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Debut Live Stream at 6pm PST!

The day of reckoning, I mean streaming is upon us! Come watch as I play with myself as a special form of live entertainment. My stream will primarily consist of Mantastic and Fantastic partnering up to tackle the various Mythic Plus coop dungeons along with my Puntastic commentary. I will be talking to myself as I always do, but at least now there will be an audience who can benefit from my ramblings. I hope to be as informative as I am entertaining and looking forward to my debut stream.

I hope to see you all on Twitch tonight (June 14th) at 6pm PST!


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Also, take a guess at what I will be wearing =D

Mantastic Shirt

Happy Puzzling!

Mantastic Will Be Streaming Soon!

As the title implies, I will begin to venture into the realm of Puzzle and Dragons streaming. This way, you can be entertained by me playing with myself in real time! My stream will probably consist of playing through various coop dungeons with my second account, Fantastic, and hopefully showcasing fun to play, but somewhat unpopular leads.

To help everyone prepare for my momentous streaming debut on Tuesday, June 14 at 6pm PST, I encourage you to follow me on Twitch as this will also deliver a notification when I go live along with my other social media platforms:

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I am quite excited as this will be an opportunity to provide another medium of entertainment and puzzling knowledge to my readers. It will also help put a face to the mysterious Mantastic entity along with the realisation that my corny jokes and puns carry over into my speech. It may also make reading my articles more entertaining as you will begin to read them in my Mantastic voice.

Stream Overlay
I would probably get more views if I was a pretty girl like her…

Hopefully you are as excited as I am and I look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday, June 14 at 6pm PST.

Happy Puzzling!


P.S. The pretty girl is the brains and talent behind my overlay design

Commenting, Interacting, and Navigating Mantastic PAD


The picture has nothing to do with this post and is merely to showcase my love for Karin along with ensuring the formatting stays intact. The purpose of this posting is to encourage you to comment on the various guides and articles I write along with introducing you to the navigation bar at the top. Some of the most insightful conversations occur in the comment section and is also a way for you to gain clarification or ask for help. I don’t bite (hard) and try my best to reply to every comment or inquiry.

Creating a WordPress Account

I allow you to comment without having a WordPress account, but you will have to wait for moderation (as a countermeasure to spam) and you will show up as Anonymous or Someone and prevents me from putting a figurative face to a name.

As such, I strongly encourage you to create a WordPress account as that will give you a unique name that I can recognize and better interact with. You can follow the prompts HERE to help you create an account. The main benefits of having your own account is your comments do not go through the pending process and should appear after I approve your first posting. This allows for a more seamless conversation and allows others to contribute their thoughts and opinions.

Direct Email

If you wish to reach me through a more private medium, feel free to email me at


I have placed numerous guides and helpful resources at the top of my site to help you access them. There is also a handy search bar that should be able to redirect you to a topic of your choosing as well as drop down menus to further ease navigation and to reduce clutter. There is also a Suggestion Box where you can leave messages at any time as this post will be gradually pushed down. Finally, you could also type any keywords into Google along with Mantastic and that should take you to the appropriate page.

Drop down menus

Other Mediums

Feel free to follow/subscribe etc. My Facebook page will have random posting featuring amusing screenshots that do not warrant a blog post and is a nice way to have a gentle trickle of quick entertainment.

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Leave a comment, tell me your favourite joke, or just say hi so you can bypass future moderation. Join the conversation and contribute your unique perspective on the latest Puzzle and Dragons events.

Happy Puzzling!