Persona Collab REM Review and Analysis – September 2020


The Persona Collab returns to North America after a prolong absence. As such, all existing cards have received various buffs along with all top rarity cards gaining Weapon Assists plus several new cards being added.

Generally speaking, this will be a poor event to roll heavily in due to the fact that the bottom rarity cards lack Weapon Assists along with many having questionable value. This is further compounded by the lack of value duplicates bring which in turn makes it either a free roll and Trade event or only rolling in a small amount to hedge against excessive dupes.

This is often the trend with lower costing Collabs as their reduced 5 Magic Stone cost is offset by lower Weighted Stats and a lack of value at the bottom rarity.

Regardless, this article will outline the pros and cons for each card to give players a better understanding of what to expect in the Persona Collab Rare Egg Machine.

Video commentary

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Persona Collab Pros & Cons – September 2020
  • 5 Magic Stones
    • Cheaper to roll
  • Weapon Assists for all top rarity cards
  • All top rarity cards are available via Monster Exchange
    • Costs 4 Trade Fodder
  • 5 Magic Stones
    • Bottom rarity is heavily neglected
    • Under 1,000 Weighted Stats for non-Orb Skin cards
  • Bottom rarity has little value in dupes
    • No Weapon Assists
    • Some have questionable value
Persona Collab REM
6 Star base
(15% total)
5 Star base
(85% total)
Persona Collab – September 2020

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Icons show Revo or Transformed state if possible

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them
Bottom rarity quick summary

The bottom rarity should be the main motivation to roll in an event and here is a brief summary showcasing their awakenings and/or Weapon Assists if applicable. Awakenings in (brackets) are Super Awakenings.

  • Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Devil killer Machine Killer 45 45 ( ) – B
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Balance killer 37 ( Balance killer 37) – C
  • TPA TPA TPA 45 Skill Boost Skill Boost 37 God Killer ( 37 God Killer) – C
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist +heart +heart Devil killer Devil killer ( ) – B
  • TPA TPA TPA TPA TPA Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost ( 45) – D
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost RCV Latent Skill Lock Resist Machine Killer ( ) – C
  • +light orb +light orb +light orb Time Extend Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist 45 (45 ) – D
  • Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist   45 ( 45 ) – C

Limit Breaking

Limit Breaking is the process of leveling a card beyond level 99. This will unlock more weighted stats along with the potential to receive Super Awakenings. These additional awakenings can add significant power, but only function in solo mode or in 3-player coop.

Any card that can qualify for Limit Breaking will have their level displayed in blue and feeding a Super Snow Globe will push them beyond the level 99 cap.

You can read more about Super Awakenings HERE.

Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System has mostly eliminated the need to roll in most events as players can simply trade in for a card of their choice. This is often done during lackluster events to avoid spending Stones on poor bottom rarity cards or to snipe a specific card if luck is not on your side.

Due to the rate of new cards being released, care should be taken when considering a trade as you want to ensure you gain long term value.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form, but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

My approach to Collab/Seasonal rolling

Rolling any Rare Egg Machine is a gamble and it becomes a matter of maximizing your rate of returns in an event.

This translates into rolling when the bottom rarity has high value as those will be the most common cards. Furthermore, I may utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire the higher rarity cards if they will significantly advance my progress. As such, I tend to look most closely at the bottom rarity pool to determine if it is worth rolling in.

This is just my own personal approach and everyone has different goals/motivations so take this section with a grain of salt. If you wish to read about this more in greater detail, check out my other article HERE.

6 Star base

Several 6-star cards are able to assume a Revo evolution which grants them up to 8 Latent slots and a stronger overall kit. Sadly, pursuing these forms will lock the card in this state as they cannot be reversed. As such, only commit to a Revo if you 100% know you will get significant value from them right now.

Kotone Shiomi & Orpheus – A

  • 2 SB Skill Boost & SBR Skill Lock Resist in Base form
    • 2 turn Delay
      • 4 Effective Skill Boosts
  • Able to function as a potent Healing Solution
    • 3 Enhanced Heart Orbs +heart
    • Alternative to Amaterasu on Remu x Dante
  • Powerful active
    • 5 turn Bind & Awoken Bind clear
    • Tricolour board
  • Viable VDP damage vs Devils & Attackers
  • LS only provides Damage Reduction >80% HP
    • Not feasible in most cases

Kotone is the first new card to be added into the Persona Collab and follows the trend of Transforming while also providing 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and SBR Skill Lock Resist in her Base form along with a 2 turn Delay. This is valuable as it enables her to contribute to Transforming while also upgrading her kit afterwards.

