New GFE – Fasca & Nelle Review


Today marks the debut of Nelle and Fasca who are incredibly powerful Godfest Exclusives who continue to push the limits of Transformation cards. At this point in time, Transforming cards tend to be stronger compared to other alternatives because they must go through the hassle of bringing enough Skill Boosts Skill Boost in order to function.

Furthermore, these cards also solidify the notion that asymmetrical pairings are the way of the future. This is because the two strongest mechanics currently available are 7×6 and Auto Follow Up Damage. With this in mind, no single leader can bring both mechanics to the table at this point in time so players would ideally be using two different leaders.

This has benefit of being able to have more opportunities to use top-tier leaders as one does not actually have to own that respective card. Unfortunately, it may also lead to issues with Team Building as both Nelle and Fasca have various restrictions but also provide natural 7×6 boards.

With that being said, I wish to take a closer look at these two new powerful cards that are debuting during the current Super Godfest.

Video recording

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Base Fasca

Active: For 1 turn, increase combo count by 1; Changes to [5842 ] for the duration of the dungeon (18 -> 18 turn CD)

Leader Skill: [Board becomes 7×6] 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when 8 or more combos

Awakenings:  Skill Lock Resist 45
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Attacker / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 552 (-)
HP 2510 (-) / ATK 1325 (-) / RCV 109 (-)
Weapon Assist: +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb Imp ATK

Base Fasca is similar to Nelle in that she also provides a 7×6 board along with requiring 18 Skill Boosts Skill Boost in order to Transform. While Fasca does have a typing restriction post-Transform, all she has to do is match 8 or more combos which should be incredibly easy on a larger board.

As such, she can favourably pair with significantly more leaders along with a less restrictive pool of subs compared to Nelle + Yugi.

Great Witch of the Radiant Wings, Fasca (Transformed)

Active: Reduce unable to match orbs effect by 9999 turns; Remove all binds and awoken skill binds; For 1 turn, increase orb move time by 2 seconds (5 -> 5 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 4x ATK & RCV and 1.5x HP for Attacker type; 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when 8 or more combos [2.25/256/16/43.75%]

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist 45
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Attacker / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1406 (-)
HP 6500 (-) / ATK 3350 (-) / RCV 258 (-)

  • Natural 7×6
  • Strong multipliers
    • Higher RCV
    • Easy to activate Damage Reduction
  • Incredibly powerful 5-turn active
    • Clear unable to match orbs
    • Full bind/awoken bind clear
    • +2 seconds orb movement time
  • Numerous leader pairings
  • Only requires combos to activate
    • Harder to orb troll/not activate
  • +3s orb movement time ( x3)
  • High personal damage
  • 18 SB Skill Boost is on the lower end
  • Future Alice pairing
  • Flies around on a broom
  • Must use Attacker types
  • 18 SB to Transform
    • Is still a hurdle

Fasca features the same 18 Skill Boost Skill Boost requirement as Nelle in order to Transform but is significantly easier to team build overall. This is because her leader skill requires Attacker types but more importantly, fully activates from 8 or more combos. This is a key distinction because it allows Fasca to asymmetrically pair with basically any leader as there is no colour requirement and only combos are needed.

With this in mind, players should view her as a 7×6 leader who needs Attackers along with a total of 18 Skill Boosts. Furthermore, Fasca’s own personal damage is incredibly high as she features 7 Combo 45, 10 Combo , and VDP . This places her on-par with Bradamante as both cards achieve 25x personal damage with a 3×3 Box and 10 combos which should be significantly easier on the larger 7×6 board.

In regards to team building, Skill Boosts are a prized awakening but it really comes down to who you pair with. For example, utilizing Dark Karin will favour a Light based team but utilizing Yugi (he is off-type) means players can utilize Bakura (and his Weapon Assist ) for all your damage needs. Conversely, pairing with Haohmaru yields a 7×6 + Auto Follow Up Damage team that is basically an upgraded Tifa  x Haohmaru.

