Sub Carnival is a Trap


The Sub Carnival is a promoted event by GHNA and is absolutely terrifying. Players should stay as far away as possible from this event as it features a horrible roster of what are the “top 15 subs.”

This article will try and explain the featured list along with providing insight on potential high-profile events that could come to North America.

Regardless of whether or not you read the entire article, DO NOT ROLL IN SUB CARNIVAL.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

This is not a Godfest

The Sub Carnival is not a Godfest and this alone should be a large red flag as players will not be able to roll any 6/7-star Godfest Exclusives.

Generally speaking, 6/7-star Godfest Exclusives are some of the strongest cards available and the 6-star ones have become invaluable as trade fodder via the Monster Exchange. Players are able to trade in four 6-star GFE for a single Collab card (5-stone machine) and this removes the need to actually roll in the event. As such, it is highly advantageous to try and stock up on these cards as it will enable one to acquire a top tier monster.

Top 15 subs

When one thinks of a top-tier sub in Puzzle and Dragons, the presented list does not come to mind and this is because this event excludes Collab monsters, Godfest Exclusives, MP Shop Exclusive monsters, Monsters that only appear in special Rare Egg Machines, and Dungeon monsters.

As a result, players are left with a watered down list of candidates that is restricted to regular Pantheon cards. Furthermore, most of the featured Pantheon cards are old (and common) which means more players own them. Thus, the list contains many of the oldest cards in the game simply because more players own them; however, a modestly developed Monster Box would not use the vast majority of the presented subs:


  1. Reincarnated Haku 
  2. Reincarnated Tsukuyomi 
  3. Awoken Tachibana Ginchiyo 
  4. Reincarnated Karin Awoken Karin
  5. Reincarnated Ra 3273
  6. Reincarnated LeilanAwoken Leilan
  7. Alluring Songstress, Diaochan 
  8. Reincarnated Kushinadahime 
  9. Reincarnated Indra 3449
  10. Reincarnated Meimei MeiMei
  11. Reincarnated Viper Orochi 3386
  12. Reincarnated Isis 
  13. Awoken Nohime 
  14. Reincarnated Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao Awoken DQXQ
  15. Reincarnated Sakuya 

Each featured card has a 1.5% rolling rate.

From the above list, Tachibana , Nohime , Indra 3449, Orochi 3386, Haku , and Diaochan  can be considered viable in this current meta as a sub even taking into consideration a much deeper Monster Box. Regardless, this is a horrible event and should be avoided.

Potential events in the near future

Due to the fact that North America is 2-3 months behind JP content, we are able to see into the future and somewhat predict what events will come our way. Of course there is no official guarantee that we will receive the same event as JP, but we usually receive the same non-Collab events.

7’s Super Godfest

There will probably be a better name for this event, but it is to mark YamaP achieving rank 777 in JP. As a result, there is another Super Godfest that will cost 7 Magic Stones, but will also ensure all rolls come out as a 7-star. Sadly, it will mirror the most recent Super Godfest we had in which evolved Pantheon cards can still come out (~75%), but for this event, they will be in their Awoken form if possible.

Despite the higher cost to roll, it will most likely be the best non-Collab/seasonal event for a long time. Furthermore, this is not an anniversary for JP so it would make sense that we received this 2-3 months from now.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World debuted on PC and there may be a chance (nothing confirmed) that we may have the Monster Hunter Collab return. Of course this may be a long shot, but the Monster Hunter Collab is one of the strongest events in the game and even just having the chance at rolling in it is far better than this Sub Carnival.

Beach/Summer REM

Due to the fact that NA is 2-3 months behind JP, we will receive the Beach/Summer REM around Halloween. This event has been significantly improved due to Limit Breaking/Super Awakenings along with several new and powerful cards. Furthermore, players will be able to utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the more powerful cards.


The Sub Carnival is a huge trap and should be avoided as much as possible. Virtually any other event will be better than this carnival and the best course of action is to simply save your Magic Stones.

Happy Puzzling!

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6 thoughts on “Sub Carnival is a Trap”

  1. Hey mantastic,
    I know you’ve done videos and write ups on mp farming before but I can’t seem to find them. Can you give me the title of the article to help me search your database or tell me which dungeons I should focus on to farm MP. Thanks.


    1. MP farming is mostly rogue descends in coop as it is half stamina and enables you to swipe/button through them

      I am having difficulty finding a specific article, but rogue descends are the best spot overall


      1. Awesome thanks. I’m probably going to spend the next few months and try to farm out a ton of MP when not playing during certain events.


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