Post-Transform, Kotone will be able to function as a viable Healing Solution due to her 3 Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart which will greatly augment your healing potential when matching exactly 4 Heart orbs. This approach tends to be most efficient on teams with high HP and low RCV as this short coming can be addressed passively through awakenings.

Furthermore, Kotone can function as a Bind and Awoken Bind clearer who also brings a tricolour board changer. I am always a fan of Bind clearing cards who come with an Orb Changer as one component will always be valuable. Finally, Kotone has reasonable VDP damage against all spawns but becomes more valuable against Devils and Attackers.

As a whole, Kotone can be used on your mono Fire or Light teams if you are in need of a Healing solution and want something a little more spicy compared to Amaterasu .

Weapon Assist

  • 2 Rows Fire Row
  • 2 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb
  • 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind  Blind Resist Resist
  • Potentially large ATK buff + Row maker
    • Scales with Fire Rows Fire Row
  • Means forgoing Kotone as a sub
  • Requires Fire Rows Fire Row to truly shine

Kotone’s Weapon Assist is able to provide a sizable amount of Passive Damage via 2 Fire Rows Fire Row and 2 Enhanced Fire Orbs Enhnaced Fire Orb along with 20% protection against Jammers Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist abilities. This has wonderful synergy with any of the Samurai 3 Weapons as they provide 80% Resist against one metric along with a Skill Boost Skill Boost.

Furthermore, Kotone’s Weapon Assist is able to potentially provide a massive ATK buff as it scales with how many Fire Rows are present on your team. This dependency on Fire Rows will be the determining factor of whether this Weapon Assist will be valuable as the 16 turn cooldown is quite long.

In addition to this, making this Weapon Assist also denies you the opportunity on using Kotone as a sub. As such, if I were fortunate enough to roll Kotone, I would probably use her as a sub until her value has expired and convert to her Weapon if a viable opportunity presents itself.

Tohru Adachi – S

  • Huge personal damage with 10 combos
    • 6 unique Killers
  • 2 turn base cooldown
    • 1.5x ATK buff
  • Easy to activate Leader Skill
    • Requires 4 colours
    • Requires 7 combos
    • Provides 1 damage Auto Follow Up
  • Viable pairing with Lucia
    • Requires Devils
    • +3 combos
  • Must hit 10 combos to be truly viable
  • Must use Devils & Rainbow coverage

Adachi is the second and final new 6-star card to be added into the Persona Collab and comes with tremendous personal damage due to his 10 Combos and 6 unique Killers. This shares many similarities to the glorious Aten but Adachi lacks a 7 Combo 45 along with Dragon Dragon Killer or Balance Balance killer Killer.

While this is a shortcoming, Adachi has different typing and colour along with naturally coming with Bind Immunity and a 2 turn cooldown. This active skill can be used to quickly overwrite any ATK debuff along with being able to carry a longer inherit with ease.

In addition to their potent personal damage, Adachi is also able to function as a powerful leader due to 2x HP and an easy to activate 25% Damage Reduction alongside 18x ATK and 1 point of Auto Follow Up Damage. This can be favourably paired with Lucia who also shares the same Devil plus Rainbow clause. Furthermore, Lucia offers +3 combos when matching 4 colours along with immunity to Poison damage.

Weapon Assist

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • >80%
  • 20% Poison Resist Poison resist
  • 300,000 True Damage to all enemies
    • Can execute low HP, high DEF spawns
  • 3x ATK for 3 turns
    • Valuable in current end game content
  • 300,000 may not always be enough
    • Lower value if not used in Farming
  • Must give up using Adachi as a sub/leader

Adachi’s Weapon Assist is able to provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, >80% , and 20% Poison Resist Poison resist. This can help teams Transform in time along with comboing with Samurai 3 Weapons to provide 100% Poison Resist and another Skill Boost. While >80% are often inconsistent offensive awakenings, it still does provide 1.5x ATK for the owning card when above 80% health which is meaningful on your damage dealers.

In addition to this awakenings, the active skill will also provide 3x ATK for Dark cards for 3 turns. This sizable Burst component can be used to grind through the final floors of Shura Realm where one shotting is not possible.

While the 300,000 True Damage is not the highest Button available, it does hit all enemies and can be used to execute high DEF, low HP spawns. This has merits in Farming situations where you can efficiently plan out active skill usage.

