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Mystics & Spectres REM Review Review and Analysis – May 2021


The Mystics & Spectres returns to North America but only includes buffs for 2 cards along with no new monsters being added. As such, the vast majority of cards have remained stagnant and while nothing can ever be “nerfed” in PAD, not receiving buffs means cards will fall behind as newer things are released.

With that being said, there is still tremendous value within the actual Mystics & Spectres cards but we will be plagued by the worst REM set up which lumps all of these event cards into the regular REM. This results in a 5 Magic Stone price tag, no GFE, and no collateral benefits along with painful rolling rates for the top rarity cards who are the true prizes for this event.

Taking all of this into consideration, there is still value to be had rolling within this event but if you have done so in the past, there may be little reason to continue chucking Magic Stones here in the hopes of acquiring a 7-star card due to the terribly designed REM.

Video commentary

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Mystics & Spectres REM Pros & Cons – May 2021
  • All 7-star cards are outstanding leaders
    • Capable of clearing all content
  • All cards feature Weapon Assists
  • All Mystics & Spectre cards have value
  • Not an exclusive REM
    • Rolling pool has regular REM
      • No GFE
      • Countless unevolved Pantheons
      • 50% cards are Mystics & Spectres
  • Cannot Monster Exchange for top rarity
    • Have to roll
  • Essentially no buffs overall
    • Makes cards fall behind in Powercreep
Mystics & Spectres REM
7 Star base
(4% total)
6 Star base
(18% total)
5 Star base
(28% total)
Mystics & Spectres – May 2021

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

The rolling pool does not add up to 100% because Pantheons are also included

Icons show Base form

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

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