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Thoughts on the Myr Buffs


Myr Miru is the strongest farmable monster released to date and is also considered one of the best leaders in the game. This is mostly due to her unbindability, 75% damage reduction shield, and 49x ATK multiplier. All of these combine beautifully into one Myraculous monster. However, due to a recent tournament held by GungHo that featured various iconic community members, Myr will be receiving a buff thanks to the puzzling skills of Luka. As such, Myr (and Beach Myr Beach Myr) will be buffed to a 7.7x ATK lead which results in a 59.29x ATK team along with some minor stat improvements.

Video commentary


How does this make me feel

Initial reactions

Aside from the strange heading, this buff comes with somewhat mixed emotions. First off, Myr did not need the buff. In the past, GungHo has done player surveys to determine who should receive the next wave of buffs and time after time, people vote for something that is already strong/in a good place. As such, the buffs they receive are small at best and we lose out on the opportunity to improve someone who is in need of improvements. I was hoping Zaerog Infinity Z8 would have received the buff as he was once heralded as the strongest farmable monster and only needs a bit of improvement to see more playtime as a leader or sub.  Continue reading Thoughts on the Myr Buffs