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[Videos] Mion Descended – Snow Globe Challenge Clears


Mion Descended features the Wood Snow Globe Challenge and grants players the opportunity to acquire up to 5 for clearing both difficulties. There is now a separate dungeon just for the Snow Globe Challenge and clearing it awards an additional stone.  Furthermore, the background music is truly enchanting and should be reason enough to play the dungeon.

I used Awoken Kushinadahime 2983 for Mythic and Reincarnated Lakshmi 3242 in Legend Plus (the higher difficulty). You are able to complete the challenges in solo or coop mode, but I was unaware of this at the time and simply entered solo.

Clearing Mythic awards 2 Snow Globes while Legend Plus grants 3 for a grand total of 5. You cannot use continues.

Background music

If you wish to relive the magic of Mion Descended without wasting stamina, you can simply listen to the following video:

Awoken Kushinadahime – Mythic Solo

I still need to practice true combo leaders and planning out my matches. It is also nice to know the boss has a hidden resolve mechanic.

2983 Cross Bastet 522 MeiMei Verd 2983

I was using Ace Bastet because she is already developed, has dual time extends, and already has a board change inherited.

Reincarnated Lakshmi – Legend Plus Solo

Reincarnated Lakshmi is a fun and exciting 100x leader who is capable of easily stalling due to her 4x RCV. She is also able to deal incredible burst damage and I should have been more liberal with my actives throughout the dungeon.

3242 Bankai Andro Ryune Ult Sumire 522 3242

The Snow Globe has Skuld inherited (I should have done that for my Kushinadahime run) and it was more so for safety and did not end up using it. My Lakshmi has Hatsume Hatsume inherited to combo with Ryune.


Mion Descended – Snow Globe Challenge is a fun and exciting way for players to acquire 5 more Snow Globes. A wide variety of teams are capable of clearing this challenge and the background music is one of the best to date.

Who did you use to successfully clear the challenges?

Happy Puzzling!