Ultimate Ra Dragon: Review and Analysis


The original 5 Monster Point Dragons were some of the most powerful cards in Puzzle and Dragons at the time of their release. However, Powercreep has not been kind to the majority of them with only Ra Dragon Ra Dragon staying relevant in today’s meta as a leader. Thankfully, GungHo has decided to release a new evolutions for all 5 of themi n hopes of resurrecting their viability. Unfortunately for North America, the evolution requirements for these MP Dragons will prove troublesome as the only way to currently acquire the Radar Dragons is to clear Arena 3 or the One Shot Challenges.

If you are considering the possibility of purchasing Ra Dragon or any other MP card, I strongly encourage you to refer to my MP Card Tier List for further explanation and analysis.

Video commentary

Evolution requirements

We still do not have the full details of any other card outside of Ra Dragon, but here are the current evolution requirements:


Perhaps one of the main benefits of playing in North America is that we are given additional time to prepare for new evolutions as both of these require a large investment of resources.

Ultimate Evolution Ra Dragon

The Super-Ultimate Fried Chicken has now been electrified to even greater heights with his new evolution. Super Ra Dragon 3265 has had his leader skill and base stats buffed to allow him to better compete with the heart cross meta.

Ra Dragon
God / Dragon
5,605 HP / 1,880 ATK / 340 RCV
1,050 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost TPA TPA Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist

Active Skill:
+5s to orb movement for 1 turn
2 turns haste
13 turn CD

Leader Skill:
2x ATK when matching 4 elements. 3x ATK for each additional orb type. 8x with all 6 elements. 1.5x HP/ATK/RCV for God types
2.25x HP / 144x ATK / 2.25x RCV

Pros Cons
  • 2.25x HP / 144x ATK / 2.25x RCV
  • Very safe and consistent
  • Ample room for utility
  • Can build full bind immune team
  • Can overcome combo shields
  • Less ugly than before
  • Restrictive team building
  • Slow to play
  • Lackluster base active
  • No sub potential
  • Reliant on Gemstones
  • Still ugly
Ra Dragon Scaling Leader Skill
# Elements 4 5 6
Multiplier 9x 56.25x 144x

Sample gameplay

Reco cruising through a solo Arena 3:

There are plenty of other videos available, but they all predominately use the exact same team. You can do your own research via 全能神・ラー=ドラゴン

Pros and cons

Upon his original release, Ra Dragon Ra Dragon was simply the strongest card in Puzzle and Dragons. His unprecedented attack multiplier combined with RCV and strong sub support dramatically accelerated the pace of Powercreep as GungHo frantically scrambled to create dungeons that could counter him as he was ranked in his own tier bracket in JP.

However, Super Ra Dragon 3265 will not be able to achieve that same degree of relative greatness as the heart cross meta exists. That being said, Ra Dragon is still an amazing card and is the strongest non-heart cross leader at the moment.

  • 2.25x HP / 144x ATK / 2.25x RCV
  • Can easily stall and break 70k HP in solo
  • Defensive benefits are unconditional
  • Now has SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • 1,050 weighted stats that are boosted by LS
  • Ideal team has ample time extends
  • Can fully optimize combos on the board
  • Scaling ATK multiplier for damage absorb bosses
  • Damage is not active reliant
  • Lower dependency on running shielding subs
  • Can build full bind immune teams
  • Nearly limitless amount of utility without sacrificing damage
  • The greatest chicken in the history of PAD
  • 300,000 MP price tag
  • Evo materials are very hard to acquire for NA
  • Ideal team is heavily reliant on 6* GFE
  • “Low” damage output – reliant on burst actives (Gemstones)
  • Damage is somewhat scattered as you cannot run all light primary cards
  • Slow and mentally taxing to play
  • Coop provides less benefits for defensive stats as only HP is augmented (compared to heart crosses)
Pros: elaborated

The fact that Ra Dragon can even be compared to heart cross leaders should be indicative enough of his power. GungHo has done a great job of addressing his weaker points through both the SBR and HP multiplier. As such, he is a formidable solo leader as his 70k HP can survive essentially any attack in the game (HP will surpass 100k in coop).  However, the key point to recognize is the fact that his defensive multiplier (2.25x) is always present, unlike heart cross leaders.

