Umi Yami vs Hera Rush Video

Today I managed to record my Fantastic account’s screen and made a quick clear of Hera Rush via the coin dungeon. This was essentially my first recording and hopefully the sound and screen capture was reasonably clear. Recording my screen is a work in progress and would love any feedback the community has. I also want to know if my (Mantastic) voice is soothing to hear and if the commentary is helpful.

I decided to use my favourite team of Umi Yami Umi Yami, Oku Oku, Sun Quan Sun Quan, Light Metatron Metatron, and Kush Kush. I went in with 80% skill lock resist, but sadly, Gung-troll strikes again and I get skill locked on the 5th floor. Other than that, the dungeon went according to plan and did not have many heart attacks =D

Umi Yami Umi Yami is a 25x lead when matching blue, green, light, and dark. Increases to 36x for gods when using an active and blue two-prong attack TPA reliant. I have been playing the Wonder Boys for nearly 1.5 years and naturally see their colours and enjoy the playstyle and feel.

Oku One of my earlier hypermaxes and to a certain extent, is one of the better dark subs as his 2 TPA awakenings bring his damage up to a respectable level.

Sun Quan Sun Quan provides both a delay and damage enhancing boost to healers (which make up the majority of my Umi Yami team) as well as being on-colour and have relevant awakenings. Even if the floor has a status shield, the damage boost is usually enough to sweep and the 2nd turn of damage enhancing is carried over to the following floor.

Metatron Light Metatron is seldom brought, but I needed to cover the light sub-colour as well as having a bind clear for the later floors. The fact she is also +297 makes me more inclined to include her, but her lack of damage output can be offputting. Thankfully, Hera Rush has a low damage requirement and Metatron can still be successfully used.

Kush Kush is included in the sub roster for her 75% damage reduction shield which is necessary to survive the 31,584 preemptive attack from the final floor. Kush has very high base stats and her awakenings are okay for my Umi Yami team.


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