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Against my own better judgement, I used a single stone to refresh my stamina to complete all the One-Shot Challenges as I had used most of my stamina to play Arena 3 on my Twitch Stream (where I had two heroic clears!). However, it may work in favour for my readers as you now get to see my clears a bit faster than natural stamina would have allowed.

I tried to use less popular leaders or leaders I seldom play to both increase the excitement as well as to give variety to players and hopefully provide some inspiration on how to overcome these challenges.

One interesting aspect of these challenges is that they disappear after completion so it is challenging to refine a perfect strategy and I am a little more excited if my plan works out.

Level 10 vs Awoken Lucifer

The key to success was to avoid a light skyfall on the Shieldras along with praying for sufficient heart orbs to drop down. The recovery badge was vital to my success as it allowed me to heal enough each turn to tank each subsequent hit.

Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Eschamali Yomi Dragon Awoken Pandora Dark Valk Awoken Archdemon Lucifer

Overall a relatively smooth run, just have to be able to heal back to full health to tank Myr’s various attacks.

Level 9 vs Cameo (yes, the Gemstone Princess)

I had a little too much fun abusing the 3x to all stats for 6-star cards and decided to take my excitement further by using the simply unheard of Cameo as a leader to form a 28x ATK team.

Cameo Ult Zeus Dios 3074 Australis Balboa A Liu Bei

If there is one video you watch today it should be this one.

Level 8 vs Awoken DQXQ

Relatively straightforward and abusing the ample Dragon typing for free damage and stats.

Awoken DQXQ W Iza Awoken Apollo Yomi Dragon DQXQ LL Awoken DQXQ

Yomi Dragon is used for the Dragon typing, dark coverage, and ability to hasten up my team if Thor is unfriendly with his skill delay attack.


I thouroughly enjoyed playing through this series of challenges as it gave a nice break from coop and gave me the opportunity to test my puzzling skills in new content. Hopefully you enjoyed these videos as I tried to utilize a variety of leaders to showcase different playstyles.

Let me know what you used to clear these challenges.

Happy Puzzling!

43 thoughts on “One-Shot Challenge Clear Videos”

  1. I’d like to know what you think about Tamazo X Awoken Odin 😮 I succeeded with my main but my alt still cant do it, and wondering if I should try and get it with my alt (maybe spend stones to clear) but I dont know if its worth


    1. I used an awoken shiva team. Combo leaders with some fast puzzling and the time extend badge are usually decent for clearing non awoken dungeons.


  2. Thanks for the video. It got me through level 10 super easily, which was fortunate since i blew s buncha stones on 7-8… But Odin Tama!!


        1. Finally cleared it with Awoken Haku and the time extend Badge.

          Thankfully I watched the videos Mantastic posted earlier, so I remembered what he said about the Shiledras and mass attack, I had a board full of water, low health and the big one was going to attack next. I was able to prevent the mass attack and kill the big one giving me a turn to heal. (It was more luck than skill to be honest)


          1. Congrats on your victory! I am glad you found a workable solution with Awoken Haku and I am thrilled to know me stressing Mass Attack saved you from Shieldra death =D


                  1. Maybe. I just don’t have any of the main damage voids people use for her. All I have is Toki for damage void and he isn’t fully skilled so i’m not comfortable skill transferring him. So currently instead of Myr I’m using Izanagi.


                    1. You don’t need damage voids as you clearly proved by beating ch10. A tanky team with strong recovery will clear Myr descended. I believe the challenge hits harder too


  3. I’m having trouble doing 8 with my Summyr. I think that might just be my subs not being the greatest or just bad heart management, though. What do you suggest?


  4. Can Pandora clear C10? My Pandora team (Panda/Zuoh/Hanzo/Persephone/Akechi) has garbage recovery, so it feels a little dicey. It’s only ~3600 currently.

    I’ve heard Sumire can clear it easily too, but I don’t exactly have any standout subs for her. (Nut, Snow White, Amberjack, Alrescha are about the best I got.)


