[Video] Challenge 8 – Fixed Team with Awoken Okuninushi


This set of Challenge Dungeons features a fixed team that utilizes Awoken Okuninushi 2985 along with intelligently chosen subs. The given team is more than capable of clearing this in solo mode, but I recommend you at least enter in coop to save 40 stamina.

Due to the nature of this being a fixed team dungeon, any account can enter with you and is a great way for underdeveloped accounts to acquire a Py.

Video clear & Strategy

Awoken Okuninushi is capable of achieving spectacular damage via high combo count and multiple dark combos. However, the team is very TPA TPA oriented with Satsuki Baby Satsuki providing 3. This can allow for wonderful burst damage that can allow you to pierce through the high defense floor 1.

Your priority should be forming dark TPA along with trying your best to optimize your combos. You will most likely clear through most/all of the floors if done correctly and should use your actives to compliment your progression.

You should be using your leader’s actives for the 2 turn delay component, not enhance. With that in mind, you should simply delay a floor that would otherwise be problematic or as a means to survive the floor 2-3 preemptives by delaying floor 2 and healing.

The only time you need to use an active is on floor 5. Floor 5 has a 76% resolve and the easiest way to deal with this is by using Hades Awoken Hades for his 25% gravity which will push the blue elephant under his threshold. The additional orb movement time is also welcomed.


I enjoyed this fixed team challenge outside of the high stamina cost. It is always a pleasure to play new teams that are intelligently designed and appropriate to today’s gameplay.

Happy Puzzling!

14 thoughts on “[Video] Challenge 8 – Fixed Team with Awoken Okuninushi”

  1. This looks super fun, I unfortunately flubbed my first attempt after forgetting I needed the TPA to get past floor 1. On the bright side, I made it past challenge 10 with ease thanks to my experience farming Myr!

    I’m curious though, would you pop Z8 earlier to override of the water skyfall? I think the extra dark skyfalls would be beneficial for easing through those first few floors without using other actives.


    1. You are probably right about using the skyfall active earlier on. Could potentially make the first floors easier, but then you may skyfall into death from floor 2->3 preemptive if no hearts existed and you delayed


      1. Good point there, I guess you would have to hide your heart orbs away at the bottom or something to ensure you can heal.

        From experience, conserving the rest of the actives for those first floors seems best – I made the mistake of using Persephone on floor 1 after not having many dark orbs…and then the blue elephant’s board refresh gave me only 3 dark orbs and so I couldn’t kill it. XD


        1. I feel the first 3 floors are the most dangerous for this encounter as you must heal whether in solo or coop.

          As for the blue elephant orb troll, that is quite unfortunate, but technically avoidable via taking a single hit, then using Hades or using Satsuki


  2. I didn’t like this at all. I don’t get 6 combos on average without more time, and then getting only have 6 darks or whatever, keeping me from making TPAs, etc. Got through it after a few tries, but bleh, not a fan of AOkuni leader.


  3. Another fantastic guide! Thank you for the 25% gravity tip against the resolve! I tend to over look the simplest of things lol!


    1. If only this dungeon was like the series where we could play descends for regular stamina cost with the new fixed teams. This is essentially Liberty Geist for 60% more stamina…


  4. Just beat this with my brother! We usually run A. Hermes(4/36/0) and so it was a stretch to get up to 6 combos EACH TURN. However, I watched your video a couple times so I knew what was coming up, and learned about the diagonal orb shift you talked about and WE DID IT! After 20 some odd tries between the two of us, THANKS MANTASTIC!


    1. Ok, maybe 20 was exaggerating. We each played it about 5-10 times on our own until I watched your video and learned what to expect.


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