January 2020 10 Magic Stone Super Seasonal Godfest


The highly anticipated 10 Magic Stone Seasonal Super Godfest (SSG) has been announced for this coming Monday (Jan. 27) and is one of the more exciting events due to the chance in acquiring Godfest Exclusives along with rare Seasonal cards.

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones along with approximately 33% chance for any Godfest Exclusive (6 or 7-star) and has become the norm/baseline for what we look for in a Godfest. As such, the collateral benefits are what will separate a regular event from a stellar one.

With this in mind, the Seasonal Super Godfest follows this rolling rate archetype but removes some Godfest Exclusives and replaces them with various Seasonal cards. In the case of the upcoming event, the Wedding and Beach top rarity cards will also be available. This is important for players who are interested in these cards because their respective Egg Machines are flooded with poor low value cards.

Of course, most Pantheon cards are still lackluster, but there is a significantly higher chance of rolling something of value in a Seasonal Super Godfest compared to a Seasonal Egg Machine.

This article will take a closer look at the upcoming Seasonal Super Godfest to provide players with a better understanding of how much value this event may or may not hold along with Magic Stone spending recommendations moving forward.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

History of Super Godfests

A long time ago on a smart phone far far away, Godfests used to only cost 5 Magic Stones along with virtually no Collabs or Seasonal cards along with the vast majority of the strong cards being available in the same Egg Machine.

Eventually, GungHo released the first Super Godfest which doubled the Magic Stone cost to 10 whilst also providing much stronger rolling rates and various collateral benefits (max level, +297, etc.). Needless to say, it was a success due to the much higher chance of acquiring a Godfest Exclusive who were slowly widening the gap between Pantheon cards from a power/usability point of view, especially when 7* GFE were introduced.

At the same time, Seasonal and Collab cards have become stronger and it is my belief that this occurred because it is more profitable to have players roll across numerous Egg Machines when chasing for strong cards as there is no overlap compared to the days when the original Player’s Choice Godfests featured essentially every meta/top tier card in a single event.

Fast forward to today where essentially all of the good cards are locked behind top rarity Collab/Seasonal events or 7* Godfest Exclusives. This has created a situation where players have to either roll across numerous events to build powerful teams or utilize the Monster Exchange System after acquiring enough Trade Fodder.

Taking all of this into consideration, the main appeal for a Seasonal Super Godfest is that players are able to acquire high rarity/valuable cards from several different events in a single Egg Machine.

Upcoming Seasonal Super Godfest

The upcoming Seasonal Super Godfest features top rarity cards from the Beach and Wedding events alongside various 6/7* Godfest Exclusives.

In the past, it was a matter of waiting for key cards to overlap and be featured in the same event. While this is much harder nowadays, Seasonal Super Godfests may be the best time to do so assuming you are interested in the Beach and Wedding cards.

In the previous Seasonal Super Godfest, I was was able to roll essentially all the top rarity Beach and a modest number of Halloween cards and is the only reason why I have Halloween Cotton , Beach Fujin , and Beach Eschamali . Furthermore, there have been other similar events in the past and it is where I tend to acquire the majority of my high rarity Seasonal cards.

As such, this event which now features the 9* Seasonal cards has the potential to be quite Fantastic as those are normally chase cards that are locked behind bad events.

Thus, players can potentially save on Trade Fodder and directly roll the target card while having a total of around 33% for any GFE/Seasonal card. For myself, this is the main appeal for the event and I would spend some stones here if the Beach or Wedding cards are appealing. Furthermore, it is potentially a way to stock up on Trade Fodder as Seasonal cards are often used as possible options for various Collabs.

Other places to spend Magic Stones

Due to the fact that we tend to be around 1.5-2 months behind the JP server, we are able to plan our Magic Stone usage better but at the same time, future events should in always be stronger due to how Powercreep impacts both dungeons and Egg Machines.

The difference between two back to back months may be small but over time it can add up. As such, the best way to stay abreast with Powercreep is to hoard Magic Stones and roll during a strong event. This helps players “catch up” and in the case of the Seasonal Super Godfest, they have a similar chase for any kind of Trade Fodder (around 33%) but can also directly roll the chase cards they may have wanted to trade for.

How important this will be depends on your own individual Monster Box and goals.

In terms of notable future events, we will be having Yu Gi Oh Collab in North America sometime in the near future as it was announced on their official Stream but no confirmed date. On the other hand, there will be new 7* Godfest Exclusives being released in a future Super Godfest who amusingly features a Transforming leader who is a wonderful pairing for the top rarity Yu Gi Oh leader. Finally, Sword Art Online has returned for a second time in JP and since we did have this event in NA, there is a possibility it will return.