One future pairing will be Alice Sword Art Online (should return soon) who can be traded for and comes with 4 Skill Boosts, natural Tape Resist , and 1 Auto Follow Up Damage when matching 3 or more Light combos.

Players could also use Chidori , Kamen Rider Super 1 , or Lilia but you can see where this is going: any leader who is ideally an Attacker can pair with Fasca.

Weapon Assist: +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb Imp ATK
Active: Reduce unable to match orbs effect by 9999 turns; Remove all binds and awoken skill binds; For 3 turns, 2x RCV; For 3 turns, 2x orb move time (15 -> 15 turn CD)

  • Only Weapon to provide 5 Enhanced Light orbs +light orb
  • Powerful active
    • Reduce unable to match orbs
    • Bind/Awoken Bind clear
    • RCV buff
    • TE buff
      • Does almost everything
  • Harder to justify converting a single copy of Fasca to this

Faska’s Weapon Assist also provides a blistering 5 Enhanced Light +light orb orbs along with an amazingly powerful utility active.

The main idea with sprinkling Orb Enhances for a given team is to provide additional damage for every card and is usually pursued after all Resists are taken card of.

If GungHo had stopped at just the awakenings, this would still be a strong Weapon Assist but the fact that it includes one of the best utility actives is amazing.

This active is able to cancel out unable to match orb effects, full bind/awoken bind clear, an RCV buff, Time Extend buff. Each component is helpful in their own right, but having all 4 aspects being represented is something special. With this active, players can counter 4 different metrics and will greatly ease team building requirements.

While there is no question to the power Fasca’s Weapon Assist provides, the largest hurdle will be acquiring her and being able to forgo using her Transforming evolutions.

Base Nelle

Active: Change the bottom row to Dark orbs; Changes to [5845 ] for the duration of the dungeon (18 -> 18 turn CD)

Leader Skill: [Board becomes 7×6] 4x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when matching 7 or more connected Dark orbs

Awakenings:  Skill Lock Resist Dark row Dark row
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Balance / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 553 (-)
HP 2610 (-) / ATK 1120 (-) / RCV 205 (-)
Weapon Assist: Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Imp ATK

Base Nelle requires 18 Skill Boosts Skill Boost in order to Transform into a  incredibly powerful mono Dark leader who relies on matching 7 or more connected Dark orbs. What makes her quite special is that she is able to naturally provide a 7×6 board which prevents the need to utilize leader swap shenanigans but at the same time, has a restrictive sub pool and asymmetrical pairings.

Great Witch of the Mysterious Beasts, Nelle (Transformed)

Active: For 1 turn, bypass damage absorb shield effects; Change the far left column to Dark orbs and change the far right column to Heal orbs (6 -> 6 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 2x all stats for Balanced type; Increase orb movement time by 2 seconds; 9x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when matching 7 or more connected Dark orbs [4/324/4/43.75%]

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist Dark row Dark row Dark row  
Super Awakenings: –
Typing: Balance / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1407 (-)
HP 7020 (-) / ATK 2840 (-) / RCV 410 (-)

  • Natural 7×6
  • Huge multipliers
    • Provides Damage Reduction
  • Incredibly strong 6-turn active
  • Favourably pairs with Yugi
    • 4/360/4/25% + Poison Immunity + 7×6
  • Cute
  • Must use Balance types
  • Few viable pairings
    • Yugi forces Devil / Balance
    • Hard to team build
  • Damage may be poor without VDP
    • May not have 7c 45 subs
  • 20 SB Skill Boost to Transform with Yugi

Nelle and Yugi are a match made in heaven as their two Leader Skill beautifully synergize with each other to produce a 4/360/4/25% with immunity to Poison damage along with a 7×6 board and all they have to do is match 7 or more connected Dark orbs. Just wow.

