 3/224/8/25%
    • Easy to activate Damage Reduction
  • Utility-heavy Fasca active
  • Lamp provides 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • Transforms on 12
    • 2x HP & RCV at start
  • Super Poison Resist
  • Can supplement damage via Rows Water Row
  • +4s orb movement time from leaders
  • Must use Attacker types
  • 18 SB to Transform
    • Somewhat offset by Lamp Transforming earlier
Despite Fasca being technically off-colour (Lamp wants to match Water orbs), her own personal multipliers are not negatively impacted and she can still deal reasonable amounts of damage overall. Furthermore, damage is greatly augmented via a larger board and the ability to layer Passive Damage via Water Rows Water Row.

In essence, this pairing is a dramatic improvement compared to older 7×6 + Auto Follow Up teams (eg. Tifa  x Haohmaru ) as the multipliers are significantly higher at 3/224/8/25%. One key aspect to Lamp x Fasca is that stalling is relatively easy because Lamp cannot fully activate from under 6 connected Water orbs while your RCV is always there along with Fasca’s Damage Reduction just requiring 8 or more combos. As such, players can easily decide when to kill a given floor or when to stall for actives. Furthermore, the massive 8x RCV only drops down to 2x with the -75% debuff and I personally did not even notice in my run due to Base Minaka .

With that being said, the hardest part of this team is to have sufficient Skill Boosts who are Attackers and if you feel this is impossible to achieve, pairing Lamp with Evolved Minaka opens up team building to Dragons and Attackers along with no real hard Skill Boost requirement as Lamp will basically always Transform right away along with his Leader Skill being the same in both forms.

The main reason why one would wish to pursue Lamp x Fasca over Lamp x Minaka is because the multipliers are significantly higher which is due to the fact that Fasca Transforms.

Team building

The following is the Lamp x Fasca team I was able to make from my Monster Box. It is able to address all of the above mechanics while having sufficient health to survive any preemptive at full HP:

Solo Alt. Arena 3 – Lampeid x Fasca
SB Badge (17 Effective Skill Boosts)
SA Skill Boost 45





Latent Skill delay resist x4 Skill delay resist x6 Devil killerDevil killer
Skill delay resist x2
Skill delay resist x6

This is my current team composition and it can only bring 17 Effective Skill Boosts but at the same time, counters all of the above mechanics while also having immunity to Tape and Jammers . While I am aware that Fasca requires 18 Skill Boosts to Transform, you can get away with one less in Alt. Arena 3 due to the fact that the first floor contains high DEF/low HP Masks who can be pinged down. Thus, I used Lamp’s 2 turn Delay and then killed the Masks in 3 turns which then advanced me to Floor 2 where Fasca is now ready to be used.

Moving beyond this, it becomes apparent that both my Lamp and Deena are both lacking Latents and this is because I built this team right after rolling but if they were to have Latents, Lamp would have SDR Skill delay resist whereas Deena would utilize Devil Killers Devil killer for AA3 or Machine Killers Machine Killer for Colo 2. Both their inherits are luxurious and any Skill Boost and triple Blind Resist Blind Resist would be sufficient. In regards to Deena, she is simply an incredible mono Water sub and it would be hard to find any team that has the capacity to use her that would choose not to. Incredibly high personal damage combined with the ability to generate 3 Water orbs every turn while also countering Spinners is incredible to say the least. The bunny ears also help.

On the other hand, I am uncertain whether or not I would keep Ariel as she naturally benefits Light-teams more due to her fast charging active but I decided to use her any way as she was already invested and is a solid carrier for Halloween Pumpkin .

Base Minaka brings 4 Skill Boosts with her Super Awakening and also functions as a solid utility sub who essentially solves all healing issues on her own. This is because she has exceptionally high RCV for an Attacker while also owning 2 Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakenings. While Lamp x Fasca does have 8x RCV, you still need cards who have a reasonable amount and my strategy was to ignore the -75% RCV debuff.