Heart cross teams are reliant on having 5 heart orbs present to trigger their leader skill and defensive component. Without those 5 heart orbs, they are just as fragile as any other team. This can prove challenging without the usage of actives as it is statistically very difficult to have 5 new heart orbs appear every turn (have to clear all 30 orbs in theory). Thus, they may be subject to vulnerability, active skill usage, or having to alternate between crossing and not crossing to survive. Higher shielding leaders such as Myr Miru or Kaede Ult Kaede have an effective 4x HP / RCV when they heart cross, but leaders such as Ronove Ronove and Gremory Gremory are essentially on par with Ra Dragon’s defensive multipliers if a heart cross exists.

I want to further elaborate on how Ronove and Ra Dragon are similar leaders as both cap out at 144x ATK for rainbow activation and have comparable defensive multipliers. Ronove provides 57.75% damage reduction with a heart cross while Ra Dragon provides a consistent 2.25x HP/RCV. Furthermore, Ra Dragon has superior stats, awakenings, and a sub colour that put him above Ronove in most regards as you no longer have to run a bind clearer. The main downside is that Ra Dragon is less capable of surviving gravity based attacks. Now, you have to remember that Ronove is considered a top tier leader and if Ra Dragon can be favourably compared, it is saying something.

One advantage Ra Dragon has over mono-colour heart cross leaders is the ability to produce consistent damage without orb changers. A skilled player will be able to fully utilize every combo on the board and realistically trigger the full 144x multiplier in most cases (along with 7-10 combos). You cannot bring orb changers outside of board refreshes and that means you are able to bring as much utility as desired. This provides a certain degree of flexibility on Ra Dragon teams that heart crossers may not enjoy. In addition, this means you are able to repeatedly burst down floors.

Finally, the last major upside to Ra Dragon is the ability to fully utilize the board in terms of combo generation. A heart cross can be tricky to match along with potential limitation to combo count as it does occupy a certain amount of dead space. As such, heavy combo shields (7+) can be troublesome, especially when you have to match either a TPA or rows to trigger damage. Thus, Ra Dragon gains a slight edge for the average player as you are able to fully combo a given board and still produce full damage.

What makes Ra Dragon a premiere leader is his unrivaled consistency if you own the ideal team. This consistency is not to be confused with speed. You will be able to safely clear any dungeon in the game as you are able to easily customize your inherits accordingly, but will cost you additional time as you are forced to match numerous combos and have desirable boards. This sluggishness combined with potential mental fatigue when playing dungeons over and over again is something to be aware of when gaining access to his level of consistency.

Cons: elaborated

Regardless of how powerful a leader is, there will always be drawbacks and Ra Dragon is no exception. First off, he comes at the cost of 300,000 Monster Points which is not too ridiculous by today’s standards due to coop/PreDRAs etc. However, to actually gain the benefit from Super Evo Ra Dragon, you need to be able to clear Arena 3 and get lucky on a Zeus Dragon drop. This is not as difficult for JP players as they have access to PAD Radar which grants them easier access to Rader Dragon drops.

Unfortunately, most North American players will have to clear Arena 3 as that is the only way to actually acquire Radar Dragons. I have have created an A3 guide that will be more updated in the next few weeks (can be found HERE) as I now have 12 Radar Dragon drops and around 55 clears.

On the bright side, Zeus Dragon is one of the universally easiest Radar Dragons to kill and Ra Dragon (in his non-evo form) can clear Arena 3. The drop rates have been estimated at around 33% and there are 5 possible spawns so it may take quite a few attempts to be successful.

Imagining you are able to acquire the Zeus Dragon and the 300,000 MP, you still need to have strong team to support your Fried Chicken. This comes from both the subs you require as well as the inherits you bring as both are expensive from a REM perspective. Ra Dragon was sometimes criticized for requiring two Dark Kali Dark Kali along with Isis Isis to be truly effective and presently, these cards remain staples. Furthermore, you also require a L/L Kanna 3233 to build what is considered an optimal team. Three 6-star GFE is a steep price, but it really doesn’t vary that much from the other perfect top tier teams.