Do I plan to roll?

I may do a few rolls in the Seasonal Super Godfest as I am missing all of the Wedding cards along with some of the Beach ones along with all of the featured 7* GFE except Madoo. With that being said, even if I did roll a duplicate GFE, they can simply be put towards Trade Fodder and if I were to roll a Seasonal cards I do not own, I would view it as a big win due to the fact that they are nice to have but I would not Monster Exchange for them.


Seasonal Super Godfests tend to be stronger events compared to regular Super Godfests because it gives players the opportunity to directly roll a chase card while having the security of 1/3 rolls being a valuable card.

This is a far cry from Seasonal events where they are incredibly top heavy and while many of the higher rarity cards are nice to have, they would often not be worth trading for.

As such, I tend to view Seasonal Super Godfests as a place to acquire Trade Fodder (like regular Super Godfests) but having a reasonable chance to acquire top rarity Seasonal cards.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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47 thoughts on “January 2020 10 Magic Stone Super Seasonal Godfest”

  1. I think there are like, 2 instances in the article where you said the seasonals included were from the beach and New Years events, when it is actually the beach and wedding event?


  2. Seeing this SGF on JP was what motivated me to save up all of the daily 5 stones given so far. Maybe it’s bc I don’t have a very developed monster box, but I feel like I’m significantly more hyped for this event than a lot of players?

    Like, I’m really short on trade fodder (can’t afford anything, not even for the 5-stone events without nuking my box) and don’t have most of these seasonals, so rolling a lot here seems like a good option for me.

    I know many ppl are looking to chase Yugi and see this SSGF as comparatively not unique, but that seems very whale and heavily dependent on having trade fodder? I will roll to get some weapon assists in Yu Gi Oh, but I’m not sinking stones into getting subs for an optimal Yugi team.


    1. Well everyone has different goals along with monster boxes to work with so if you feel this is worth while for yourself, it is

      If your goal is trade fodder, I personally prefer SSG > SG simply because you can roll that chase card here along with ~33% for useful things

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to see you back! Hope you are getting better!
    I’ve been saving quite a lot (almost 600) stones on my main as I am really looking forward to roll this one…The last PCSGF was very disappointing to me…My main has no top cards from the Wedding or Beach events, so hopefully I can roll some good ones 🙂
    Good luck to everyone! Stay healthy and happy!


  4. I might skip this entirely and blow my stones on Yugioh. Fond memories of playing Yugioh card game with my son. I had a lot of luck on the last PCGF with 6/10 rolls as GFE’s, so I am flush on dupes for trade fodder!


  5. I am facing a hard decision here, BVeroah can definitely help me clear AA3 more consistently, but Yugioh is more iconic, can’t really decide which one to waste my stones on


    1. SSG can be thought of as a hunt for trader fodder with the chance of acquiring rare cards along the way

      Yugioh has many strong cards and a fantastic leader but also has weapon assists across all rarities

      What do you want most right now sub/leader/inheirt /fodder wise?


  6. Glad to see you back!

    I had pretty great luck. 5 rolls gave me BZela and B&J. My dream roll was BVeroah but BZela was close enough and adds damage to my already stacked DKarin/Knight/HCotton/NYYomi team.

    B&J is welcomed as well to add some variety.


    1. Glad to be back!

      And congrats on your rolls! I find BJ a reliable and safe leader for easy-hard content. On a tangent, I use her for the Sonia challenge and practice optimal boards with her bicolour


  7. I shoulda skipped this entirely probably or given up after maybe 5 pulls. I did 11 and only got awoken pantheon cards unfortunately. Shoulda just kept saving for Yugioh like I planned but I was hoping for some fodder at least if not some new stuff.


      1. Yeah I know it’s just bad luck, but I just had hoped it might be different =) And a bit annoyed since I overspent on pulling on it when I had been saving most of the free stones for the upcoming Yugioh event. I still have some for that but less than I originally had budgeted obviously. Oh well that’s life with these games, just annoying.


          1. Well they were looking rough but on my 14th pull I got yugi and my 15th got me a bakura so I was pretty happy. Before that I got a fortress dragon and dark magician so I think I can piece together a yugi team.


