God Carnival: To Roll or not to Roll







You are better off with essentially any Godfest as GFE are still incredibly powerful and highly in demand outside of Dark Athena requirements. Also, Godfests have a chance at Gemstone Princesses due to the fact that an appropriate Gala occurs alongside.

We should also be having a Player’s Choice Godfest soon-ish (I do not know when, but soon) and Heroine REM is coming back. Both of these are far superior overall to this God Carnival.

Happy Puzzling!

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32 thoughts on “God Carnival: To Roll or not to Roll”

  1. hahah didnt understood the pic till i saw the video good one man!!, ut since im a dreamer I rolled once…oand got wee jas, not happening again


    1. Other MH stuff has not made it, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this one. However, GungHo has put a -lot- of effort into this collab, and MH has caught on in the west a bit more since Nintendo has started publishing, so I think there’s a slight chance for it to make it. However, it would be months before it did, so IMO saving for MH is probably not practical in the short term.


    2. I kinda doubt it. Monster hunter never made a big dent in the west. But if they think there’s money to be made, it will.


    3. Hopefully it does come to NA cause even the free units are amazing (specially nargacuga armor)
      On the other hand, it reminded me of the pain of hunting for a narga medulla in MH3 since I had to replay the dungeon like 20 times for a narga drop.


  2. Rolled twice, and got the two cover monsters, Robin Hood and Indra. I suppose Robin Hood can be used in my Acala team, but I am beyond hyped for Indra. Have been wanting one forever.


  3. I’ve heard PCGF isn’t always great to roll in. Stealing this comment from reddit:

    PCGF lets the community pick 25 features units for the REM to have increased rates. However, the community picks tons of 6 star GFEs (maybe 12/25 are 6 star) and the remaining (13 in this case) are 5 star drops.
    The chance to roll a 6 star hasn’t increased, per say, it’s just that the chance that the 6 star you do happen to roll (if any) has a better chance of being one of those 12 units. Meanwhile, the remaining 13 units that were 5 star also have an increased chance of appearing, if you happen to roll a 5 star (more common).
    So when the community floods the PCGF w/ 6 star GFEs, they are, in reality, loweing their chances of rolling 5 star gods, and that just means there are more silvers and troll gods that are rolled.


  4. i rolled once and got a sima yi xD, rngesus smiled upon me and niw my dathena team isn’t AS janky…. (still have not REAL hakus though =(.. )


  5. I just Need some good Subs for Dathena, should i roll this goldfest? Its my only Gral To improve this Team!


  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but IIRC you said the only worthwhile card from heroine was Ilmina. And I don’t recall you being too snazzed about the last players choice either.


    1. For the most part, all the Heroines have value and the inclusion of two new ones is great. Thus, a few pulls are almost always worthwhile as they are new. PCGF can be hit or miss based on votes, but has the potential to be amazing


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