Exploration Dungeon Secret Unlocks – Farm Qilin & Scheherazade Dragons


The Exploration Dungeon is a new type of event in which players will initially have only a single dungeon available that is easy to beat. The catch is clearing the dungeon while also fulfilling specific  requirements in order to unlock highly lucrative solo mode dungeons.

These solo mode dungeons grant players a lucrative way acquire various resources while also having a discounted Stamina cost to enter while also providing a first-time clear bonus.

The specific requirements for the various unlocks widely varies and requires highly specific set ups to unlock but thankfully we are able to borrow the information unlocked by the JP server in order to have a relative idea/template on what to bring. Just remember, the exact specific requirements are not known but we have a template to follow and it may just take a couple of attempts to unlock a new level.

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Unlockable dungeons

These additional dungeons will be unlocked when clearing the original level clearing with a team that fulfills specific requirements.

Just be aware that all the Unlockable dungeons are solo mode only but those with 1/4 stamina discount are more efficient compared to 2p as the discount is only 1/2 in multiplayer.

It is possible to unlock multiple dungeon with the same clear if you are able to fulfill multiple requirements.

Super Plus Point Cave – 1/4 stamina

Requirement: Deal a huge amount of damage on the boss without using active skills. This can be done via large ATK multiplier leaders along with cards who abuse Killers. This huge damage can be Voided out and still count. I recommend using the 5 Dragon Killer Monk from the Story Mode, Xuanzang .

First clear reward: 2 Trigod Masks

Super King Carnival – 1/4 stamina

Requirement: Have 12 or more average combos, leaders skills with bonus combos fulfill this requirement. Might as well abuse 7×6 as well.

First clear reward: 2 Rainbow Pys

Tamadra Infestation – 1/4 stamina

Requirement: Do not use any active skills

First clear reward: 2 King Tamadras

Jewel Rush – 1/4 stamina

Requirement: Have <= 1.4 average combos while also not using an  active skill. Using an Auto Follow Up Leader will make this much easier and no Skyfalls if possible. Try SR Hino .

First clear reward: 2 Diamond Dragon Fruits

Predras Infestation – 1/4 stamina

Requirement: Use an active skills 25 times. Use as many 1 cooldown cards as possible to make life easier. I used Ilmina.com to Advanced Search for all the possible options.

First clear reward: 2 Super Snow Globes

Gathering of Talents 2 – 1/2 stamina

This dungeon is the most lucrative to unlock as it grants a wonderfully high chance for Qilin and Scheherazade Dragons to invade. It is possible for both to appear in the same run so bring your best team while also having Damage Absorb to counter the possible Sopdet(s).

Requirements: Players must achieve all of the following conditions to unlock Gathering of Talents 2:

  • Clear in 5 turns (one shot every floor)
  • Do not use active skills
  • Average 7 or more combos
  • Total of less than 8 million damage on every single floor (boss has exactly 6 million HP)

These are some difficult to achieve requirements but the easiest way to overcome them is using a leader with two leaders with 3 million Auto Follow Up Damage and -ATK inherits to drop all cards down to 1 ATK. This ensures that you will not deal 2 million or more damage from matching orbs as your two leaders will grant 6 million Auto Follow Up Attack which deals the precise value needed to kill the boss.

SR Hino will be a valuable tool but any other 3 Million Auto Follow Up Leader can function. Ideally your cards are not leveled and do not have +297. Finally, turn off Monster Leveling in case you need multiple tries.


The Exploration Dungeon awards the highly lucrative Gathering of Talents 2 when cleared using highly specific conditions. This dungeon offers an exceptionally high chance for Qilin and Scheherazade Dragon to appear which are often the limiting factor in creating powerful Weapon Assists.

With this in mind, I would encourage all players to repeatedly run this dungeon as it is relatively easy and fast to clear as we will probably not have any other event as efficient for acquiring these Dragons.

Let me know what you think about this dungeon in the comments below and what teams you have had success using.

Happy Puzzling!

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7 thoughts on “Exploration Dungeon Secret Unlocks – Farm Qilin & Scheherazade Dragons”

  1. you saved my days, farming Qilin and Scheherazade Dragon is really easy compared to arena with low invasion rate.


  2. Thanks for this guide, and for leaving your SR Hino up! I paired my birdman with your SR Hino and unlocked the Qilin dungeon!


  3. Hi ….thanks for all the wonderful tips.
    I’m working on the exploration dungeon. I’ve gotten all but the one you can FARM QILIN & SCHEHERAZADE DRAGONS. I can line up 5 like color orbs but can’t make more then 3 or 4 orb groups. How can I increase my speed. Is there a way to have more time to more? Thank your help would be appreciated. Deb


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