Farming Training Arena 2 with Double Shivnia


Training Arena 2 has been available within the Normal Dungeon tab for some time now and is an efficient medium to quickly level up your monsters. This is because it is only 11 floors long, has no mechanics (only huge HP/DEF), drops a random Latent, along with providing 12 million Monster Experience evenly split between all non-max level cards.

This is a hefty amount of Monster Experience and while there are countless teams that can clear the dungeon, being able to do so in a fast and brainless manner can be meaningful.

With this in mind, I would like to share the current build I am using which was created by my friend Miso and slightly adjusted to my own Monster Box.

Video clear

Team used

Training Arena 2 Farming – Shivnia
+15% ATK Badge
Made by Miso



SA Dark row
Balance killer Haste +
Dark Orb



Latent Healer KillerHealer Killer
Healer Killer
Devil killerDevil killer
Devil killerDevil killer
Healer KillerHealer Killer
Healer Killer
  1. Shivania , Shivania , Lucifer , Chuan’s Haste inherit, Break Hearts
  2. Fortress Dragon , Chuan , swipe
  3. Shivania , break row
  4. Match row
  5. Shivania , break row
  6. Chuan , swipe
  7. Lucifer , 9 Dark + 1 combo OR 6 Dark + 3 Dark
  8. 1 combo, Shivania , swipe
  9. Chuan , swipe
  10. Chuan  inherit OR Dark Magician Girl , match row
  11. Shivania , swipe

The main idea behind this team is to abuse the sheer power of <50% and Dark Rows Dark row in order to create as mindless of a team as possible. This is achieved via Shivnia’s own massive personal damage combined with her double Row maker providing massive spike damage along with the opportunity to break up the bottom Row in order to preserve it for the next floor.

Lucifer’s inherit is anything that provides a Balance Killer Balance killer whereas Chuan uses any Dark orb generator that also provides Haste. It is also important to avoid matching Hearts on Floor 1.

In regards to the rest of my set up, it is reasonably rigid if you want to go as mindless as possible but at the same time, if you are lacking the two Chuan inherits I have, you can replace them with either Eris Apples or other Dark Row Assists. Just make sure you either test your damage or make an additional combo or two on floor 7 (Eschamali) and floor 11 (final floor) in case the loss of Dark Rows lowers your damage too much.

Another clarification I want to make is that on floor 10, you can use the now Transformed Dark Magician Girl to generate 5 Dark (must have 1 on the board before) or use a skilled up Chuan inherit. Both work perfectly well but using a skilled up Chuan is just easier.


Farming Training Arena 2 is a lucrative venture as it awards 12 million Monster Experience along with a random Latent that can be easily swipe-farmed.

While going fast does not technically yield better drops, it does cut down on how much effort/thinking is required and can be a fantastic way to quickly dump stamina on busier days.

Let me know what you use to farm Training Arena 2 in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “Farming Training Arena 2 with Double Shivnia”

      1. I can’t get past Training Arena 1. YouTube is full of teams w older monsters I don’t have, can’t get. Tried numerous derivatives w GigaZeus. Reddit was much the same as YouTube. Got a write-up on TA1 teams?


        1. Are you running out of orb changers for Zeus Giga? Are you using DEF Break actives? One of the biggest hurdles is spawns having hundreds of millions of DEF and being able to completely cancel it out will make your life easier


  1. Hmm. I took a completely different tack, and put three subs on my team with the somewhat rare egg/exp boost super awakening, so the sub being blessed with xp would get more xp per run. The runs are slower, because not quite as much swiping, but the xp is better.

    Probably swipe is better, because faster, but just mentioning it as a thought.

    Tbh, I haven’t farmed it much lately, as I saw on JP that we will hopefully get a 0 stamina EKMD dungeon day, and I thought I might just farm that a bit for a hoard of EKMD xp. If the window it happens proves convenient. Idk.

    Dying on alt arena 4 incarnation of worlds trying to get the anti-void latent, like nobody’s business, at the moment. Deep runs but something different goes slightly awry each time. So close. Tantalizing.


    1. Yeah you will get more total experience running the Dungeon Boost awakenings but you will have to sacrifice convenience/speed

      Have you had much luck in AA4?


  2. Very consistent unless I am stupid (which happens a fair bit). You do have to add combos as you said above depending on the float monster (for example leveling up shivnia doesn’t need it, tuna does).

    L: 4650 veroah / 3916 cloak assist

    5633 zaerog / 4866 sinon assist
    5134 Luna / 5557 Luna assist
    4811 Chuan / 4810 Chuan assist

    FL: 4650 veroah / 3921 Duke Cloak assist


      1. Yes. I almost have the shivnia team you have above (I think I don’t have the second Luna assist). But the one I described is quick and consistent. Zaerog, especially, lets me keep hitting max damage and heal in the same turn, so I didn’t have to mess with the -RCV cards to stay under 50%.


        1. You only need one Luna as friend has the other and you will need to adjust Skill boosts accordingly if using a different <50% weapon.

          Core hits incredibly hard assuming 7c but not having to worry about overhealing is helpful


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