Indigo Tournament – Tips and Strategies


The Indigo Tournament is another chance for players to try and achieve a new high score to unlock various rewards. This include in-game items, cosmetic upgrades, and solo mode badge quest credit along with a Magic Stone for the first clear.

Unfortunately, this ranking dungeon has a fairly rigid set up for success and hopefully you have ample Killer cards at your disposal.

This article will summerize the dungeon along with explaining the rationale behind building a successful team.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Team building

For the Indigo Tournament, the most efficient team to use is Zeus Verse  as he is able to achieve 225x ATK when full health. The health clause is mitigated by self healing actives and enables you to 1 combo your way to victory.

The 1 combo is crucial to your success due to the 15 floor layout that heavily favours speed over combos. As a result, you should be using cards with numerous Killer awakenings to help quickly mow through spawns.

The following team is not the only one available, just an example of utilizing heavy Killers efficiently. Change and modify as needed for your own Monster Box.

Zeus Verse – Indigo Tournament
Mass Attack Badge
Card Flex
Inherit see below
Latent Balance killerBalance killer Devil killerDevil killer Balance killerBalance killer

Shazel  can be used in lieu of Mito  as both boast multiple Devil Killers Devil killer, but I prefer to use Mito due to the built in self healing on a low cooldown. In fact, you only require Mito’s healing active to return yourself to full health after the two different preemptives.

The Flex slot can technically be left empty as you do have enough damage from your cards and by omitting one sub, you technically hasten your clear time due to less animation. However adding in more Killer cards can help expand your colour coverage and options for matching on each floor.

With the above set up, you don’t technically need any inherits, but it is highly advantageous to either run a sub or Weapon Inherit with Jammer resist Jammer Resist awakening. This is because Cerberus will change 2 random colours to jammers and this can greatly diminish your consistency if your specific colours are removed. Thus, having as close to 100% will greatly improve your chances of success.

For example, you could run Moogle 2763 as a sub for 40% Jammer Resistance and pair with a Zeus Verse friend with a weapon inherit for another 40%. Having Poison Resist Poison resist may feel appealing, but is not as crucial as the only spawn that makes Poison orbs will also produce at least 3 of each colour.

Regardless of which team you run, make sure you have 100% Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist.

Finally, you want to run the Mass Attack solo mode badge to deal with floors that have multiple spawns to remove the need for TPA or matching 5 connected orbs.

Dungeon layout

Due to the notion of trying to 1 combo every floor (with the exception of Cauchemar on Floor 11), you want to plan out which specific colour you are required to match to sweep the floor. This will vary  from team to team so just match your specific Killer with the boss spawn and memorize the colour you need to match.

Using the above team template, the following chart will help myself play through the dungeon.

Indigo Tournament
Colour to match
1  Dragon Killer Devil killer
Fire Water Green Light Dark
2  37  Fire
3  37 Devil killer
Green Light Dark
4  Balance killer
5  Devil killer 37 Green Light / TPA Dark
6  God Killer Balance killer  Fire
7  Balance killer 
Light  Dark
8   37
Fire Water Light / TPA Dark
9   Dragon Killer 37
10   physical killer Machine Killer
Fire Water Green Light Dark
11   Devil killer
5 Combos 
12   42
Fire Water Green Light Dark
13   Devil killer
Green / 4 Dark
14   Devil killerphysical killer
15   Devil killer

Current position

After doing the above video, I played a few more runs and managed to achieve what may be a safe score. Skyfalls on Belial and Indigo made me lose at least 1,000 points.


The Indigo Tournament puts an interesting twist on the puzzling aspect in that we want to match as few combos as possible. With that being said, it will have 15 turns of luck involved as each unwanted skyfall will result in a slower clear time.

Let me know what you have been using for this dungeon and where you plan to save time while playing through.

Happy Puzzling!