This sounds almost too good to be true and it is because Yugi must use Devil and Nelle requires Balance. Thus, your team building will be restricted to Balance + Devil cards who must also provide a total of 20 Skill Boosts Skill Boost in order to Transform. This is going to be by far the largest hurdle players will have to overcome as your options are quite restrictive. A quick Ilmina search shows only 4 Balanced Devils who have 4 or more Skill Boosts that have Dark as their primary attribute. With that being said, Winged Dragon will Transform into Dark Magician Girl who is a Balanced Devil.

Essentially, you are building a Yugi team with more restrictions but the payoff is significantly higher as you now have a larger board to play around with.

There is really not too much to say for Nelle as she is an all or nothing leader who uses a highly restrictive sub pool when paired with Yugi. Of course, for players who are able to do this, they will greatly enjoy the huge pay offs. Remember Nelle + Yugi > Yugi + Yugi due to the 7×6 board.

Nelle’s position may change in the future if more viable pairings emerge or her sub pool expands.

Weapon Assist: Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Imp ATK
Active: For 2 turns, bypass damage absorb shield effects; Change the far left column to Dark orbs and change the far right column to Heal orbs (22 -> 22 turn CD)

  • Only Weapon to provide 5 Enhanced Dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Powerful active
    • 2 turn Fujin  + column Dark & Heart
  • Longer CD to prevent accidental charging
  • Harder to justify converting a single copy of Nelle to this

Nelle’s Weapon Assist is incredibly powerful as it provides the highest amount of Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance of any Weapon which leads to an impressive increase in your team’s total Passive Damage.

Furthermore, the active skill provided generates a column of Dark and Heart orbs along with 2 turns of Damage Absorb Void (Fujin ). This is quite a powerful combination of effects and helps ensure at least one component will be useful.

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to justify converting a single copy of Nelle into this form assuming you are able to field a team for her. With that being said, if you are unable to build a team for Nelle (mostly because you did not roll in Yu-Gi-Oh Collab), you can utilize her as a Weapon and switch back if things change in the future.

To roll or not to roll

The current Super Godfest is only “special” due to the debut of Nelle and Faska. As such, the decision to roll or not roll in this current event will come down to how much you value the overall roster of cards featured.

While the chance for 1/3 GFE is now the norm, one has to remember that the other two-thirds of the cards may be somewhat “dead” rolls that cost 10 Magic Stones. This is because most Pantheon cards have much less use along with the strong possibility players already own copious copies of them.

As such, you need to take a look at the available roster and decided whether or not this will provide sufficient value with the goal to acquire 1/3 rolls as GFE. Just remember Super Godfests along with Nelle and Faska will return on a regular basis so there is no “rush” to roll this event.


Nelle and Fasca are two fantastic new cards to come to North America. They help solidify Transforming teams as a top-tier mechanic as they both provide natural 7×6 boards alongside their impressive Leader Skill multipliers.

I am personally not a fan of the Transforming meta as it often results in highly restrictive team building but at the same time Powercreeping older options.

Either way, let me know what you think about these two new Godfest Exclusives in the comments below along with whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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32 thoughts on “New GFE – Fasca & Nelle Review”

  1. I find it a bit of a shame. If this newest Godfest had Aten in it as well, it would be almost perfect, considering how strong Mega Awoken Aten is. At the same time, I’m so happy that I rolled well so I have good subs for Fasca…


  2. There are 4 balance devils with 4x skill boost. You forgot to check ‘requires all specified types’ in the type section :(.


  3. I’ve seen some others point out that if NA follows Japan’s schedule (and normally we seem to), we should hold off rolling on this godfest in lieu of the skin godfest. It will have Nelle and Faska, plus more seven star cards and only a 50 percent chance of pantheon, even if the chance of rolling Nelle or Faska will be the same as this machine.


    1. This does have a ring of truth but part of the problem with being behind JP is that newer events will often be better.

      Thus, by the time we get said SGF, there may be a better one on the horizon and could lead to continuous delays for rolling etc


  4. RNG just blessed me with Nelle with pairs really well with my Yugi team. I may finally be able to clear the few arenas I have left!

