New Heroine Cards: Uruka, Julie, and Fluffier Ilmina


The Heroine REM is returning to NA/EU with new ultimate evolutions and two brand new cards. The first time this special REM came around, I did encourage people to roll in it despite the 10-stone cost. This is because essentially all of the cards have merits and value for a more developed Monster Box. Furthermore, since they were all new at the time of their release, the chances of rolling dupes was significantly lower. As such, the motivation to roll or not to roll should be based on your own requirements and expectations.

Despite new evolutions, not much as essentially changed for the majority of the cards as they were mostly small stat boosts plus an additional awakening. However, Ilmina 3274 did receive a fluffier evolution that dramatically shifts their gameplay and usage. You can read about my original review of the Heroine REM HERE.

Amusingly, with the inclusion of Uruka  and Julie , the Heroine REM is stronger than ever as there are now plenty of amazing top tier prizes worth chasing. Just be aware that these prizes are in the 6+ star category so they will be rarer to roll.

Video commentary

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Rolls overview

Heroine Egg Machine Overview
7 star rolls
6 star rolls      
5 star rolls    
Heroine Egg Machine Rankings
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*Rankings are in no particular order

New / notable cards

Fluffier Ilmina

Devil / Physical
7,010 HP / 1,405 ATK / 4 RCV
901 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction 45

Active Skill:
100,000 true damage to all enemies
All Arrow Fire Light
13 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4.5x ATK & 25% reduced damage when matching Light & Fire combos. 7×6 board
4.5x ATK / 25% damage reduction by herself

Pros Cons
  • 7×6 board
  • True damage and board change
  • 7 Combo 45 awakening
  • Higher multiplier
    • Stronger traditional leader
  • Better damage control
  • Various leader pairings:
    • Ilm 3235
    • Kenshin Kenshin
    • Tsubaki Ult Tsubaki
    • Minerva 3238
  • Easy activation
  • 7,010 base HP
  • Extra fluffy
  • Lost her 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Lost her 3 Killers
  • Damage mitigation tied to activation
    • Harder to stall
  • 4 base RCV

For comparison to the other form 3274Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend 37 God Killer Dragon Killer

Pros Cons
  • 7×6 board
  • True damage and board change
  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 3 Killers
  • Various leader pairings:
    • Ilm 3235
    • Kenshin Kenshin
    • Tsubaki Ult Tsubaki
    • Minerva 3238
  • Easy activation
  • 75,000 MP Value
    • Please don’t sell
  • Makes me want to read books
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Killers hurt damage control
  • RCV tied to dealing damage
    • Harder to stall
Ranking: downloaddownloaddownload

Ilmina is one of the 7-star roll from the Heroine Rare Egg Machine and will be one of the most desired monsters due to her flexibility through her two viable evolutions (and for being the ultimate fluff). We can broadly categorize her as either a Traditional Leader  or Specialized Farming 3274 card. However, Ilmina still retains her amazingly powerful active skill that combines a True Damage and full board changer. This will enable you to execute high defense monsters AND produce a lethal kill board for the following floor. This saves you an active skill slot when playing through challenging content or can even help with preserving time in Ranking dungeons or for efficient farming.

If you intend to use Ilmina as a leader, I would suggest using the Light/Fire form  due to the higher multiplier and better damage control due to the absence of Killer awakenings. While you may feel the raw multiplier numbers is on the low side (which it is), the 7×6 board and additional 12 orbs enable you to achieve a higher combo count as well as being able to match more primary colour orbs. Furthermore, pairing with Kenshin Kenshin will enable you to match significantly more colour crosses which would help offset the lower multiplier.

On the other hand, the original Ilmina boasts 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and three Killer awakenings. This makes her one of the best farming cards in the game as she can help trivialize various encounters while ensuring you have your actives ready by turn 1.


God / Dragon
4,502 HP / 1,874 ATK / 455 RCV
979 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Time Extend Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist 45

Active Skill:
All orbs Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart
Void enemy damage absorb (Fujin 3414) for 1 turn
24 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
6x ATK & 25% damage reduction when Fire, Water, Wood, Dark and Heal attack at once. 7×6 Board
6x ATK / 25% damage reduction / 7×6 Board on her own

Pros Cons
  • Dark Kali Dark Kali & Fujin 3414 active
  • 7×6 board
  • Unbindable
  • 7 combo 45 awakening
  • Can pair with Ra Dragon 3265
  • Has the option to be dark attribute
    • Some merits for Dark Athena 3193)
  • Amazing sub/inherit for rainbow teams
  • FantASStic art
  • 24 turn cooldown
  • 7* base card – hard to pull
Ranking: downloaddownloaddownload

Uruka is another 7-star pull from the Heroine REM and is FantASStic as she combines a Dark Kali Dark Kali and Fujin 3414 active into one card. This has tremendous applications for rainbow teams or anyone who wishes to easily bypass Vishnu or Hera Dragon.

