10-Stone Seasonal Godfest Review – December 2018


Starting on Monday, December 3rd, North America will be enjoying a 10-stone Seasonal Godfest. This special Godfest will last for 1 week and be broken up into two parts with each part featuring a different line up.

Furthermore, all rolls will come out at 7-stars (evolved and Awoken if possible), +297, max Level, and max Awoken. This is akin to the previous Voice Godfest in that each roll will cost 10 Stones so it would not be a far stretch to assume that the rolling rates should be similar (around 33% chance for any GFE/Seasonal card).

If that is the case, this would be a wonderful event as these rates would be hard to beat; however, the actual roster this time around feels less potent simply because the Seasonal cards featured do not come from 10-Stone machines with several of the Seasonal cards having lower value. Of course, the inclusion of Beach Barbara & Julie  will be tempting for players who missed her the first time around.

North America has just received another 100 Magic Stones plus 52 from the special Anniversary Quests along with various log-in bonuses. As such, players are most likely saturated with Magic Stones and are hungry to spend them.

In terms of other high-value events on the near horizon, the Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) should be happening soon. Historically speaking, PCGF has been an underwhelming affair simply because the rates were abysmal for GFE. With that being said, the most recent PCGF occurred prior to disclosed rolling rates and GungHo has improved the chances for these types of events. Furthermore, it is quite likely that the NA PCGF will debut the new 7-star GFE who come with Orb Skins (cosmetic changes to orbs) and will probably mirror the rates of the JP debut Godfest.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is hard to say which event is better to roll in: Seasonal Godfest or PCGF and we will not know the rolling rates of either until they go live along with the PCGF roster.

As such, the decision of whether or not to roll comes down to your individual Monster Box needs but generally speaking, high value Godfests are used to acquire as many GFE as possible. From there, the GFE are used as trade fodder for seasonal/collab events such as the Full Metal Alchemist (Edward ) which overlaps with Seasonal Godfest.

One last point to consider is that there is nothing on the horizon in terms of high value event after PCGF as NA is 2-3 months behind JP and no other major event has been announced.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Featured cards

The Seasonal Godfest is split into two parts with a different set of cards being featured but no information on Highlights or rolling rates has been disclosed. Generally speaking, Highlighted cards have a higher chance of being rolled compared to non-Highlighted cards of the same rarity: GFE or Pantheon.

Based on the previous Voice Godfest line up, there was an astounding 33% chance of rolling any 6/7* GFE or 7* Heroine card. Even when factoring in the 10-stone cost, these are pretty fantastic rates overall as a regular Godfest has a 10-11% chance of a GFE for 5 Magic Stones.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the Seasonal Godfest will mirror those rates but it would be surprising if it was significantly less.

GungHo NA has released a partial Monster Line Up and has stressed that these are not Highlighted Monsters and we will have to check in game to see the Highlights and rolling rates.

The following are the Partial Monster Line Ups released by GHNA and it would not be a far stretch to assume that the rest of the line up will be filled with 5-star Pantheon filler.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

Part 1 Partial Line Up (No disclosed rates yet)


Part 2 Partial Line Up (No disclosed rates yet)


Looking at the Partial Line Up, Part 1’s main appeal will be Beach Barbara & Julie  along with Ryune , Ameno , and Yog  providing some additional zest. Unfortunately, Neys  are inferior to Cottons  while the other non-repeated cards having less value overall.

By comparison, Day 2 features Wedding Rushana  and Beach Yog  for noteworthy Seasonals along with the Cottons, Dark Metatron , Fujin , and the new Mega Awoken Sherias Roots  and Baldin . With this in mind, if a player is missing every featured card, Day 2 feels significantly stronger as it offers a wide variety of powerful subs, inherits, and leaders. Of course, this is a subjective opinion and your own Monster Box and individual needs will dictate what is best for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that this event lasts for a week with Part 2 occurring at the end. This means it is possible to wait until the last day to see if PCGF is announced/revealed or any other noteworthy event.

To roll or not to roll

As of Sunday (the day before Part 1 begins), I am skeptical mostly because we do not know the full roster or rolling rates of this event. Even if the rolling rates mirror the Voice Godfest, I feel that waiting until PCGF will be more advantageous simply because it should be featuring more ideal cards including Pantheons such as Izanagi  and I&I .

With that being said, if your goal is to acquire Edward  from the overlapping Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) Collab, acquiring Trade Fodder from the Seasonal Godfest would most likely be a more efficient use of your Magic Stones as it is doubtful PCGF will also overlap with FMA.

Rolling in any Rare Egg Machine will always be a gamble and it is possible to end up on the wrong end of the bell curve but we still need to roll in order to progress in the game.

In my opinion, the best way to “catch up” to Powercreep is to save up Magic Stones and then roll heavily in a high value event in order to acquire as many meta cards as possible. Once done, one can begin hoarding Stones again until the next “big thing” is released and hopefully catch up again. With this in mind, the Seasonal Godfest and PCGF could be a great way to do so.


The 10-Stone Seasonal Godfest has the potential to be a strong event if the rolling rates mirror those of the previous Voice Godfest. As a whole Part 2 feels stronger simply because it features more valuable cards but as stated above, these are not Highlights and is only a Partial roster.