    1. I just cleared Challenge 10 with Fantastic using Pandora so she definitely can =) Just use the RCV badge and only use Pandora to heal and you should be fine. I would use Persephone on floor 1 and go from there

      Just make sure you have enough HP to tank DQ Hera


  5. I used Awoken DQXQ for Level 8 🙂

    I had Christmas Archangel with random inherited skill, so that she would be able to delay Thor.


  6. Floor nine cleared with Awoken DQXQ, NY Hanzo, Awoken Apollo Awoken Ra, Christmas Archangel

    You’re video of Cameo/Liu Bei was helpful. Mostly the part where you thought you screwed up by using the wood skyfall too early. It let me know I could use Awoken Apollo to kill Venus and Zaerog would still waste his first turn using “Return to Zero”. I screwed up at the end only doing 64x, but NY Hanzo’s dragon killer plus the bonus for being a 5* did a ton a damage.

    One more round to go. I’ve never cleared a floor 10 before, but it was never a prize I wanted. So the Tamazo is providing extra motivation.

    The Awoken Lucifer team I usually use is Awoken Lucifer (Satsuki), Beach Claire, Beach Pandrora, D/L Akechi, Awoken Haku. The team has 43,414 HP and 9,169 rcv when paired with another Lucifer. If I can get get 4 dark tans I can put D/D Akechi’s skill on Claire otherwise I might have to sacrifice some rcv and machine killer for more hearts.

    That said, I lack double orb changers for Lucifer, so the 2 Hera’s might make me burn through all my actives depending on the board I get. As for bind clear I only have Dark Kali, Lu Bu, and Academy Sleeping Beauty (I am regretting no using any ta madras on her now)

    How does her 500,000 shield work? Does it block all attacks or just 1/6?


    1. Congrats on your floor 9 clear =D

      As for your Lucifer question, I would try to stack as much RCV as possible as the dual Godkiller from Lucifer AND friend Lucifer mean 3x damage to both Heras and Myr. Try your best to play Tans asap (they should come back or find someone with the quest rewards etc.)

      Do not be afraid on liberally using actives on the first few floors as you are forced to restall on the puppeteer anyway

      500k shield means she voids all damage above 500k per attack so you will be unable to kill her in those 5 turns


  7. Level 10 cleared on my first attempt!

    Lucifer (Satsuki), Beach Pandora, Beach Claire, D/L Akechi, Dark Kali, Lucifer (Eschamali)

    Pretty much followed your formula, but I didn’t get trolled by the RNG, so I had plenty of hearts from skyfall throughout the dungeon. Then I used Dark Kali, Claire, Lucifer (Satsuki), and Akechi to make a dark enhanced board with 3 light and 3 green orbs two make 2 rows.

    Glad you decided to use Lucifer for the 10th floor. 🙂


  8. Congrats on the clear. As for me, I switched between YY(8&9) and BMyr(7&10) for the last four. I had some Myraculously bad luck on level seven, getting heart-trolled against the CDD three times in a row somehow. On level nine, I actually had the same panic moment you had, not being sure if Z8 would dispel my YY buff or bind me. That said, since I was playing YY, I just oneshot him through the shield anyway. ^_^


  9. haven’t beaten 10 yet (might not at all)
    9 was by far the easiest of the last 3 floors
    8 forced me to make a functional lightning team


    1. 9 was easy because my saria team is mostly under 6 stars to start, so i had almost 100 000 hp
      for 10, my team of bikini clad gods (and gabriel) showed regular myr who’s boss


  10. I couldn’t beat Flr 9 after multiple tries w/ Awoke Cao Cao. Saw your video and put together team of Perseus, Verdandi, Australis, Balboa, and Gronia, with a friend Liu Bei, and I beat it on the first try!

    Only Liu Bei was +297, and I had to use all my Woodpys to skill up Perseus, Australis, and Balboa, but it was worth it. Hard to believe Balboa actually came in handy!


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