    Changing the topic to Fasca, are there some subs equivalent to the fortress dragon or that can provide a similar number of skill boosts being attackers? Her requirements seem a bit high


      1. But will those three subs dish enough damage?

        Perhaps a leading with Karin and including b Zela as a sub can help?


        1. Having one sub for SB/utility etc should be perfectly fine considering Fasca hits hard already.

          If you look at my various teams for AA3, I use many non-offensive cards because they cover things I could not have otherwise


  5. I had 11 rolls of stones saved up, and got Nelle, who was the one I wanted most (as a primarily dark and blue player). So happy to have gotten one of the new ones without spending cash. Also got a couple other trade fodder, so pretty nice haul. Looking forward to playing with Nelle!


  6. Suggesting their weapons for newer players with less developed boxes doesn’t fly so well if they can’t evolve them – their exchange requirements aren’t easy.

    Other than that, great review, and may we all get at least one of them!


      1. Perhaps it would make more sense if I said new-mid range players who have cleared modest content so they can acquire those evo mats as Keela is the only tricky one for Fasca


  7. I was one stone away from 10 (I got more saved up but for future stuff) so I bought one and rolled away and got Nelle! Definitely going to try her out. I got Yugi, but my brother does too, so I wouldn’t mind using her.

    As always, great content and always looking forward to it.


  8. Niche team comp but Nelle + Nelle (usually with any +1 SB equip) can still work as a team, ive been using winged dragon x2, D/D Orphen (4x SB with SA) and Vney as subs (equips: 3x chuan, 1 riku ,1 eschamali on orphen) and cleared AA3 and A5 with consistent damage (22 row enhances lol). Poison and other hazards aren’t that bad because of 5 available skills that have a low cooldown.

    Wasnt lucky enough to get yugi, dark magician or bakura so focusing on just dark/balanced requirements can be easier team building for some players out there 🙂


    1. Take what I said with a grain of salt as I do understand Vney and Orphen are hard rolls. Stalling a couple of turns is still ok on many other dungeons so all im trying to say is that even less developed accounts can still try clearing content with Nelle.


  9. Thanks for the article! Rolled 5/8 GFE, including my first Reeche so I’m happy about my rates! Definitely useful to have trade fodder (looking at you, Yusuke and Hiei)

    Wasn’t able to roll either of the two but I paired my Yugi with Nelle and steam rolled AA3 in my first few attempts. Only died on Rokks from the leader swap and I accidentally triggered his executive resolve! That pairing is so ridiculous and I didn’t even have whale assists. The team I currently use:
    – Yugi (Rikuu)
    – Anubis (Lumu smasher – can’t think of better equips atm)
    – dark magician (Fatalis)
    – fortress dragon (Nergigante)
    – Evo yugi (Fagan Rai)
    – friend nelle (always try to get one with nelle assist for super whale effect)

    Was sad to drop Bakura for Anubis as I find he doesn’t do enough from losing one type. Veroah seems like another decent on type sub but I haven’t tested her yet.

    Thoughts on ideal subs for yugi/nelle?


    1. You are most welcome and congrats on your 5/8 rates!

      As for ideal subs, being on-type is important unless they are purely utility. I feel Bakura is a double edged sword in that they can provide large amounts of value but also hinders your boards. I don’t own any so I can’t test but if your team can waltz through AA3, it is clearly working =)


  10. Personally I really like Goury = Gabriel as a pairing with Faska. Makes a 3/256/4/43.75% team that requires 4 colors and 8c. Still requires FUA and can make some boards tricky, but you have extra HP and retain double shields keeping you healthy. Plus, you have a light orb skyfall, he comes with 4 SB, and full poison resist making him a solid sub if you don’t pair with him.


    1. Perhaps using a different, less conditional leader with Goury as a sub may work better. Having to Rainbow will dilute your damage/restrict board/orb changers and I feel a combo-based pair is better


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