As a whole, this is a strong Weapon Assist but it does come at the cost of forgoing Adachi as a sub or leader which will be his preferred role at this point in time.

Yuki – A

  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Modest personal damage
  • Skill Charge
  • Active has a long coodown
    • 50x ATK Button adds to this
  • Relatively generic Rainbow sub

Yuki’s Base form is able to function as a relatively generic Rainbow sub that offers 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with a Skill Charge . Generally speaking, Skill Charge is valuable awakening for Rainbow teams as it is reasonably easy to proc on a regular basis which in turn grants the owning card more frequent access to their active or inherited skill.

Sadly for Yuki, their base skill is a little underwhelming as it combines a full Rainbow board along with a small 50x ATK Button that scales with the team’s Water ATK. While this Button may have enough damage for some content, it is on the lower end along with the longer cooldown hindering Yuki overall. While it can be offset by Skill Charge, it still adds several extra turns and Skill Charge does not occur every time.

As such, I feel this form of Yuki is mediocre overall but thankfully has 2 other stronger forms.

Revo Yuki

  • High personal damage against all spawns
    • Balance typing
      • Can use any 4 Killers
    • Triple 7 Combo 45
  • Massive Damage Reduction with Leader Skill
    • Easy to use
    • Viable to pair with VIdeal or Shinji & Rei
  • Powerful active
    • Full Rainbow board
    • Full HP heal
    • Fully clears Unable to Match Orbs
    • Skill Charge
  • Revo means cannot reverse this form
    • Stuck with it forever

Revo Yuki is able to function as a powerful damage solution for Rainbow-based teams due to their triple 7 Combo 45, balance typing, ability to use 4 Killer latents, and valuable active.

Triple 7 Combo has become a reasonable baseline to judge offensive cards but being able to use and Killer four times can help give any particular card an edge. Furthermore, the active skill that comes with Revo Yuki is wonderfully valuable as it will provide a full HP heal, removes all Unable to Match Orb Effects, a 6 elemental Rainbow board which is hastened along with Skill Charge .

As a leader, Revo Yuki boasts massive Damage Reduction when matching Fire, Water, and Light orbs. Sadly, there is no flat HP multiplier and missing any one of these colours may spell certain death unless paired with someone else who offers a less conditional access to Effective Health. With this in mind, Yuki can potentially pair with VIdeal or Shinji & Rei .

As a whole, Revo Yuki is a solid card but one has to be aware that Revo cards cannot be reversed and you are stuck with this current form moving forward. In the short term, this shouldn’t be an issue but once cards start becoming Powercrept, being stuck in an irreversible evolution is frustrating.

With this in mind, only pursue this (or any Revo) form if you are absolutely certain you can gain immediate and sizable value right away.

Weapon Assist

  • 2 Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb
  • 40 Blind Blind Resist & Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • 75% Damage Reduction for 3 turns
    • Possible to stall a bit for Transforming
  • Active has a long cooldown
    • Challenging to have ready for floor 1

Yuki’s Weapon Assist is able to grant two Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb along with 40% protection against Blinds Blind Resist and Jammers Jammer Resist. These two Resists combined with Passive Damage can make for a wonderful addition to mono Water teams and the 75% Damage Reduction component can be used to stall out dangerous mechanics.

In fact, if you are using someone like Lutina , it is possible to have this active ready for Floor 1 which can in turn act as a pseudo Skill Boost as it may enable players to survive large attacks pre-Transform. With that being said, there is a pretty narrow window for success as most Transforming cards only need 18 Skill Boosts total and with a 15 turn cooldown, it may be difficult to find an appropriate Base card.

Yu Narukami & Izanagi – S

  • 100% DEF Break
    • Also generates 8 Light orbs
  • Super Blind or SB+ via SA
  • Some Healing potential via Enhanced Heart Orbs +heart
    • Offset by lower RCV
  • Not an exceptionally standout card

Yu Narukami has access to two powerful Super Awakenings which gives him flexibility on how he can be used on your mono Light teams. Furthermore, his active skill is able to generate 8 Light orbs along with providing a 100% DEF Break.

This DEF Break has tremendous applications against encounters with exceptionally high DEF values such as those found in Training Arena 2. Furthermore, the inclusion of 8 Light orbs being generated always ensures at least one aspect is being put to good use.

