Courage Ranking Dungeon Score Tracking

What is this?

I plan to pin the current daily NA Ranking Dungeon chart compiled by pandaa for the duration of the Ranking Tournament. Due to the fact that I am usually not awake at Midnight, it may take some time for the new current day to be added.

Generally speaking, NA tends to start significantly higher than JP on non-fixed teams as we are able to see the top strategies right away. This leads to much higher scores early on, but also a faster plateau as players hit their maximum potential. With that being said, NA should be able to score higher on non-fixed teams due to the fact that we have more time to prepare and have the winning strategies already made.

On the other hand, being 2-3 months behind JP provides little benefit for Fixed Teams as the strategy is to usually just puzzle your way through.

Use these charts as a rough guideline for your own scores and possible rewards.

Due to Matching Bonus, NA will have approximately 1.5k more points than JP with the exact same score

Current day NA cutoff for Crown: 132,358
JP Crown: 132,808

Current day NA cutoff for Magic Stone & Courage: 116,454
JP Xiu Min and Magic Stone: 116,700

Corresponding article detailing teams and strategies are coming soon.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “Courage Ranking Dungeon Score Tracking”

  1. Ran a combo team. Ed and Odin dragon must for last floor heal with bind clear, with diablo friend. Rest were to try and hit as many combo bonuses as possible. Hit 134,750 with a 10.6 combo count. Got 2800 combo bonus, and plenty of damage for threshold. Should get my next crown.


        1. Did some research for when you get match bonus. Multiple types of awakenings dont stack but if you hit multiple different awakenings they do. For example a guard break trigger with L combo gets 800 bonus points. Maybe easier would be guard break w/ 1 TPA would be 450 bonus points.


  2. I use a special team which able to achieve bi-color borad for 7 turns and skill only for the rest of 2 turns. I am now 136,306 at top 0.3%, this is the highest position I have ever been.


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