Indigo Cleared

Indigo Indigo Descended went live at 6pm and I cleard both Mythical and Legendary within ~10 minutes on Mantastic after doing Legendary on Fantastic. It was a lot easier than I made it out to be in my previous posting . Only had stamina to try legendary with my U&Y for Fantastic and elected to use my underplussed Awoken Yomi team for Mantastic.

Less developed, but should be easy to activate in 7x6
Less developed, but should be easy to activate in 7×6

It was a relative breeze to consistently proc my Awoken Yomi and the oodles of time extend allowed me to easily match the 5-orbs with one enhanced along with 7+ combos. I did about 10 minutes of 7×6 Endless to practice getting used to the larger board and I found that it was at least doable with Mantastic as that account plays on an iPad. Fantastic plays on an Android phone and my fingers feel too fat and my matching ability declines simply due to the smaller screen.

Indigo 3rd
Technically has 10m health due to dark resist

Floor three with Blue Grimoire did give me some concern due to the exceptionally large health pool and wanting to preserve actives, but the larger board allowed for a giant number of combos to be made. I did take a hit and used Z8 to remove the water skyfall later on.  I had to do some awkward stalling on Belial and used my Diza shield to survive.

Indigo 5th.jpg
Hoot hoot

I threw up my Diza shield as I did not expect to proc my leader skill, but skyfalls had something else in mind and I at least entered the boss stage with a 35% damage shield, but less than full health.

Indigo boss

I got quite a few poison and jammer orbs from the boss’s preemptive and used Haku.png and Awoken Yomi to generate more purple and to combo big without matching too many of the poison orbs (which would have killed me as I was low health to begin with). Haku.png does not remove the locked poison and jammer orbs, so I had to match them along with the red, blue, and purple generated.  I dropped her down to ~10% health and she feebly put up her 30% reduction shield, but it was of little consequence as I used Pandora to generate more purple and hearts followed by my second Awoken Yomi . All I had to do was activate the leader skill as the boss was nearly dead anyway.

Overall, I made this harder in my head than it actually was because 7×6 board is very forgiving and easy to match 7+ combos with 42 orbs. I did not play perfect, but the dungeon allows ample room for error. I do not plan to farm Indigo for skill-ups and will just enjoy the new blue trophy and magic stone.

Indigo U&Y

I allowed the 3rd floor to activate their water skyfall mechanic as this was a great benefit to my U&Y team. I do worry that 36x may not be sufficient damage and doubt my own matching skills on a bigger board with a small phone. I will give it a few attempts when stamina refills and hopefully play better than I did on legendary.

Happy Puzzling!



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