Thoughts on the Myr Buffs


Myr Miru is the strongest farmable monster released to date and is also considered one of the best leaders in the game. This is mostly due to her unbindability, 75% damage reduction shield, and 49x ATK multiplier. All of these combine beautifully into one Myraculous monster. However, due to a recent tournament held by GungHo that featured various iconic community members, Myr will be receiving a buff thanks to the puzzling skills of Luka. As such, Myr (and Beach Myr Beach Myr) will be buffed to a 7.7x ATK lead which results in a 59.29x ATK team along with some minor stat improvements.

Video commentary


How does this make me feel

Initial reactions

Aside from the strange heading, this buff comes with somewhat mixed emotions. First off, Myr did not need the buff. In the past, GungHo has done player surveys to determine who should receive the next wave of buffs and time after time, people vote for something that is already strong/in a good place. As such, the buffs they receive are small at best and we lose out on the opportunity to improve someone who is in need of improvements. I was hoping Zaerog Infinity Z8 would have received the buff as he was once heralded as the strongest farmable monster and only needs a bit of improvement to see more playtime as a leader or sub. 

One example of the wrong card receiving the buff was when Red Sonia Red Sonia received the tiny damage increase for 6+ combos. Myr is in the same boat as her buff is small, but also comes with some drawbacks and even complaints from the JP player base.

Choose your Myr

By increasing Myr’s leader skill to 7.7x ATK with a heart cross match, she immediately jumps form a 49x to 59.29x ATK. However, one of Myr’s glaring weaknesses was a lack of damage control and this further complicates the problem as you have no way to vary or scale your multiplier. So much was the the outrage, that GungHo buffed Myr’s second evolution form to be identical to what her final form was pre-buff (skill boost and stat improvements) to allow you the option of choosing which multiplier you want to run. This also means you can use her less evolved (and pretty) form and will be a boon to lower ranking players.


Presently, the main hurdles for damage control come in the form of Sopdet and Parvati (there are countless other encounters, but they have a much larger range of damage absorption and are more forgiving). When facing Sopdet, you never actually form the heart cross and instead rely on rows and TPA to kill her slowly. It does use a lot of your actives, but allows you to safely kill her. On the other hand, Parvati is a much trickier encounter for Myr. For myself, I run 7-8 orb enhances and I am able to safely to deal less than 300k damage with a heart cross, 1 light combo, and 1 additional combo as leeway room (my entire team is +297). However, with the next buff, I would most likely only be able to match the heart cross and light combo to avoid surpassing 300k damage per monster. I could see this being a problem for players who run Wedding Eschamali W Escha and her 7 enhanced light orbs. Granted Parvati is not a lethal encounter and will simply become an even slower floor.


With all that being said, a buff is still a buff and the damage increase will help Myr curve better into end game content that has 10M+ HP on a consistent basis. One minor drawback of Myr was her “low” multiplier when compared to other top tier leaders (Ra Dragon, XM, Ronove, Kaede, etc.) and this will help her close the gap. Granted you already had sufficient damage for most content, but if you are able to save an active here or there, it could make all the difference. For example, when I am playing Machine Hera Descended, there are times when I need 9 light orbs (1 row + 1 combo) to sweep certain floors and this buff will ensure I can kill virtually any floor with only a single row. This will also help my consistency on the Radar Dragons in Arena 3 (who never drop) as they have ridiculously large health pools and it is sometimes paramount to kill them quickly.


All in all, a buff is still a buff. Myr players will be enjoying the increased damage in the majority of situations as it will allow you to sweep floors with fewer light orbs which results in a higher consistency along with less active usage. I have nothing to complain about as she is my current favourite leader; however, I do wish they buffed a different card as there are countless other options who could greatly benefit from an enhancement.

How do you feel about the buff and how will it effect your gameplay/playstyle?

Happy Puzzling!



13 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Myr Buffs”

  1. I totally wish they buffed a different card like Z8, but I’ll take this. I’ve been doing some solo Arena 1 runs today with Beach Myr, and doing half damage to Parvati is really helpful. Sodpet has been really hard with Byr, but delay, and now the new buff, will make it doable. I’m glad to get even more mileage out of my 500k MP 🙂


    1. I don’t think I have posted a video of my Myr handling Sopdet, but it takes 2 turns to bring under 50% and usually 1-2 more to finish. I do use quite a few actives, but in coop it gets the job done.

      I agree that Summyr pulls further ahead with this buff


  2. I was hoping through some miracle that Hera-Is would get the buff just to see what they’d do but sadly it wasn’t meant to be 😦 Do you know how Byr will do vs Sopdet after the buff? I’m assuming she’ll be fine vs Parvati due to the elemental disadvantage.


    1. Like I was saying in my comment above, I was having a hard time with Sopdet without delay with Byr… so the buff would be welcome from my perspective. (And Parvati is easy, yes.)


  3. Hmm, I guess I was probably rooting for M-Hera or Surtr to win. Though I don’t have a Cao Cao myself, having more top end farm teams available would help stabilize the player base. Z8’s cool but, I can’t think of any buff that would make me use him.

    As for Myr’s buffs, I’m perfectly fine with them. Even with both, I mostly play BMyr and appreciate the help with Parvati/Vishnu. Sopdet, as mentioned, really doesn’t change. The fact they didn’t give her a sub-attribute was a bit surprising though.


    1. Z8 could have maybe buffed his multiplier and extended to devil types. Would at least give players a new leader at mid-end game (as his dungeon is maybe the easiest?)

      I’d say Bmyr definitely saw the most gains due to being able to better deal with Parv and Vishnu

      A sub attribute would mean 10% more personal damage and 2 extra pings on high defense monsters.


  4. I just wanted to say I SAW YOU ON THE STREAM TODAY! Congratulations on being able to participate, it must have been so awesome! You are an amazing PAD player!


  5. With the buff, how do you feel about a Beach Lakshmi/Bmyr pairing? When the unbindable leader badge comes out, blak/byr (black beer?) will be unbindable with a bind clear awakening. The damage would be around the same as current Bmyr/Bmyr, with a tiny bit more damage control. Basically im asking if you think the 500k mp investment is worth it since I rolled a BLak and im worried about saving for future mp monsters.


    1. Black Beer sounds a little strange to me XD

      Well, Lak+Bmyr is stronger now, but is still much weaker than double Summyr. The damage control is less important due to the fact that Parvati is wood so you have much more wiggle room.

      The question you have to ask yourself is how much of a benefit can you can now versus waiting until the next MP card (whenever that is plus the few months to hit NA). Also, we don’t know if they will actually synergize with your box


  6. Do you think the blue one is worth 500k mp? I have about 330k right now and could sell more but have pretty much sold everything I can safely get rid of. I have most of the big heart changers for blue ( Gabriel, Andromeda, sumire x2, Lakshmi) but lack most of the cards for the white ones for the farmable myr. 500k is steep but if it’s worth it I’ll grab it.


    1. What kind of content can you clear at this point? Beach Myr is a way to instantly gain an end game leader and if you are struggling with L+ content, it may be worthwhile

      Also, how easy is it for you to farm Light Myr?


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