With that being said, I feel Yu Narukami is not an exceptional card. This is because their Healing potential via Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart is offset by lower RCV along with his offensive potential not being anything exceptionally special. Furthermore, if you did select Super Blind as your Super Awakening, you lose out on 2 Skill Boosts.

Revo Yu Narukami & Izanagi no Okami

  • Sizable VDP damage
  • Modest Healing potential via Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart
    • Better RCV compared to other form
  • Super Blind Resist
  • Active generates 9 Light orbs
    • 2x ATK
    • 100% DEF Break
  • Easy to use Leader Skill
    • 2x HP
    • 16x ATK
    • Auto Follow Up Damage
    • +2 seconds orb movement time
  • Revo means cannot reverse this form
    • Stuck with it forever
  • Low personal damage without 3×3 Box
    • Becomes quite orb hungry
    • Will be offset with future Feruru
  • More universal value through Weapon Assist

Revo Yu Narukami boasts improved VDP and stronger healing potential due to higher RCV alongside the 2 Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart plus an upgraded active skill while still retaining access to Super Blind .

This new active skill is able to create 9 Light orbs alongside the 100% DEF Break which ensures a 3×3 Box can be formed along with a 2x ATK buff to ensure the opposing spawn dies.

As such, Revo Yu Narukami is able to function well on mono Light teams, especially those that have higher HP multipliers and lower RCV numbers. This means his own leader skill is improved as the 1x RCV is offset by his improved healing capabilities. Furthermore, his Leader Skill is easy to use as it provides both Auto Follow Up Damage and bonus orb movement time.

With this in mind, he can function as a respectable leader but the biggest drawback is being locked into this evolution along with his Weapon Assist having significant value for end game content.

Weapon Assist

  • Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • Balance Killer Balance killer
    • Highly relevant for AA4
  • Active overwrites time Debuffs
  • 1 turn Damage Absorb Void
    • 9 turn cooldown!
  • ?

Yu Narukami’s Weapon Assist is able to provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost along with a Balance Killer Balance killer to the owning card. This is fantastic for helping cards Transform and the Balance Killer is highly relevant for Alt Arena 4 due to the majority of final floor spawns featuring this typing.

As such, inheriting this on top of your offensive cards is meaningful as they will be dealing 3x personal damage on top of whatever they have already. Furthermore, the active skill tied to this Weapon is able to overwrite Time Debuffs by lowering your own movement time by 2 seconds but also providing a single turn of Damage Absorb Void.

This ability to cancel out any one of the most hated mechanics for a single turn is highly valuable in virtually every dungeon and the fact that it has such a blisteringly low cooldown of 9 turns makes it incredible.

Perhaps this is attributed to the self movement time debuff or because many 2 turn Absorb Voids now exist but either way, we have access to a wonderfully powerful active skill on a phenomenally short cooldown.

With this in mind, this Weapon Assist should be made in most cases due to the uniquely low cooldown for a Damage Absorb Void.

Ren Amamiya – S

  • 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Modest personal damage
  • Full Bind & Awoken Bind clear
  • Relatively narrow in his usability
    • Somewhat generic awakenings
  • Does not offer anything exceptional

Ren’s non Revo form is able to provide 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost due to their single turn of Delay along with being able to fully clear all Bind and Awoken Binds.

While having a solution to all Binds is meaningful, Ren does not provide that much overall in the grand scheme of PAD. This is because his active is relatively restrictive as it is only helpful under certain situations and has almost no value other wise. This is because it combines two non-synergistic components.

As such, it would be best to look at his other forms.

Revo Ren Amamiya

  • Strong personal damage against all spawns
    • Triple 7 Combo 45 & Balance typing
    • Can use any 4 Killer Latents
  • 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • 2 turn Delay
  • Fully clears all Bind and Awoken Binds
  • Cloud Resist
  • 2 TE+
  • Balance & Devil typing
    • Viable Yugi sub
  • Auto Follow Up Attack as a leader
  • Revo means cannot reverse this form
    • Stuck with it forever
  • LS requires 2 Heart combos for Damage Reduction
    • No Effective Health otherwise

Revo Ren Amamiya is a significant upgrade from his other form as he gains access to a third 7 Combo 45 along with an improved Leader Skill and overall awakenings.

Sadly, the fact that he is a Revo form means it cannot be reversed or changed in the future which is often a poor idea in PAD long term. This is because new cards are constantly released which are often slightly better compared to previous options. As such, players may not gain that much value out of this form for a prolong period of time.

