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[Video] Star Treasure Thieves’ Den Hype


With the anticipated release of the revamped Star Vault, Star Treasure Thieves’ Den (Star Den), we now have another means to acquire the coveted plus eggs. For 50 stamina, you are able to acquire a a guaranteed 10 plus eggs with minimal difficulty. This makes Star Den the most efficient place to farm plus eggs from both a time and stamina efficacy point of view.

Video Clear

Such buttons, much skill, very Plus Eggs 

Damage Hurdles

The first four floors can have a maximum of 117,133 HP and is able to be swept with minimal combos or even a push button team. Do note that Goemon’s active Goemon cannot one shot a blue ogre so avoid using his active on those floors or bring a back up damage dealer such as Bone Fish, Fire/Wood, or Water/Wood Ogres. Furthermore, Red Odin rodin requires 2343 ATK to safely nuke the Green Ogres down. This requires either:

  • +40 ATK pluses
  • 5 ATK Imp ATK & 19 ATK pluses

The final boss floor has up to 1.9 million HP. The main benefit of running Star Den over Goemon, Zeus, or Valkyrie descended is receiving 1 extra plus per run and has the potential to be push-button farmed. Even if you do not have a team that can button farm Star Den, you can easily sweep the floors with a Two-Prong TPA match and remaining actives for the final boss.

Plus Egg Comparison

Do note that all these values are for single player mode. Simply, double the rates for Stamina/+ and Exp/Stamina.

 Thieves Den icon Star Den  5  10  5  172
Descend Floors Average +’s Stamina/+ Exp/Stamina
Kanetsugu Desc Kanetsugu 7 6 (5-7) 8.33 571
Hera Sowilo Hera-Sowilo 10 5.5 (4-9) 9.09 591
Dues Ex Deus Ex 7 5 (4-7) 10 753
Aamir Descended Aamir  8  5 (5-8)  10  313
Tengu Desc Tengu  5 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 193
Guan Yin Ping GYP 6 4.5 (4-6) 11.11 332
Zhang Fei Zhang Fei 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 414
Awoken Hel Hel 6 4.5 (4-5) 11.11 480
Grimoire Grimoire 7 4 (4-5) 12.5 378
Zhao Yun Zhao Yun 6 4 12.5 266
Zeus Merc Zeus Mercury 10 4 (4-7) 12.5 685
Pad Z PAD Z 6 4 (3-6) 12.5 413
The Thief Desc Goemon* 5 4 12.5 193
Almight God Zeus* 5 4 12.5 202
Goddess Desc Valkyrie* 5 4 12.5 125

Full post on my 10x chart can be found HERE. As you can see, Star Den is the most lucrative place to farm plus eggs and mainly lags behind in rank exp per stamina spent.


Even though some players may quickly mow through the dungeon, they still receive the same pluses per completion. They simply wish to acquire as many possible within their hourly limit and will repeatedly stone to do so. With the advent of stamina overflow, refilling stamina is a viable method and you can calculate your plus eggs per magic stone used. For example, if you have 150 stamina, you can expect 60 pluses per stone (in coop). This translates into 300 (60*5) pluses per REM roll. Just keep this in mind when deciding if it is worthwhile to stone for stamina.

Best of luck in your plus egg journeys.

Happy Puzzling!