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January 2020 10 Magic Stone Super Seasonal Godfest


The highly anticipated 10 Magic Stone Seasonal Super Godfest (SSG) has been announced for this coming Monday (Jan. 27) and is one of the more exciting events due to the chance in acquiring Godfest Exclusives along with rare Seasonal cards.

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones along with approximately 33% chance for any Godfest Exclusive (6 or 7-star) and has become the norm/baseline for what we look for in a Godfest. As such, the collateral benefits are what will separate a regular event from a stellar one.

With this in mind, the Seasonal Super Godfest follows this rolling rate archetype but removes some Godfest Exclusives and replaces them with various Seasonal cards. In the case of the upcoming event, the Wedding and Beach top rarity cards will also be available. This is important for players who are interested in these cards because their respective Egg Machines are flooded with poor low value cards.

Of course, most Pantheon cards are still lackluster, but there is a significantly higher chance of rolling something of value in a Seasonal Super Godfest compared to a Seasonal Egg Machine.

This article will take a closer look at the upcoming Seasonal Super Godfest to provide players with a better understanding of how much value this event may or may not hold along with Magic Stone spending recommendations moving forward.

Video commentary

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History of Super Godfests

A long time ago on a smart phone far far away, Godfests used to only cost 5 Magic Stones along with virtually no Collabs or Seasonal cards along with the vast majority of the strong cards being available in the same Egg Machine. Continue reading January 2020 10 Magic Stone Super Seasonal Godfest

Beach REM Review and Analysis – August 2019


Ready for some fun in the sun? Ready to hit the beach with your new swim suit? I for one am personally forsaking the idea of having a beach body as I am getting old and grey in the hair. Regardless, the Beach REM returns to North America and comes with some new buffs/evolutions along with two brand new cards including Veroah in a bikini! With that being said, I am truly surprised that Beach Zela was not chosen as the new top-rarity card but I can see the overlap with Beach Yog’s active.

Unfortunately, this event is horribly top heavy which may make players think twice before spending Magic Stones. This is because the lower rarity cards have failed to receive meaningful buffs (or any changes for that matter). As such, if you are truly GungHo for a certain card, it may be best to utilize the Monster Exchange system instead of rolling. Furthermore, many Super Godfests feature Seasonal cards and is how I acquired most of my 8-star monsters from this event. As such, waiting for those can be another viable way to acquire these cards while also having stronger miss-rolls.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to give you a better understanding of what is in store within this event.

Video commentary

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Beach REM Pros & Cons – August 15, 2019
  • 5 Magic Stones per roll
    • Friendly Monster Exchange rates
  • BJ received a huge buff
  • Adds depth for Water-oriented players
  • Actually came in the Summer
  • Terribly top-heavy event
    • Low rarity cards have low value
    • Many Troll Diamonds


Beach REM Rarities
9-Star Base
8-Star Base  
7-Star Base B Meta B Sonia B Pandora  
6-Star Base summer urd B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi
5-Star Base B Kurone B Fuu
4-Star Base B Goemon B Navi


Beach REM Rankings – August 15, 2019
A B Meta
B B Sonia
B Pandora  summer urd B Goemon B Navi
D B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi B Kurone B Fuu

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should almost always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

Continue reading Beach REM Review and Analysis – August 2019