With that being said, if you are on the hunt for another high damage card that lacks VDP , Revo Ren may be a viable option as he can use any 4 Killer latents while also having 8x personal damage with 7 or more combos. Furthermore, the inclusion of Cloud Resist can potentially free up an inheritance slot while his active skill can fully clear all Bind and Awoken Binds. Furthermore, his Devil typing enables him to be used on Yugi teams and it can allow you to sweep a floor with only a row instead of matching a 3×3 Box.

If all of these aspects sound appealing, pursuing Ren’s Revo form can be meaningful but if uncertain, his Weapon Assist can be always be used.

Weapon Assist

  • 3 turn Delay
    • Can provide 3 Effective SB Skill Boost
  • Changes Hearts to Dark orbs
  • +1 second orb movement time
  • 3 Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance
  • Cannot stack with other Delays
  • Must inherit on a low CD card
    • Has 12 turn cooldown

Ren’s Weapon Assist is able to potentially provide 3 Effective Skill Boosts if you can successfully inherit it onto a low cooldown card. These extra turns of stalling are often vital for Transforming teams and being able to sprinkle in additional turns is valuable. Furthermore, it will at least provide a Heart to Dark orb changer should the Delay no longer be useful later on.

In addition to this, the extra second of Orb Movement Time is always helpful along with the 3 Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance adding a noticeable increase in your team’s total damage.

Taking all of this into consideration, I feel that this will be the most helpful form of Ren to pursue if you cannot justify locking him into his Revo due to an ideal place to use him right now.

Elizabeth & Thanatos – A

  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • Cloud Resist
  • Fully clears all Awoken Binds
  • 2 turn Attribute Absorb Void
  • L
  • Universally stronger as a Weapon Assist

Elizabeth is the only old 6-star card to not have a Revo form which is odd to say the least. Regardless, her non-Weapon Assist form is able to provide both a Cloud Resist and 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost while having a useful active.

Her active is able to fully clear all Bind and Awoken Binds along with a full HP Heal and 2 turns of Attribute Absorb Void. In end game content, Attribute Absorb has become much more important to address as many final floors feature this mechanics. While it is always possible to dance around it, having a direct counter is often much safer.

As such, the value Elizabeth brings to your Monster Box will hinge on what kind of content you are currently playing through and whether or not you are Attribute Absorb is truly dangerous.

If you feel you are not at this stage of the game, her Weapon Assist has more universal value due to the inclusion of Damage Absorb Void.

Weapon Assist

  • Enhanced Heal Orb +heart
  • RCV & Time Buff
  • 2 turn Damage Absorb Void
  • 2 turn Attribute Absorb Void
  • 24 turn cooldown
  • Reasonable similar to Umbrella or Reeche Hat
    • Provides weaker awakenings

Elizabeth’s Weapon Assist is able to provide quite a few different aspects such as an Enhanced Heal Orb +heart and the ability to buff your own Time and RCV numbers.

While these are helpful, the main attraction is the 2 turns of Damage and Attribute Absorb Void. While there has thankfully never been a single spawn that features both at the same time, both mechanics do frequently appear in end game content. As such, this Weapon may simply be valuable just as a solution for Damage Absorb spawns for all players as this mechanic populates essentially every dungeon.

With that being said, this Weapon Assist does have a lengthy 24 turn cooldown which may prevent it from being used multiple times within a given dungeon.

5 Star Base

All 5-star cards featured in the Persona Collab lack a Weapon Assist along with low Weighted Stats. As such, rolling and acquiring dupes of these cards will be a frustrating experience as you may find difficulty in finding value even from one of them.

Kasumi Yoshizawa – B

  • Active fully clears Unable to Match orb Effects
    • 5 element board changer as well
  • Strong personal damage against Devils or Machines
  • Tape Resist
  • Super Jammer Resist
  • Orb Skin card
    • Better stats
    • Usually stronger compared to other same rarity cards
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
    • Only an issue if another card lacks this
  • LS requires 2 Hearts combos
    • Can make stalling difficult
  • Lower Weighted Stats

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a brand new Orb Skin card added to the Persona Collab and features a stronger overall kit compared to other cards at the same rarity. Regardless, Kasumi is able to function as a potent sub due to their sizable personal damage against Devils and Machines, natural Tape Resist , Super Jammer Resist , and powerful active skill.

