Gemstone Princess Series: Next Generation for Damage Enhancement?


The Gemstone Princess Series is a new pantheon that is only obtainable through their respective colour carnival/gala. They all feature unique damage enhancement multipliers that scale based upon specific awakenings on your team. This allows them to achieve significantly higher multipliers compared to other options. Unfortunately, they all lack an ultimate evolution and only have average awakenings for themselves. In this article, I wish to explore the viability of the Gemstone Princesses in both a sub and skill inheritance assistant role. Hopefully they all shine bright like a diamond.

Video commentary

Princesses at a glance

Each princess provides a damage enhancement based on the total number of a specific awakening for your entire team. Thus, Carat Carat will grant 1.3x per Skill Boost Skill Boost awakening. For example, if your team has 5 Skill Boosts in total, Carat will give you a 2.5x damage boost (0.3*5 + 1). However, many end game teams can come with 10 of their respective awakening and the boost jumps to 4x (0.3*10 + 1).

1+0.3*n where n is number of the respective awakenings

Enhnaced Fire Orb +light orb +heart
Skill Boost
1 .3x
Wood Row Dark row
Time Extend

Silk is the only exception to the multiplier formula as those awakenings are much more abundant. Thus, she becomes 1+0.15*n.

Princesses vs other damage enhancement

There are other cards who do provide enhancement, but I want to compare the Princesses to the other pantheons that are dedicated to damage augmentation.

 Enhancement Options
Silk Carat Cameo
Facet Sheen
Freyr I&I Awoken Freyja
Thor Awoken Loki 
Armour Knight
Nim Muse Delgado
arcline Creuse 
Red Puppeteer Charite Green Puppeteer Courage
Multiplier 1+0.3*n 2x 2.5x 2-4x
# turns  1  2  1  Permanent
Requirement Awakening  2 Colours Typing RBG teams
Sub value?  Situational Yes No Yes
 Cooldown 14 12 10 15

*The Princesses require at least 5 of their respective awakenings (10 for Silk) to achieve 2.5x damage. You will most likely have significantly more of those awakenings and will benefit from a massive multiplier.

The Puppeteers change the boss to the element their respective mono colour team does 2x damage to. For example, the Green Puppeteer (Courage Green Puppeteer Courage) turns the boss into the water element and is a permanent change. Thus it counts as a 2-4x multiplier (4x if the boss was fire to start with).

Who to use?

The answer to this question boils down to what kind of damage requirement you are needing. Furthermore, you also need to determine if you are using them as an assistant via Skill Inheritance or as a sub on your team. If using as a sub, the Norse Gods are the clear winner as they have an Awoken Evolution, amazing stats, and powerful awakenings. The Gem Princesses would mostly be used as a potential bind immune, recover bind Bind Clear awakening sub if you are lacking other options. Conversely, you could also inherit a bind clearing active onto them, but that may be counter intuitive for the burst component. However, if you require a damage enhance via Skill Inheritance, the answer becomes less clear cut. Do note the Puppeteers cannot be used as an assistant for Skill Inheritance.

The Gem Princesses will achieve the highest multiplier, but only provide damage enhancement for a single turn. This will almost always ensure you can burst down even the toughest bosses and can also help conserve other actives as you require less orb generation due to the high multiplier. It also means a less developed team can spike down bosses you normally could not attempt. On the other hand, the Norse actives provide 2 turns of damage enhancement along with a single turn of haste. The main purpose of having the extra turn of enhancement is to use them on the second to last floor. This enables you to sweep the floor prior to the boss with less/no other actives while still retaining your final burst for the boss. This is invaluable in Arena on floor 19 and the Kali along with Rogue Descends such as Gainut or Nordis.