Finally, Beach Fujin provides triple 7 Combo 45 to help Deena and Fasca with damage output throughout the dungeon along with her single turn of Damage Absorb Void active. She utilizes Zordon for both the Bind Immunity, 4 Water Rows Water Row, and powerful active should her own not be required.


Lamp paired with Fasca creates an incredibly powerful Attacker team that is more than capable of waltzing through Alt. Arena 3. As such, the hardest part is being able to populate your team with high Skill Boost Attackers which can be restrictive for less developed Boxes. Of course, choosing to not use Deena will help alleviate some Skill Boost requirements.

As a whole, I feel Transforming teams are going to start dominating the meta as they are significant improvements over existing options and if have not done so already, I encourage you to roll at least a bit within the Sacred Relic Dragon Saga REM.

Let me know what you think about Lamp x Fasca along with the teams you have built with these two leaders in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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24 thoughts on “Lampeid x Fasca Versus Alt. Arena 3”

  1. Great post, I can’t wait to tackle AA3 with this team. Would you have a recommendation for a suitable substitute for Minaka (sadly I have yet to roll her.)

    Also, if you still have space on your BFF list my ID: 379,753,353 and in game name, “Suzie ♡”.


    1. Minaka solves any rcv issue but if you have elsha (6* from sacred relic) that would also do well. Furthermore, elsha has 6 effective sb so it can make overall building easier

      Also sent a request =)


  2. I have absolutely none of the subs you listed, I only have Lamp, haha. Do you have any ideas for other options because I can’t make the team? I am obviously striving to get the team and waiting for the beach event to come back so that I can get Beach Fujin but for the moment what would you say are some budget subs for Lamp x Fasca?


    1. I would say budget and lamp x fasca do not really mix. Instead, pair lamp with evo Minaka. That way you do not have to worry about SB (Lamp has same LS in both forms) and can use Attackers or Dragons =)


  3. I just wanted to say that i´ve been playing PAD on and off for like 3 years right now. And everytime i come back to the game your blog and videos are really helpful for catching up to the meta and new mechanics. I came back to the game around 2 weeks ago and rolled Nelle, currently working on subs for the Nelle x Yugi pairing.


  4. Awesome stuff! I’d also like to know what you consider some other potential subs, as I have Minaka but no Fujin or Ariel (I hope to roll Deena). With Lampeid being so praised I definitely want to make a good team with him! Also if you still have BFF space, please add me @Ember and ID # 359,059,241 !


    1. The biggest card I am missing is Elsha from Sacred Relic as she is 6 SB and on type

      One thing to possibly consider if struggling to transform Fasca is pair with friend evo minaka. You get 7×6 but lower multipliers but no SB issues

      Also sent request =)


  5. Thanks for the fantastic content as usual, fellow Canadian. It just irks me that I’m missing Deena and I dunno if I want to mess with my evolved Minaka just to play with this team. GH really annoys me sometimes!


      1. What a coincidence. You made a regular friend request on my other account just today. When I tried to accept, it said you were maxed out on the number of friends.


  6. Great articles as always! I was lucky enough to roll Fasca and Lamp so I can field most of the team, but I don’t have Deena.

    Would you recommend trading for her? She looks like a long lasting sub, and I rolled Grigory in my 7* pack, who I don’t see using/ can’t support with subs. Maybe I shouldn’t, as I already can beat AA3 pretty easily with Yugi/Nelle.
    Do you tend to try to make water rows more, or just a column of 6 water orbs and then do vertical combo counts for this team’s play style?


    1. A part of me feels like I will be hesitant trading as we are now diving deeper into the transform meta and there is a good chance stronger things will come out. With that being said, it will be hard to top Deena’s sub potential but if you already have Nelle x Yugi, you can technically clear everything and Lamp x Fasca without Deena should have no problems with AA3

      Just remember that this event will regularly return (GH owned) which should give buffs and hopefully weapon assists


  7. Hi! How good is Elsha for this team? If you had Elsha, would you use her, and which sub would you swap out if you were to use her?


    1. I would use Elsha 100% as she has 6 effective SB. Ariel provides 4 with Jammer Resist but this could be dropped which would in turn open up some more inheritance slots etc


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