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Evangelion Collab REM Review and Analysis – July 2020


The Evangelion Collab makes a return to North America after several years of absence. This means that all cards have received sizable changes in order to help bring them up to par with modern day options.

While there are Weapon Assists on all but one 5-star card and above, the 4-star cards comprise over half or the rolling pool and are lackluster overall. I am well aware that they all have a Super Resist ( ), the majority of them will be immediately replaced by other options as soon as they are acquired.

As such, it is a poor investment even for new players along with them having essentially no value beyond the usually questionable first copy.

As a whole, this event does feature several strong and valuable cards but there is far too much junk/filler heavily sprinkled in along with the Monster Exchange only being available for the single 7-star card.

Either way, this article will outline the pros and cons for each card within the Evangelion Collab event to give players a better understanding of what each monster can do.

Video commentary

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Evangelion Collab Pros & Cons – July 2020
  • 5 Magic Stones per roll
    • Bad rolls feel less painful
  • Weapon Assists on almost half of the cards
  • Only a few cards are truly valuable
    • These tend to be the rarer ones
  • Bottom rarity has quickly replaceable cards
    • Low value in rolling dupe 4-stars (51.5% of rolls)
  • Poor Diamond (6*+) rates
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for the 6-star cards
Evangelion Collab REM
7 Star base
(1.5% total)
6 Star base
(7.5% total)
5 Star base
(39.5% total)
4 Star base
(51.48% total)
Evangelion Collab REM Rankings – July 2020

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icon shows most evolved, non-Weapon Assist form regardless if it is their strongest evolution

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them
Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

Despite all of these cards having Super Resists, I view them as a gateway option for covering Jammer, Blind, or Poison and the lowest ranking ones will be immediately replaced as soon as almost any other option is acquired. While one could argue that a new account can technically fill in holes, it is not a viable long term solution and will be quickly replaced as more events are rolled in.

  • Water Row blue + orb Auto heal Auto heal TPA Skill Lock Resist ( Skill Boost) – B
  • Light Row +light orb Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist ( ) – D
  • Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb ( ) – C
  •  Skill Boost Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal ( ) – C
  • 45 TPA TPA TPA TPA Water Red Water Red ( 45) – D
  • Dark row Dark Orb Enhance Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost ( ) – D

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Evangelion Collab Rare Egg Machine Review and Analysis


The Evangelion Collab is one of the oldest Collabs in Puzzle and Dragons. This is generally a bad thing as older cards are poorly positioned against Powercreep and to keep the Collab interesting, GungHo has released several new cards. Unfortunately, most are disappointing reskins of existing REM monsters with noticeable downgrades.

To make matter worse, the Collab has low value outside of the 6-star category and has little to offer for the average player.

All players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Evaangelion Collab Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Evangelion Collab Egg Machine Overview
6 star rolls 3393 3394
5 star rolls 3398 2328 3396 3395 3397 1201
4 star rolls 700 2327 3400 704 1200 2326

Evangelion Collab Egg Machine Overview
download download download 3394
download download 3393 2328
download 3395 3396 1201 2327 3400
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 2326 3398 3397
x 700 704 1200

6 star rolls

Myr Regalia, Rei
Attacker / Dragon / Machine
4,210 HP / 1,775 ATK / 523 RCV
950 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow Heart
+7 seconds orb movement time for 1 turn
10 turn cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK when matching 4 colours, 6x with 5 colours. 3x ATK & 50% damage reduction with a heart cross
324x ATK / 75% damage reduction

Pros Cons
  • Bind immune
  • 950 weighted stats
  • Leader skill is amazing on paper
  • TPA-based team
  • Not loli
  • Poor sub value
  • Leader skill is impractical
    • no viable board changer
  • Low value active
  • Cannot use orb changers except single orb
  • Lower consistency than Myr Miru
  • Needs rainbow activation and heart cross
  • No sub element

Rei Myr looks gamebreaking on paper if you only look at her multiplier without taking into consideration the activation requirements. However, upon closer inspection, she is far from easy to utilize and is impractical in end game content.
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