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Awoken Idunn & Idunna and Ryune Team Building and Discussion Guide

Awoken Iduann&Iduanna (I&I)  I&I paired with Returning-Claw Blue Dragonbound, Ryune Ryune forms a powerful 2x HP / 14.06x ATK / 2.5x RCV tank team that is capable of clearing end game content. Mono-colour tank teams have made a resurgence in popularity because they are capable of absorbing massive attacks and thus not need to bring any form of damage mitigation, able to recover large amount of health due to the 2.5x recovery multiplier, and ability to deal lethal damage by stacking row enhance Water Row awakenings along with built in damage enhancement from I&I . You will not see the spectacularly high numbers every turn that rainbow teams can produce, but instead are able to consciously control your damage as you are active reliant for damage output. Do note that just because your starting multiplier is only 14.06x, you can still burst like other high end leads because you are able to stack a single colour for damage along with specific actives and awakenings.

Lastly, I would like to thank Qrr for his screenshots and insight on their playstyle and mastery. Feel free to add his hypermaxed I&I .

Qrr Friend