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39 thoughts on “Indigo Tournament – Tips and Strategies”

  1. It’s hilarious that the run I screwed up this morning ended with something like only 30 seconds left and still got almost 20%. It will steadily drop of course, but goes to show how fat the bottom is going to be on this tournament.


  2. i keep getting the godly skill falls that i never get in regular dungeons. how the hell do i get 15 combos when going for 2. making my runs super long waiting for all the combos to finish. 😛


  3. Very nice guide. I have this up to stare at while I try the dungeon and I’m sure other people do too, so I’d recommend adding a quick “heal” note to the floors where you have to hit Mito and then match. I’m clueless enough to have hit the orb to move twice now before healing.

    Also, I think fl 10 is wrong unless I misunderstood your chart. You seem to say that a single combo of any color can kill but it definitely can’t, here’s what I came up with testing 1 combo damage:

    Chasers have (at most) 851370 health.
    — Single dark: 505 125 (Zeus = 2x 162000, Kiri = 181125)
    — Single blue: 783 450 (Kiri = 543375, No 6 = 240075)
    — Single green: 395 550 (Mito)
    — Single red: 720 000 (No 6)
    — Single light: 1 049 629 (Zeus = 2x 462102, Mito = 125425)
    Assumes team is Verse, Kiri, No 6, Mito, [empty], Verse, all +297

    So the ways to kill are probably:
    – One combo Light
    – One combo of whatever color your flex sub is
    – Two combos of any (most?) colors
    – Whatever color has advantage vs. the chaser that spawns

    … And you have to be careful with color disadvantage too since any color Chaser can spawn.

    If you F up, he spends a turn charging up (and doesn’t hit you) so you can just match a second time and still make well into 10%, but it’s not a perfect run.

    You can use a sub with Physical or Machine killer – the obvious one is Fuma (who also provides 3x Jammer resist) but in that case you’re matching light, and you don’t need Fuma to kill that floor with light. I may try Bridget; that will enable 3 single combos to kill (light, red, or blue) without any worry about color advantage.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m using a team

    Cotton (base)
    No 6
    Ideal dark

    I’ve completed it 6 times and haven’t got the clear on time yet 😦

    Around 49%


  5. Thanks for the guide! I used your build, substituting Shazel in and using Revo Ama for the flex spot. Got my highest rank ever — 22% (for now). Pretty excited about it, as my previous high was 44% 🙂


  6. i basically just got through this with dual Edwards and Killer cards like Leona. No where near a high rank but I don’t have a Zeus Verse so i will settle for the free stone.


  7. I find it lame that everyone is being pushed into making zeus verse to get top scores.. I’m a stubborn bull so I haven’t, and won’t any time soon, make him. I wanna do well with what I already have at my disposal, not go out of my way to make something I probably would never use again o-o


    1. At least it is a farmable leader. It would be terrible if the ideal leader was something that was 6* GFE or rare Collab etc

      Also, Zeus Verse has merits in owning as an efficient farming leader along with a powerful gravity so it is worth making overall


  8. Great post and helped me get 13%. Best on any previous tournament was 41%. Too many skyfall combos!

    In response to Kediset: If you have Kiri then Verse is worth it for the New Gravity. Of course you have to be OK grinding a little …


      1. Verse
        No. 6

        One each machine, attacker and physical latents, friend has 3 balance latents. Currently sitting at 9.7%.


  9. I got around 21% running a Kamimusubi team, only thing is I got unlucky with the orbs, and my board changers weren’t up.


  10. Without Zeus Verse I got into the 2nd teir (18%) using Azathoth instead. For the flex sub I needed Shazel to double up with Mito to one-shot the boss. For the team badge I needed 50% boost to skill bind resist.

    Pretty sick that one lead was so instrumental for topping out this dungeon. My hopes for a crown are dashed again – not that I think I deserve one!


  11. The skyfall is abysmal. 3 same color orbs can fall with one combo. 😦 Not one perfect run for me since it started, can’t get to 1%
    I feel so defeated lol.


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