Dark Kali boards are the most desirable for rainbow teams as it ensure a minimum of 6 combos (almost impossible, most likely 7-8) and every element. This means you are able to heal and deal damage on the same turn. Naturally, this has most applications for Ra Dragon teams and Uruka would actually be an inherit on Isis Isis for a guaranteed kill on problematic floors. Furthermore, you at least still retain a board changer if those spawns do not appear along with a healthy stat transfer due to being on-colour.

Another application for Uruka is to pair her with other higher multiplier rainbow leaders to capitalize on her defensive benefits and 7×6 board. As such, Ra Dragon 3265 is an amazing fit as the small dip in overall damage is compensated by the larger board. However, you may find the most value in the Kaworu Kali 3394 and Rei Myr 3393 as the larger board will raise their overall consistency.

Finally, her dark form has some merits on Dark Athena teams with her dual TPA and high weighted ATK to help her keep abreast with other desirable cards.


Dragon / Machine
3,812 HP / 1,814 ATK / 371 RCV
868 Total
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend 37 Dragon Killer God Killer

Active Skill:
Void enemy Defense for 1 turn
50% damage reduction for 1 turn
11 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP & ATK for Water and Wood cards. 5x ATK & 25% damage reduction when matching water and wood orbs
2.25x HP / 56.25x ATK / 43.75% damage reduction

Pros Cons
  • Easy activation
  • 3 Killers
  • Innate tankiness
  • One of the best water leaders
  • Can use water TPA TPA cards!
  • Can overcome combo shields
  • Low value active as a leader
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Killers ruin damage control
  • Has to activate damage to gain shield
Ranking: downloaddownloaddownload

Julie is the second new card to be released in the Heroine REM and is the first relevant water leader that is not row oriented. Water has been severely lacking an end game leader who could utilize their growing TPA pool. Julie may feel akin to a Balboa 3372 / Artemis  pairing (she even shares the same skill as Balboa), but has a much more proficient multiplier. The 2.25x HP is wonderful, but the damage mitigation enables you to survive execution hits without even needing to pop a shield.

I feel this places her close to Reincarnated Astaroth ‘s potency, albeit with a few key differences. Julie is far easier to activate and less orb hungry due to wanting two different elements instead of 6 wood orbs. This will naturally allow her to overcome combo shields with reasonable damage control (barring Killers) as you can choose to match a blob, 3, or TPA. The shielding component also means you can survive gravity-based attacks and your potential for burst damage is just as high and only ramps up when the appropriate Killers are triggered.

This makes Julie amazing in dungeons with high damage requirements as you are able to repeatedly burst throughout.

Unfortunately, Julie will suffer from a lack of damage control against Attackers, Dragons, and God type bosses while also being vulnerable to binds. Furthermore, her base active skill is redundant on two leaders as I cannot think of a scenario where you need to repeatedly break an enemy’s defense.

New evolutions for old cards

For the most part, the new evolutions for the other cards are underwhelming as it mostly provided a boost to base stats and one additional awakening. However, some are worth mentioning/highlighting.

 Meridionalis downloaddownloaddownload

Meridionalis is perhaps one of my favourite leaders as she combines ease of activation, consistency, damage control, and burst all into one. Furthermore, her new evolution makes her significantly prettier and we all know that is the real reason why we play Puzzle and Dragons.

Unfortunately, Meridionalis’s new evolution granted her a 6th water row Water Row (which she did not need) and a higher maximum multiplier if you connect 9 water orbs (again she did not need this). This is a real shame as the last thing she needed was more damage as she already blew things out of the water. However, the stat boost is always welcome and helps her achieve a slightly more respectable amount of health.

Meridionalis is capable of farming Arena 3 and Colosseum, but has a higher dependency on coop compared to the top tier leaders. This is because she is vulnerable to binds and lacks a health multiplier. Both of these force you to bring their respective counters and effectively clogs up your potency compared to teams that do not have to worry about those factors.

Finally, some players have found value in running Meridionalis as a pure farming leader and taking advantage of the perfect damage control and no skyfalls to ensure speedier clears.

Kuvia downloaddownload

Kuvia’s new evolution grants her 350 ATK along with an extra Skill Boost Skill Boost. While this may feel underwhelming for the average card, Kuvia is far from average. This is because she boasts 4 TPA TPA awakenings and this ATK increase dramatically boosts her offensive capabilities to new territories. 1,516 ATK (without pluses) will be able to deal lethal amounts of damage on fire TPA teams and the extra Skill Boost helps ensure your actives are ready by turn 1.

