Roll the Extreme Rare Monster Carnival PEM


Today marks the debut of a brand new Pal Egg Machine (PEM) line up for North America and is 100% worth rolling in.

This is because it will always pop out an evolved descend boss who can be converted into Evolution Gems via the Monster Exchange system along with possibly giving rare prizes like Borma or Machine Goemon.


I rolled every single Pal Point I had saved and should be well set for Evolution Gems for the foreseeable future.



Just do it Nike

Happy Puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “Roll the Extreme Rare Monster Carnival PEM”

  1. Hey Mantasic,

    Should any of these pulls NOT be converted to gems? If so, which ones do you recommend keeping for potential teams?


  2. I was really happy was able to get 50 or so new cards. This got me to the magic 1500 to get my plus 2 second team bonus. Really helps on my Youske and Dark metatron teams.


  3. As a new player, should I not be using these cards on my teams? Are most only worth converting to gems despite high star ratings?


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