Another criticism that Ra Dragon was met with was no buff to his offensive multiplier. He still remains a 144x ATK rainbow leader which is powerful, but some players were yearning for more. You also have to remember that he had 144x ATK a year ago and content has been greatly scaled upwards since. Thus, you will be somewhat forced to bring damage enhance subs for harder content as your attributes are somewhat scattered as you do not always form a light-heavy team.

Furthermore, Ra Dragon trades speed and ease of play for consistency. You are able to clear any dungeon in the game, but will almost always be slower than other viable high-end leaders.

Finally, the last downside of Ra Dragon is how his defensive multiplier works in coop. You are somewhat reliant on the additional health and RCV to succeed and while you do gain more HP in coop, there is no RCV to balance it out. It may be a small factor, but is worth mentioning.

Team building your Fried Chicken

Building a Ra Dragon team requires some forethought and a lot of REM luck. With his defensive components boosting all parameters to God types, it would be truly unwise to use non-God cards. Thus, it will almost always be better to use a God card as a base and inherit a relevant active over top.

Dream team

From my research on the JP server, it becomes clear that a team consisting of Ra Dragon, 2 Dark Kali, Isis, and Kanna is the strongest bases. These cards provide full colour coverage along with relevant awakenings while being completely bind immune. Finally, you inherit various actives as the dungeon requires.

Ra Dragon
Card 3265 Dark Kali Dark Kali Isis 3233 3265
Inherit Lightning Dark Kali 3354 Awoken Oorochi Facet Indra

This is of course a template, but you should try your very best to adhere to it as these subs provide utility, offensive awakenings, and board changers. The full bind immunity is also valuable as you will never have to fear that mechanic.

There are a few cards available in JP that we do not have access to at the moment and that should not influence your team building decisions at this point in time.

What if I am missing those cards?

Provided you have the dual Dark Kalis (or her various other versions), you can still effectively use Ra Dragon as you can easily use any God card with a low cooldown provided you can cover all your elements. For example, cards like Dark Metatron dtron, Reincarnated Parvati 3243, and Anubis all technically fulfill those requirements. You can use various Reincarnated Gods as subs to better take advantage of their high base stats and simply inherit defensive actives or utility as needed. Even if a potential card has a longer cooldown, you can still use them as Ra Dragon has amazing stalling capabilities and will be able to heal through most attacks.

One thing I want to stress is that Ra Dragon is heavily dependent on board refreshes from Dark Kali for success, especially if you are not able to always fully match a given board. This also means you should carefully rethink purchasing him if you are missing one or both Kalis.

I go into more information in a subsequent posting which can be found HERE.

Skill Inheritance

As mentioned numerous times, Ra Dragon is heavily reliant on Skill Inheritance for success. You may be using subs with non-synergestic actives along with the need to upgrade Ra Dragon’s own ability. Skill Inheritance is also a way to address the various mechanics presented in challenging content. What you choose to use will be based on your own Monster Box as well as what the situation calls for.

Ra Dragon
+5s to orb movement for 1 turn
2 turns haste
13 turn CD
 Inheritance Options
Damage Enhance Kanna Thor Awoken Loki Facet Izanagi Sheen Muse Carat 989
True Damage /
Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith Famiel Lumiel Lightning
Board Changer Dark Kali Sherias Roots Summer Kali Lightning
Genie Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael dtron Cursed Dragon
Delay Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Zeta Hydra Oku Cao Cao  ForestBahn Wee Jas
Green wee jas KenpachiSagirinokami
Orb Changers Cannot use

If I have missed any crucial inherit, please let me know in the comments below.

Latent Awakening set-up

Due to the wonderfully high base HP on Ra Dragon, HP Latents Imp HP are an ideal candidate for him. Furthermore, the benefit is further augmented from his Leader Skill and it would be wise to not use the 1% damage resists on him and instead use them on a less stat-heavy sub.

