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Samurai Showdown Collab REM Review & Analysis – November 2019


The Samurai Showdown Collab will be making their debut appearance this coming Monday after a content-packed NA stream on Friday.

While the prospect of gaining new cards is always exciting, it comes at a time when we are heavily saturated with content that demands our Magic Stones. This is because the Stream also announced a return of the buffed Heroine series along with Fist of the North Star. The exact dates for these events are unknown but are coming soon.

Furthermore, there is a 24h 7-stone Super Godfest which has appealing rates and 1.5% chance for the 7% GFE.

With that being said, the Samurai Showdown Collab is one of the higher value events due to every card having value. This is exemplified by all cards coming with a Weapon Assist along with many having unique kits that are hard to replicate elsewhere.

This article will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each card to give players a better understanding of what to expect in the Samurai Showdown Collab REM.

Video commentary

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Samurai Showdown REM Pros & Cons – November 9, 2019
  • Debut event
  • All cards have Weapon Assists
  • No “bad” cards
  • Many cards feature unique kits
  • 6 Magic Stones per roll
    • Easier to roll
  • Contains Voice Awakenings ,
    Orb Skin, and IAP bundles
  • 6 Magic Stones per roll
    • Slightly higher Exchange costs
    • Lower weighted stats
  • Comes during other exciting events
Samurai Showdown REM Rarities
6-Star Base
5-Star Base
Samurai Showdown REM Rankings – November 9, 2019

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

All icons show Base form

Use these rankings as starting points, not absolute truths

Regardless of a card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

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