Challenge 16 – Level 10 Cleared

This morning I put the Puzzle back into Puzzle and Dragons =)

My only REM shield monster is Kush and she is great for the one turn of 75% damage reduction, but for this Level 10, it would be inadequate as the boss has a 50% resolve. This presented a problem to my team building because I would not have been able to stall a turn or two with a lesser shield (such as Diza ) and a lower leveled team. Almost every clear that I have seen used either Indra  or Susano to grind out the boss to under 50% hp safely. Another problem that would arise from taking both Diza  and Kush  is having two sub slots for a shield. Kush has to be taken because the bosses preemptive of 25,556 needs to be dealt with and a 35% shield from Diza would be insufficient.

This presented quite the puzzle for myself and I had been trying to figure out a way to overcome this conundrum. As I was scrolling through my monster box, I saw Hera-Is who I had sidelined over a year ago. I max skilled her when she was relatively still in the meta, but pushed her out for more exotic and powerful subs as gravities were going out of style. However, some quick math determined with double Sakuya gravities along with Hera-Is leaves the boss at 45% health! I then had to figure out safe floors to stall out the 15 turn cooldown on as almost everything in this dungeon will kill you in one go.

Ch10 team
The winning team

The second Kali was pulled the previous godfest on my second roll (I screamed and did a little happy dance that day) and is only skill level 2 and 3 awakenings. However, the board refresh is far to valuable to give up in this dungeon and elected to go with her over other hypermaxed cards ( valkpad Venus , or dtron  ). It was the first time I did not take my valkpad into a descend and I did miss the quick yellow orb generation, but was able to use the additional Time Extend to squeeze in an extra combo.

I did most of my stalling on the first floor as you are given until his fourth turn to kill him. I had an awkward board on Zeus and can survive a single hit and luckily my Sakuya resisted the jammers and I was able to kill and heal to advance to the third floor. Kali board refresh to remove the Poison orbs and then warmly welcomed by Athena on the fourth floor. I got extremely lucky on my board and was able to make two TPA along with 8+ combos and barely managed to one-shot her 8.5M health.

With Kush  ‘s shield and 55% gravities, it was a simple matter of adequately matching enough orbs to finish off the 2.5M health. I am quite proud of using the triple gravity combo to bypass 50% resolves and hope this provides some inspiration to others who lack powerful REM shields.

ch10 cleared

Happy puzzling!

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