The Puppeteers are a 250k MP monster that cannot be used as an assistant for Skill Inheritance because they did not come from the Rare Egg Machine. Thus, you have to use them as a sub. Other drawbacks include low base stats, the 250k MP price tag, and average awakenings. However, their true power comes from their active as it will permanently transform the boss into an element your mono colour team is strong against. Thus, you will be benefiting from a 2-4x multiplier based on the original boss attribute. This is the longest lasting and somewhat strongest damage enhancement option if you need to grind out a particularly challenging boss (think Arena Kalis). Just be aware they only work for mono fire, water, and wood teams.

Lastly, you should probably not use the Armour Knights unless your entire team is that typing or no other option exists.


The Gemstone Princesses offer amazing burst damage at the cost of a higher cooldown and only a single turn of enhance. The damage multiplier may be a bit excessive for the majority of content, but ensures you sweep that floor while enabling less developed teams to take down a boss that would otherwise be impossible to kill. For most content, the Norse God’s active should be sufficient while being on a shorter cooldown, providing haste, and two turns of enhancement. Finally, the Puppeteers are a luxurious option for mono fire, water, and wood teams.

Let me know how you plan to use the Gemstone Princesses and which artwork you like best.

Happy Puzzling!


32 thoughts on “Gemstone Princess Series: Next Generation for Damage Enhancement?”

  1. For Cameo and Carat, I’m thinking they’re probably viable substitutes for the elemental marionettes Courage and Charite. They’re not completely superior because the burst is technically a single turn vs an unlimited duration per floor. But, they have better awakenings and are unbindable. So I can see them being offensive utility in inheriting a bind clear for wood and water row teams, especially since these teams are already low damage and can’t afford to lose too much damage potential to a bind clear sub.


    1. Thank you for pointing out the Puppeteers! I completely overlooked them and just updated the post accordingly =)

      Also, the points you bring up are valid and something to consider for those respective teams


  2. Great analysis (as per the norm 😉), with the way things are going, you might have a guide for every aspect of the game soon. Concerning the artwork, I really like Sheen’s. Cameo and Silk are a little weird.


    1. Thank you! I am slowly covering all the relevant topics =P

      Sheen is also quite pretty, but I do like Carat, but that may be because I have a fondness for blue things


  3. I rolled Facet during the last god fest, I’ve evolved her, but haven’t used her yet. I’m excited to try her once awaken her. I’ve been too busy playing with my new pride and joy: ADQXQ! working on hyper maxing, so far shes fun, and hits pretty hard.


  4. Hello! I was thinking of rolling in the Directors Gala and Silk would really be welcome on my Red/Light healer team. We are a bit heavy on the HP/RCV and I have been using B/L Sun Quan, as they are all healers, but he doesn’t benefit from my other orb changers. Do you know if the boost takes into account the other team in co-op? I would use Sandal Phone if he didn’t take so many skill ups! #thepadlifechoseme.


    1. I am pretty sure the Gemstone Princesses only take into consideration your team’s awakenings for their boost

      You can inherit Sun Quan instead of using him as a sub

      As for rolling in a carnival without a godfest, its up to you, idk what the rates are going to be like as this is the first time this type of carnival has happened


      1. the ratio for gala exlusive and gemstone princesses are at 1.5x, the other director choice’s are at 3x. But then, I rolled 4 time on both my account, Got Carat, Facet, Robin Hood and Dino rider on my main and Nim, Apocalypse, Robin hood and Chiyome on my seccond (wish that appo was on my main 😦 )


        1. I pulled once and got Ars Nova then pulled again and got Dragon Samurai. I think I’m just going to cut my losses and accept that Silk doesn’t want to be on my team.


          1. for what team did you need it? A lot of Fire team already have too much burst to care about an enhanced buff, they lack more of durability than anything else


            1. My wife and I do Co-op and She runs Saria / W. Akechi / W. Sopdet / G Odin / W. Iza and I have Gadius / Kiriko / Sun Quan / Gadius / L. Valk (297 stick). I was thinking if I had Silk I could sub in her and Ars Nova for SQ and 2nd Gadius. This is the only real teams that have synergy, and I have to keep the RCV up on my side so we can heal. We have about 75k health pool normally. Hoping to switch to ADQXQ for my main but no luck with the jewels.