However, if your goal is heavily skewed towards end game content, you may find immense value in Skill Delay Resist Skill delay resist latents as they can protect your actives and has beautiful synergy with his haste component. For example, if you are delayed by two turns and have two SDR latents, you can use Ra Dragon’s original active and provide 2 turns of haste for your entire team. This could save you in situations where you need to use other actives to survive.

Finally, there is no “perfect” latent set up for Super Evo Ra Dragon as your health pool is significantly larger and it is mostly a matter of modifying your subs for added utility as you can essentially survive any reasonable attack in the game.

Solo badge recommendation

I am working under the premise that you have nearly the ideal team and you should be utilizing the +15% HP badge in most cases. Your team should have more than enough recovery to sustain incoming damage and your limiting factor will become how large of a hit you can absorb or how many turns you can go without healing.


Super Evolution Ra Dragon is a powerful leader in Puzzle and Dragons. He is able to keep abreast with the heart cross meta due to his unconditional tankiness and ease in activation without actives. He is able to bring more utility than a heart cross team along with being able to fully optimize a board and easily overcome combo shields.

However, Ra Dragon is not without limitations as he has “low” damage output as he cannot stack rows nor bring offensive orb changers. In addition, he is challenging to team build for the average player along with having relatively inaccessible evolution materials.

Let me know what you think of Ra Dragon and how you plan to build your team.

Happy Puzzling!

46 thoughts on “Ultimate Ra Dragon: Review and Analysis”

  1. Small edit recommended. On your pros list, you mention a wood sub type frees up sub slots. I’m assuming you are thinking about revo ra since radra is still L/L. Other than that it’s a great read. I just beat arena 2 finally and I’m starting to look at arena 3 to try and get a zeus dra but I think it will be a while.


  2. Wonderful summary of the most epic of chickens! One small thing I wish to point out: for the damage enhance skill inherits, I think Carat deserves a spot there, and arguably she is the best damage inherit of the gemstone princesses. On the ideal team, there are a total of 11 Skill Boosts, 10 TPAs, and 9 Fingers, so Carat’s 4.3x multiplier would outshine Facet’s 4x and Sheen’s 3.7x multipliers. Other than that, I look forward to more amazing articles, as always!


    1. Carat for sure. Also want to plug D/L Yomi for the 2.5x for God Type and a Ctw active if you’re the type who get weak knees/sweaty palms when its time to combo and kill…. or flop.


  3. I really want to try this team, it looks like a lot of fun. I’m waffling on buying Ra Dragon though. I already have DKali/Isis//Kanna, but I’m missing a second DKali. 😦 I might just have to try it with Fat Chocobo and hope REM RNG is kind to me in the future.


  4. I got 2 D.Kali and A.Isis, and the more I see Super Ra Dragon play, the more I’m inclined to buy a Ra Dra and prepare for when the Super Evo comes to NA. I don’t have the MP yet, I’m really far from it, and I wanted to know if I should start farming MP now or get it gradually, taking my time?


  5. I still have no DKalis so Radra is still irrelevant to me. As for his buffs, I think they’re fine FOR RADRA, but will be SUPER MAD if they try to push the same for the other MP Dragons. It’s a bit of a sore subject for me as it reminds me of how the Radar Dragons turned out i.e. Noahdra being absolute shit.


    1. I feel they will have to seriously revamp Shiva, Neptune, and Odin Dragon to have any viability. Yomi is at least useful still, albeit as a sub or modest lead. The buffs should be high considering the evo mats


  6. 1.5k $ in, and I haven’t rolled a dKali yet. I will not be using this card, or even purchasing it, foreseeably.
    His buffs are nice, no doubt. If you already had a Chicken team up and running with 1-2 dKali, why WOULDN’T you try to get him? But otherwise.. being “near” the top of the tiers at the moment of his debut is not exactly the most inspiring when it comes to investing in him and rolling his team.


    1. I agree that it may be disappointing he isnt debuting super far ahead, but it also means the rate of powercreep wont be as fast. I remember when he first came out it was almost unfair to everyone who didnt have him (eg. I was using L/G Sakuya 36x vs 144x/2.25x RCV) so I think its fair but perhaps a bit more dmg would have been nice


  7. I need ultimate Ra Dragon to clear Arena 3, but I need the clear Arena 3 so I can have ultimate Ra Dragon. Seems like a catch-22.