None of the other evolutions are really worth mentioning and those cards simply fulfill their original role marginally better (most of them are used as assists via Skill Inheritance).


The Heroine REM is stronger with the new evolutions and two additional cards. However, if you already own the majority of them, it may be a costly venture to try and pursue the new additions. However, for players who do not own any (or very few), it is worth your Magic Stones as these cards are unique and tremendously powerful.

The key factor with the Heroines is that they provide new utility to your Monster Box and will have the most value for players who already have modestly developed accounts.

Let me know what you think about the Heroine REM and if you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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41 thoughts on “New Heroine Cards: Uruka, Julie, and Fluffier Ilmina”

        1. Buuut, if you have a full team of Mitos, you have an unrestricted 182x in Devil Rush. Which would be fun! Right?

          But really I feel your pain, got 5 Mitos last time this series came around.


  1. Hey mantastic! With the upcoming PCGF, for building a d.athena team (only 1 haku 1 loki) would you recommend I roll here or PCGF?



  2. i think when u dont use a tama for the god killer Julie will be fine i hope we will see a awoken remover somedays xD good think is the god killer is the last awoken but well for her 56,25x dual lead skill the killers aint that bad only problem would be the sopdeth,parvati and vishnu trio but u dont fight them every run


  3. Do you think I should try in roll? My brother has meridionalis so if I rolled that, I could eventually Do coop, but I don’t think I’m lucky enough to get it as I only have 5 rolls. Should I save for PCGF or splurge?


    1. I am “lucky” enough to get 2 Meridionalis in 2 rolls… Plus previous event I already got one… 😦


  4. Your initial Ilmina picture link is pointing to the wrong PDX page. It’s pointing to 1221 not 3513


    1. Ilmina graced me with her presence, and I wanted to cry for joy. Given that one of my main teams is A. Tsubaki, the only challenge I’ll face is to evolve or not evolve.


  5. I had 20 stones saved up. I lucked out and got Ilmina first roll, then my one-year old rolled a Julie. Is there a link for team building suggestions for Ilmina?


  6. I rolled 3 Kuvias in 5 rolls .-. I also own Revo Shiva I was wondering if I should use all 3 on that team, or if there would be a better use for them.


  7. Kuvia has been one of the biggest additions to my Shiva dragon team so I am happy to see her getting some love. I did 6 or 7 rolls this morning hoping for a second one to inherit onto my first, but no luck. Got another Momiji (rolled 3 last heroine rem), a second Mel, 2 Sheena and a Mito. Also wasted all my luck for the year and pulled 2 Meri’s.


  8. Main got a dupe ilmina.

    She is now assisting the other. Will totally evolve both.

    I’m so happy playing an ilm/ilmina coop team on my main right now.


  9. My accounts love Kuvia and Mel. Between the prior event and this one I’ve pulled:
    4 Kuvia
    4 Mel
    2 Mito
    1 Barbara

    Maybe someday I’ll find a use for them.


  10. Only had 20 stones, pulled 2 Meridionalis, previous event got one already…. Any use for 3 Meridionalis? ;-(


  11. I’ve rolled a total of 14 times (from the first time and this past few days) and I officially have at least 2 dupes OF EVERY 5* (some 3 dupes) but I havent had a single character above 5* …

    Is this normal gungtroll cause I can’t tell and i dont wanna roll anymore.


  12. thanks for the helpful post, but a little confused why mito is put at 2 checks. if it’s for inherits, wouldnt the farmable


  13. thanks for the helpful post, but a little confused why mito is put at 2 checks. if it’s for inherits, wouldnt the farmable Ras be better?


  14. I don’t see any reason to roll on this event, I’m sure 10 stones Rem is just the beginning, there will be 20, 30 etc. We have new evolutions come out almost every week to replace the old evos, The meta (or REM cards) is changing constantly and it goes on and on, there is no end game cards only more duplicates, if you know what I mean 🙂


    1. That’s kind of the way with any game. Best strategy is to save up then roll heavy in the next wave of power creep to have the best chance of acquiring most of the cards


  15. Should I roll here or save for pcgf? Newer account RN with Rodin/Karin/Artemis, so I’m not sure what’s better for my box…


  16. Need help. Lol. So, I find myself with Ilmina x2, Ilm, Leilan x4, and Tsubaki x2. I got fire and light coming out my ears. Lol. Team form suggestions welcome (lead? subs vs. assists?). Also, do I keep the Ilmina’s r/l or evolve to l/r. Thanks!


    1. Each ilm evo better defines them as a sub or leader so use the appropriate one for your team.

      As for building a traditional team, it tends to be advantageous to pair with Ilmina (Heroine 7*) with your leader ilm


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