Upon going live on Monday, the rolling rates and full roster will be revealed which should give players a better indication of what to expect and whether or not they should spend their Magic Stones

Let me know what you plan on doing for this event in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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35 thoughts on “10-Stone Seasonal Godfest Review – December 2018”

  1. Great work as always! And I may throw in two rolls to the 10 stone event just for kicks. The FMA one..I got burned last time (2 Armstrongs and 3 Winry’s) but I’ll try it and hope I’ll get better luck. While Ed is damn good, I’m totally in love with Barbara and Julie.


  2. The first time 100 Stones came around, I created a new account on my tablet (got reeche, Saline, Madoo, Sylvie, Uranus etc).
    Was a great start considering that everything came in the maximum level and +297.
    So, I plan to roll again in part 2 there, but in my main account, I have no idea what I’m going to do …
    I don’t feel like needing anything there right now… :/ just Uruka, maybe Madoo to pair with my tablet and some decent Subs for Dmeta, but I don’t know if it’s worth burning 100 stones for only 10 rolls, knowing that Madoo will hardly Pop-up from any egg.
    In another hand pcgf REM have been proven season after season, not be my beautiful 777 machine, and got a lot of trash from there in the past years.
    At least the seasonal REM can give me monster points and eggs in the worst case scenario.
    But I’ll follow your advice and wait until the last day to make a decision.

    Thanks for the review.


    1. If nothing looks truly appealing, I would wait as it sounds like you are “caught up” with Powercreep

      As such, you can keep hoarding stones until the next big thing and have even more resources to play with

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t resist hahaha
        Did a few rolls and got Dark Orochi and my first Cotton.
        For my Yuki/Reeche team, wich cotton should I use? Blue with Andy Bogard inherited, or Light (healer 🙂 ) with Ginchiyo inherited?
        Btw… Ginchiyo x Astraea for assistance, the Tachibana 2 combos justifies the almost double CD?


  3. Level 600, but love the +297, and the witches cards. In mind is that after this, they will probably release a new meta card. However, I do have a decent Yusuke team
    On the se token, cottons and neys seem to be the staple for subs ofany leaders. May burn at least 6 rolls – 1 free, plus 50 stones.


  4. I rolled in 12 times on this banner, as I didnt rolled on last super godfest, and used my 100 stones on DBDC and got no ideal…rolled a lugh, awoken freia,ryunne,aife, aten, awoken nene, awoken fryr,ea,, hestia, veroah, fenrir viz, blodin, and when I was about to rant about my luck I got Barbara and julie..I was amazed as I lacked a good leader..then I noticed the GFE I got were dupes..so I ended up getting Ed by using only dupes not damaging my box even a little..so yeah pretty good to me…as far as future event I dont think there is anything else they can bring that makes me regret using all my stones

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Honestly, I am really conflicted right now. You see, I pulled Yog very early on on my main account, and for months I have been trying to put together a light team for my alt account to work with him in multiplayer, but I never got any really good light leaders in godfests. So, the Fullmetal Alchemist collab comes around, and to my astonishment, I managed to pull Edward on both accounts under 5 rolls. So, since we just got another 100 stones, I decided to roll on the godfest with my alt, and on my first roll I got a Yog there as well, so right now I don’t know who should I use as a leader…


  6. I have 3 morrigu and 2 gronia. I don’t have any other dupes of 6* GFE. Should I trade all my morrigu and one of my gronia for Edward?


      1. I don’t have any other exchangeable monsters that I don’t use often :/ but that may change with the Godfests/FMA Egg Machine.

        For my team, I’m not 100% sure. I have BeachTachibana, Enra, Uranus, Zela, Reeche, Veroah, Nohime, Gabriel, Uriel, Nees, RGuanYu, Indra, Orochi, AvalonDrake, Baal, Yog, PixelVaan, DiaoChan, Raijin, WeddingRaijin, Gronia, and Roots to name a few. And it wouldn’t be hard for me to get OdinDragon or Orpharion.

        Honestly I’ve never been a good team builder, I usually run different variations in each of the Ultimate Endless Corriders to see what works best for me.


        1. Main issue I see with the list you presented is a lack of 7c Light cards

          Yes you can use other colours, but they will not benefit from Edward’s leader skill along with having less synergy with any board changers used

          With that in mind, I would not be inclined to exchange for Edward


  7. rolled all in my alt and got bride raijin…….and that was it………..havent rolled in my main. could just be bad luck but rates seem worse than voice gf


    1. hino is on part 2 of this event as well. although if all you want it for is the bonus attack, the light and dark indian 2 (light is in part 1, dark is in part 2) have taken over that spot, doing more than double bonus damage


  8. Two Lughs & one Ea to complete, two wedding Raijins, three Awoken Anubis, Fenrir Vis, Uranus. ignition, & fouth Acala. Wanted Magoo & Ney, but may wait for the one after to get Sheria Roots & Baldin so that I won’t have to convert the other two from Max skill to level one.


  9. Alright! So I have a good question I believe 🙂 …. will we ever be able to trade witches? I pulled and extra zela and saline…. don’t know what to do with them!


  10. Have Ed team (just got 2 Eds and Al)
    Ed (Ed)/Ideal (Avidya)/Al (Reeche)/OdinDra (Kralice)/Hexazeon(Indra)

    Have about 20 stones, should i roll pt.2 for dmeta?
    team would be Dmeta/Planar/Uranus/Eir/I&I


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