  8. I am debating buying RaDra. Have 2 D Kalis and Isis already hyper-maxed. No Kanna. Biggest concern is my own matching skill ability. Have never been great with rainbow leads so I don’t play them much (not sure if this is a chicken/egg problem). For instance, had no problem with recent C10 using Saras but took a few tries (and help from partner) in C9 because I couldn’t reliably combo to fully activate Roots. Somewhat worried that I’ll get him, but suck at playing him. Then he and his 300k will rot in my box. 🙂


    1. Considering you have the two most important cards (maybe 3 with Isis), you will have ample time extend and should have less issues matching your elements for activation (I count 9 time extends and still have 1 more sub slot)

      Once you begin to master the orb matching mechanics, you will most likely enjoy the playstyle and can piggyback off a friend for the super evo while you acquire your own Zeus Dragon


  9. Just saying, Red Kali also works as a board changer. Basically just a R/D DKali, but with Christmas (potentially) coming, she might be more available to other players and other event Kalis are present in your list.


  10. IS NYE Kanna substitutable for standard Kanna? I have both, but I like the art on NYE Kanna better (and i thought her stats/awakenings were superior but I haven’t compared them recently).


  11. Love the guide! I have switched from Ra Dragon to Kaede, and then to Ronove after I rolled him trying to get 1-2 more Kaedes during the GFE only REM. Now I want to transition back to RaDra after this evo comes out in NA. I was wondering what you would consider the best all-purpose Skill Inherit setup for the ideal team. I already have Lightning inherited onto my AIsis, but I’m not sure which active to put on which card. I have a Carat, 3rd Dkali, Indra, ASusano, and Sherias Roots sitting in my box, along with several of the other cards in the recommended Skill Inheritance chart.


    1. Assuming you are universally playing end game content, you would want a Gemstone princess (so your Carat), a shield (Susano), and true damage/board changer protection for dkali.

      Carat on Kanna
      Lightning/Roots on Dkali
      Shield on Isis
      Flex on Ra D

      Hard to give specifics etc as you tailor to the dungeon


  12. Hi so I was looking “What if I am missing those cards?” and wondered why Reincarnated Parvati is on there since her skill is an orb changer which inhibits the full multiplier of Ra Dragon;


  13. What is your opinion on using DKanna instead of L/L Kanna? I have the optimal team, but I think DKanna looks like a lot of fun, so was planning to go that route. Do you think loosing out on the TPA and focusing on dark damage instead of light is a large weakness?


    1. Well in an ideal team, you have 2 dark kali and obviously 2 ra Dragons. However, you have more light TPA awakenings by comparison so it does make a bit more sense to go l/l Kanna and she does have 4 herself


  14. Hi mantastic i was wonderin about latent for best spec and skill inherit with the new jp update bonus stat.

    Thx again i use your website alot to get my info on the game.


    1. The stat bonus from same attribute cards mostly makes you prioritize using same coloured cards. Thus, if you were to inherit Lightning, you would do so on Ra Dragon for stat bonuses. Orochi delay on Isis etc, Dark Kali/Ichigo on Dark Kali etc

      As for the bonus stat latents, you would use those on cards with exceptionally high stats that are well distributed. Good targets are those with 1k weighted stats as you are able to help all 3 aspects. However, fully loading up on SDR may still be more advantageous in the highest tier of content


    1. Glad you enjoy my content =)

      As for Aten, it does not change anything as the Killer awakenings will ruin you on any absorption boss. He can be situationally used, but will not replace any core sub in end game content


  15. I have Kanna, Isis, and one DKali. Can I use Ragnarok Dragon to effectively replace the second DKali (at least until I get a second one)? The awakenings in are somewhat similar and they both have bind immunity.


    1. Problem with Ragnarok Dragon is that he lacks a God Typing which means he will not gain all the additional benefits. It may be better to find a God and then inherit a board changer over top


  16. Do you recommend super ra dragon or dark athena when/if she becomes available? If you could only pick one, which one do you think is a more viable overall leader?


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