[Videos] Challenge 9 & 10 Clears


I managed to record both level 9 and 10 clears on my Monday Twitch Stream. Hopefully it provides some insight into how you can approach these two dungeons and the various mechanics they have.

Challenge 10 with Lakshmi

Lakshmi is becoming one of my favourite leaders to use as she provides a healthy mixture of damage control, survivability, and large spike damage. She may not be as well suited for Arena 3, but is more than capable of handling Challenge 10’s.

Challenge 9 with Reincarnated Shiva

My mom and Pancaaake managed to tackle Challenge 9 in coop with their Reincarnated Shiva team. It may have had many heart attacks, but they were successful in the end!


Hopefully these videos provide some inspiration or clarification for Challenge 9 and 10.

Happy Puzzling!

12 thoughts on “[Videos] Challenge 9 & 10 Clears”

  1. Momtastic and Pancaaake are adorable as always. I’m guessing you wouldn’t recommend trying Challenge 9 solo with a heart cross lead? Even with heart makers, that just looks rough.


    1. I cleared C9 solo with my Awoken DQXQ team if that helps at all. The key to success was having the two DQXQ, a Wedding Akechi, and an Awoken Amaterasu as subs who can all heal or generate hearts (with the perk of Amaterasu packing haste), as well as packing Pollux who not only covers dark for me but also has haste attached for keeping my skills intact. Basically, use ADQXQ’s active or Amaterasu’s active to recover from 99% gravities and use Pollux + Ama to cycle through actives quickly. Kill the Golem in two turns–one to break resolve and one to kill, and then one-shot everything else. Make sure you have 13,000 HP before entering Water Cat’s floor. If any cards have skill delay resist latents it makes it even easier. None of my cards did though. Team was hypermaxed of course, and having so many healers and high-RCV cards made it easy to heal even off of only 3 hearts. I stalled on Hades until I had a lot of fire orbs so I could heal as much as possible using DQXQ’s active.

      The application of this is that any glass cannon team can be used to clear C9, you just will want to make sure you have good total RCV and an abundance of heartmakers to deal with the 99% gravities running around. Tengu is the least of your worries, having no relevant pre-emptive and his only difficulty being his 13,000,000 HP pool. I didn’t use my YY team because it only has one heartmaker (Skuld). Teams with huge HP pools can be detrimental here too because of all the gravities. So teams like Krishna might end up faring off worse because of how much HP you lose from gravities. And as Mantastic said I would caution against heart cross unless every single active you’ve got generates hearts.


      1. Glad to hear you found success with DQXQ. Another nice thing is the RCV badge which grants a massive amount of healing when your team is healer-oriented.

        However, with Krishna, it is okay to have large HP pools as you technically only need 13,000 to tank the preemptive and the 2.25x RCV helps. Even if you only heal to 50%, that is probably 27k HP and is more than enough. It may look dangerous not being at full health but you are actually pretty safe =)


  2. If u can coop, Reno Ra can easily killed challenge 9 (solo doable if u have enough skill delay resist). U just need player 1 to have DKali, or even Fat Chocobo and player 2 have any delay card (along with a damage enhancer is preferable to one shot Tengu later). Floor 1 pop all color with heal and u will kill Hades and back to full health (all 6 att including heart). Floor 2 just delay and blast (very likely u have 5 color since no RCV). It will leave 1 HP and player 1 can finish it. Floor 3 player 2 just use skill and kill it (player 1 is the one got skill delayed). Floor 4 player 1 pass to player 2 and then just use Ra skill. It must be up since it is already 3 turns for leaders. Floor 5 still with player 2 after blast and just use skill to kill Tengu (use damage enhancer will for sure one shot it).


    1. I actually did ch9 with Ra on my two accounts and it was pretty straight forward although I forgot what cards I used outside of a Red Odin for poison on F2. Pretty much as long as I have an active skill things fall over


  3. Hey Mantastic (Paancake) thanks for the help in challenge 10. I lost so many times, but after I watched the video and tried a few more times ( over a few days) I beat it with a similar team – Awoken Hermes. With the extra hp I could take a lot of hits and was able to (finally) beat Myr! Thanks for the Py guys!


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