Qilin & Scheherazade Dragon Gems in Monster Exchange


Qilin & Scheherazade Dragon Gems are now available within the Monster Exchange for 3 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: each. As such, this is a fantastic time to acquire these rare gems as the invade rates are pretty horrible and Rainbow Event Medals are almost too abundant.

With this in mind, it would be advantageous for the majority of players to acquire these Gems in order to make powerful Weapon Assists. Of course, if you are a newer player and lack Rainbow Event Medals, this article may be less applicable, but for those players with countless Rainbow Medals sitting in their box, trading is advantageous.

As such, I will take a look at the possible Weapons that can be made to help players make a more informed decision as to which evolution to pursue.

Video commentary

Save Gems if unsure

Before I go any further, I want to stress that if you do not have a specific use in mind for any evolution, it is best to simply wait and see how your box develops. These Gems do not go bad and I personally only commit resources into a card if I know I will gain value out of them.

Qilin Dragon Gem

Presently speaking, Qilin Dragon Gems are highly coveted as they can make either the Chinese Celestial or Ney Earrings. All of these feature a single Skill Boost Skill Boost along with upgraded actives compared to their original cards.

Chinese Celestials

Leilan, Karin, Meimei, and Haku will all follow a similar template for awakenings and active skills as they will feature a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, Full Bind Immunity , 3 Enhanced Orbs, along with a tricolour board changer that grants +3 combos:

At this point in time, Leilain’s Earring is in high demand as Seina and Gileon reign supreme along with the Bind Immunity being invaluable for World of Carnage 2 (Ruler of Hell’s Hall). This is because floor 1 has a preemptive 10 turn Bind and both these cards are bind-vulnerable pre-Transform. As such, being able to resist this along with having Passive Damage and a Skill Boost can greatly ease team building restrictions.

On the other hand, I have also been enjoying these Earrings for the +3 combo when farming various content as a tri colour board is easy to solve and makes it much easier to overcome combo shields.

Choose the colour that best synergizes with your current leads/box.


All of the Ney Earrings feature a Skill Boost Skill Boost, 2 Recover Binds Bind Clear awakening, 3 Rows Fire Row, and a tri colour board changer that produces Hearts while also clearing all Bind and Awoken Binds.

This is a highly valuable active as essentially all dungeons will feature a Bind or Awoken Bind and having a board changer along with Passive Damage is meaningful.

For myself, I have been using the Fire Ney in order to aid my Seina team in WoC 2 as the full Bind/Awoken Bind can be used by Gremory to clear the Ogres’s preemptive.

Essentially, this Weapon aids players in Transforming while also providing Passive Damage, and a valuable active that will always have one useful component.

Scheherazade Dragon’s Gem

Scheherazade Dragon’s Gem can be used to either make the Cotton Earrings or unique Weapons for the Egyptian series. Due to the wider variety of effects offered, the form you choose to pursue will hinge on your Monster Box and what kind of content you are currently playing through. Remember, if nothing looks appealing, save your Gems.

Cotton Earrings

All of the Cotton Earrings follow a similar template of providing Bind Immunity , FUA , 2 Enhanced Orbs of the corresponding colour, along with a reasonable active skill.

As a whole, I feel that this series is much more situational/niche as the main appeal from awakenings would be the FUA which is quite rare for Weapons. With that being said, FUA awakenings or Auto Follow Up Attack Leader Skills are quite common which in turn lowers the value of this Weapon.

On the other hand, there are some leaders who lack Auto Follow Up (eg. Gileon) and I remember using a FUA equip for my first WoC 2 clear as I could not fit one in otherwise. Furthermore, the Bind Immunity can protect cards pre-Transform.

In regards to the active skill, it will provide a single turn of 75% Damage Reduction along making their primary colour and Hearts (just be mindful of what colours are taken away) plus 3x RCV for a single turn. This Damage Reduction has merits in World of Carnage 2 as there are many large, unavoidable hits.


All 5 Egyptian Weapons are unique and the value of each one will come down to your own individual Monster Box but each one will include 3 Enhanced Orbs of their primary element.