              1. Gadius does have a good dmg, mixed with a Tank base Leader, the Dps goes down a little and it’s normal. I don’t know your monster pool and I’m no expert as to make team, but you should try stuff with your wife. Changing 1 leader or the other. Saria is basically for tank team, but she’s a great sub for gadius too, and Gadius is more of a balance type of leader, so you have a leader with less damage but durability, and a leader that is ok overall, so you end up with a health pool kind of big, but lack a little on the recovery or the dmg to make it significant.


                1. A tank team have normaly a 2x Hp/10-15x Atk/2-2.5xRcv, a balance team is like A.Pandora 1.5xHp/25xAtk/1.5xRcv and a burst team is essentially 1xHp/50x+Atk/1xRcv.

                  And then you have Cross Heart Meta, that is 1xHp/49-144xAtk/1Rcv with a 51-75% shield. It end up having 2-4/49/2-4


  5. Great analysis as usual! I’m a long time lurker but have been following your site for a long time :3.

    One thing to note is the Armour Knights also do 100k of true damage which can be very useful. In arena it’s nifty when fatty metal dragon appears, and may help you survive a nasty shieldra or tama floor spawn. Additionally, the extra 0.5x over the Norse may seem small but it’s actually pretty significant (extra 25%!).

    I’m not too big a fan of the Norse because of the way dungeons are designed in PAD. It’s quite rare that 2 very tanky bosses appear consecutively and you want to sweep both of them immediately.

    Another thing to consider is 2x is actually not that big of a boost against truly tough targets (i.e. Kali with shield up), and to guarantee a sweep you often still need a proper burst board. In comparison the Jewel Princesses give a ridiculous 4+x multiplier which will sweep any floor without a damage absorb or resolve.

    I plan to inherit Sheen on Sumire system (w an Isis), Cameo on a dark row Nobunaga x Awoken Panda team, and Facet (if I manage to pull Facet T_T) onto Kaede team.


    1. Well I am glad you came out of the shadows Sam!

      Well the 100k true damage cannot kill a Shieldra (at least in Arena 1) and you only execute a single Py as it is damage to a single enemy. Single target nukes will be awkward until new dungeons are released.

      I agree that the 2 turns on Norse is usually not needed, but it does make a difference in Arena or various Challenge 9/10s. Gem princesses will always be the top for damage burst

      Hopefully you find that Sheen soon =D


      1. Whoops my bad there regarding the true damage.

        I didn’t get Facet for Kaede, but I did get a spare Sheen, so I guess its an okay replacement for Facet on Kaede. Doubt I’ll need that extra 1x above 4x anyway haha.


  6. I’ve pulled Facet and wanted to know something. Do you think A.Izanagi/Myr TPA based team could be good with her? Since A.Iza isnt bind immune, I need to bring a bind clear, and the AS of A.Izanagi is only 6CD so I could inherit something else for orb change. I would cover bind clear, 1 turn burst.


    1. Well you already have a damage enhance with Izanagi and you will probably have enough damage at that point as you will be 98x atk. If anything, I would inherit Facet onto Izanagi so you retain subs with orb changers

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Great analysis bro. so, I just got silk and facet, not sure how to use them properly yet (or where), but I’m paying attention…

    Atm, I believe I have better options to compose my teams, but I confess that I thought silk was some kind of trash roll until you pointed her name out, (And a quickly opened Google and typed “mantastic silk” :P)

    Nice! And good luck to everybody on today’s GF.


      1. Ah…I finally understand the formula, is additive and not multiplicative.
        Silk active is pretty ridiculous then! (imo), I need 20oe to (maybe) worth the cool down.
        But as any kind of boost are situational, better keep her.

        Sorry bump old post,

        Pulled a while ago, but only today I remembered about her.


  8. Mantastic, Pulled one of these today and I’m a little unsure as to how they work in co-op. Does it only count the skill boosts on the team you pop the active on? or does it calculate the total of both teams?


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