      2. I…COULDN’T…STAY…STRONG!!! 12 rolls: Brides Zela, Eschamali and Raijin plus red dracoblade and Summer Yogg. really lucky last 2 god fests, so I am due to wipe out on Yugioh 😦


  8. Do you think the Pantheon -> Event Medal exchange is worth it? As a veteran player with 4x and 5x pantheon dupes and 30+ medals, I’m not sure which option has more future value…


    1. Me personally, once I start hitting 4 I check to see if I can have one for each evo, just in case something good pops up, I’ll evo an extra for an assist skill if it’s good.

      I’ve so many copies of Okunushi, Anubis… Thank you for reminding me to clean out my boxes a bit.

      Minus Panda-Chan, I will always keep her around.


  9. 11 rolls and only 3 6-star GFE… That’s only slightly below the rates so I can’t really complain.

    On the bright side, I also got my first Izanagi (my scrapped DMeta team can finally be at its full power!), 2 Mori Motonari, and all 3 GFE I rolled were ROdin for a total of 4 base ROdin in my box and 1 in its Mega Awoken form.

    I rolled for trade fodder, and I guess this means the next time a good collab card takes ROdin, I can snipe it rather easily? Overall, I’m not bummed but I’ll wait until the end of this SGF to roll some more. I’m trying to stockpile trade fodder rather than chase anything for the moment.


      1. Yes, I’m going to roll a bit in YGO for the weapon assists. Mostly, I just want Kuriboh and Mystical Elf, and that shouldn’t be too hard unless RNG decides to troll me…

        I already got 2 Winged Dragon from the memorial rolls, don’t know if that’s good or bad for now. Depending on my luck with the SSGF, I might consider trading for Yugi?

        But overall, I’m more inclined to be stingy about my stones with YGO and keep my trade fodder.

        Here’s hoping my subsequent rolls in the SSGF won’t be bad, my plan is to drop ~100 of my 300 stones on it… ;~;


  10. Did 9 rolls to stop at Fagan Rai. Keeping extra Lashkmi, Wedding Eschmali, Halloween Gremory, and Madoo. Fed the rest to 6* Kaimen Rider with an accidental extra Skuld to feed one of the. Done where all I need is the White Dracoblade.to be finished with Godfest exclusives.


  11. 6 for me started with Sherias, then andromeda,set, and yomato tekura. Got mad and gave myself 2 more. Pulled bride scheat the beach Veroah. I am now for sure, no more pulling, done…… Until Yugioh.


  12. My pulls were Great: Light Fog, Shelling Ford, ROdin, B&J, Yog-Sothoth, June Bride Scheat & Sherias Roots all great. Others: Ares, Kudishahime, Set, Archdemon Lucifer


  13. Honestly i think the real issue is not exactly “is it worth rolling?” but how much is worth rolling..
    I have enough fodder to trade for Yugi but you still need to hit a few specific rolls in that collab to make him useful AND as you mentioned it’s always a good idea to have some backup stones in case something truly good gets a surprise release.
    I tend not rolling unless i plan of using at least 200 stones to minimize bad luck but it may be a bad habit since it adversely hinders any possibility of GOOD luck, so it’s always a problem i face with those good chances godfest.


      1. My plan was to roll Yugi first then decide what to do.
        I ended rolling 31 times without a single 7*, i got a single Dark Magician and 3 Bakura, at that point i decided to cut my losses and traded for Yugi.
        Then i rolled 9 times on SSG got Bride Sheat and Blujin.
        I still have 400 stones left but basically i got screwed up pretty bad as i don’t have any trade fodder left.
        I might trade for something on SAO collab since it uses 6* fodder.

        Even with all this i’m kinda satisfied since i ended up with a good new team anyway with a decent amount of stones left for the future.


  14. One yolo roll and I got Blujin. I’ll leave it at that and save for YuGiOh now. Very satisfied after 2/31 8* on NY rem


      1. I couldn’t help myself so I rolled again. And I got Bride Rajin!! This is probably the best I’ve ever done on a machine before.


  15. Against my better judgment, I rolled a few times and got Wedding Scheat and Wedding Rushana… are these good on any teams in particular?


    1. Wedding Rushana can lead with her farmable self and the 7 by 6 and 5-second orb movement time in her LS makes her very potent. Wedding Scheat has merit for her AS but her being reliant on TPA makes her less desirable. Especially with Goury being a better and faster column maker with a more potent but 1 turn light skyfall.


    2. Rushana can function as a potent VDP solution but at the same time, I do feel like Wood is starting to fall behind.

      As for Scheat, she is a monstrous TPA option that I have seen in various ranking or farming builds and Superman teams


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