Not a huge fan of this Weapon as 5 turns of bonus RCV and movement time seems unneeded along with the awakenings not countering mechanics.

I feel that this Weapon does several helpful things but does not excel in any particular metric.


Isis also provides Passive Damage via Enhanced Orbs but her active skill is significantly stronger. This active is able to clear all Bind and Awoken Binds along with a 75% Damage Reduction for a single turn.

Presently speaking, I feel that this has applications in World of Carnage 2 for the Ogre floor as they will preemptively Awoken Bind then 10 turn Bind your leaders along with hitting for 600,000 on their first turn.

As such, Isis’s Necklace can handle all of these mechanics which may be invaluable.


Bastet’s Necklace is able to fully clear all Unable to Match Orb Effects which can be somewhat rare depending on how much you have rolled in the past year. As such, if you have few options available for countering this mechanic, Bastet’s Necklace will be invaluable.

She will also provide a small ATK and movement time buff but the main appeal is the Unable to Match clear.


Ra’s Necklace is the only one from the series to provide a Skill Boost Skill Boost which opens up possibilities while also providing 3 Enhanced Light Orbs. As such, mono Light teams that need to Transform can make use of it along with the active having Farming Button applications.

Ra’s active will deal 770,000 damage to an enemy twice which equates to a large Button that could also bypass Super Resolve assuming the spawn has low enough health.


Anubis’s Necklace is my personal favourite from the Egyptian series as the 3 turn Colour Absorb Void is invaluable in current content. In fact, I will often use this Weapon on non-Dark teams as the 3 turn counter is so strong along with the 10 turn cooldown being quite manageable.

The most notable application for this Weapon is in World of Carnage 1 as the Menoas feature 10 turns of a single Colour Absorb along with immense Effective Health. This Effective Health means it is nearly impossible to kill in a single turn and even killing in 2 is quite difficult. As such, 3 turns of Colour Absorb can be a lifesaver as killing within 3 turn is quite feasible most teams.


Make sure you trade for Qilin and Scheherazade Dragon Gems in the Monster Exchange as they are terribly annoying to acquire via rare invades.

Even if you are not sure which Weapon to pursue at this point in time, it is still worth acquiring these Gems now assuming you have a modest number of Rainbow Event Medals available.

Let me know which Weapons you made in the comments below and whether or not you found this article helpful.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “Qilin & Scheherazade Dragon Gems in Monster Exchange”

  1. Ok this is probably a dumb question but why would I choose leilin over Haku earring? Haku provides me with a board changers with red and blue isn’t that better than just getting red from Leilin?


    1. I was thinking the same thing. Haku brings a board with red and blue and red and blue enhanced awakenings, the only thing Leilan adds is the enhanced stats for being red.


    2. It’s an orb management issue for Seina teams. Seina makes 3 fire orbs, then 3 water orbs, then 3 heart orbs in that order. And she does not replace fire orbs, water orbs, or heart orbs. This is what makes menoa’s heart generation in Shura potentially deadly. Leilan’s active gives you two bad colors, which makes the board easier to manage with actives like Seina’s or Grandis’s. But, a haku board can troll you. For example, suppose you need hearts and haku’s active floods you with fire and water orbs. Seina’s active would only replace haku’s dark orbs and you wouldn’t get your heal orbs until Seina is done giving you fire and water orbs. A board with enough water could conceivably stop you from getting enough orbs for a fire vdp using seina’s active, but i imagine a board with that much water is extremely unlikely.


      1. You are right about how Seina’s active changes Fire, then Water, then Hearts but the main reason why Leilan is favoured is because it is often inherited on your Transforming cards and you actually dont use the active but enjoy the on-stat transfer =)


    3. If you’re referring to using it on Seina, the on color stat bonuses provided by a red Leilan earring are more valuable then the board change you’ll never use since you spam Seina’s active nonstop meaning dark Haku earring providing a useful Seina board would never even be up to use.


  2. People told me the invade rate was ~40%, but on the weekend event last year I cleared AA3 16 times and only saw Scheherazade Dragon once. I never want to clear AA3 again, so I’m happy to see this exchange.


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