Her active is able to reduce all Unable to Match Orb Effects along with a 5 elemental board changer that includes Hearts. The absence of Wood orbs is most likely not going to be an issue as most Rainbow teams are still able to fully activate from 4/5 colours. As such, Kasumi may find themselves being used as an alternative to Dark Kali as both have a similar active skill and role.

In regards to their leadership potential, Kasumi is able to provide 2x HP along with a reasonable ATK multiplier when matching 2 Heart combos. While this is reasonably doable along with having the flat HP bulk to stall, the reliance on two Heart combos may make stalling problematic as you may accidentally activate or not be able to stall for too long.

Orb Skin

Futaba Sakura – C

  • 4 Effective  SB Skill Boost
  • Reasonable personal damage against Attackers & Balance types
  • Fully removes all Unable to Match Orbs
  • Easy to use Leader Skill
  • Low Weighted Stats
  • Hard to justify using with a deep Monster Box

Futaba Sakura is the first non-Orb Skin card within the bottom rarity and somewhat sets the pace for the remaining cards. This is because all of them feature terribly low Weighted Stats which in turn makes it challenging to justify using if you have a respectably deep Monster Box.

As such, Futaba can function as a transitional sub or leader for newer accounts or if lacking any other Unable to Match Orb counter.

Makoto Niijima – C

  • Strong personal damage against Gods or Attackers
  • Terribly low ATK
    • Negates her sizable personal damage
  • Limited uses overall

Makoto has strong offensive awakenings but is held back from her terribly low ATK stat which greatly diminishes her potential niche. As such, the amount of value they will bring to your Monster Box hinges on what other Killer options you have available.

Mitsuru Kirijo – B

  • 5 Skill boosts Skill Boost
    • +1 turn Delay
  • Strong Devil Killing potential
  • No RCV to use Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart
  • Limited uses overall

Mitsuru is able to bring 6 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost but will probably not used as a sub for Transforming teams due to the low Weighted Stats and underwhelming active.

As such, I feel she will make for an alternative to other Skill Boost sticks for Ranking Dungeons or Farming builds as she provides the same number as Raziel or Whaledor but with a longer base cooldown. On the bright side, she is easier to Skill Up and the ability to deal meaningful damage to Devils may in turn free up additional slots.

Yosuke Hanamura – D

  • Lots of TPA TPA
  • 4 SB Skill Boost
  • Terrible ATK
  • Low awakening diversity
  • Hard to find a true use

Yosuke features 5 TPA TPA along with 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost which is sadly the main extent of what he brings. Sadly, these awakenings are nothing special when you factor in his abysmally low ATK stat and the fact that Tengu Tengu is easily farmable with the same Skill Boosts and a much shorter base cooldown.

As a whole, I would be quite sad to roll Yosuke.

Goro Akechi – C

  • 8x personal damage when below 50% HP
    • Added zest against Machines
  • Limited uses

Goro Akechi boasts 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with 8x personal damage when below 50% Health. This is meaningful when building Farming teams that are able to maintain this Health threshold but that will be the main extent of Goro’s usage.

This is because his other awakenings and overall kit do not provide much else and it may be challenging to build a competent <50% team for Light.

Aigis – D

  • Pretty Blue eyes?
  • 20 damage five times?
    • What is that killing?

Aigis is able generate 5 Light orbs along with dealing 20 damage to an enemy 5 times. I am not quite sure what this active is trying to achieve as Dark Metatron Tamadra has not been an issue for many years.

Perhaps she could be used in conjunction with other board/orb changers to create a favourable distribution but I feel she has little value overall.

Teddy – C

  • 9 turns of 25% Damage Reduction
    • Can nearly loop on his own
  • Few places where we can truly use this
  • Not an ideal sub to run

Teddy is the final card within the Persona Collab and comes with the ability to provide 9 turns of 25% Damage Reduction on an 11 turn cooldown.

This means it can nearly be looped if Teddy is used on his own but at the same time, running Teddy as a sub is not the best of ideas due to his low Weighted Stats and few helpful awakenings.

As such, it may be challenging to find a use for him but perhaps for Yomi  x Norza teams when playing through AA4 and you lack something like Kuriboh as a 2+ turn shield is required to tank the Myne into Kurone combo.

Do I plan to roll? & Dream rolls

I do not plan on rolling within the Persona Collab due to the fact that the bottom rarity comprises 85% of the rolling pool with none of the cards being truly meaningful for my Monster Box. As such, 85% of the time I will be disappointed along with no personal attachment to the franchise.

With that being said, it is always fun to dream about what could be possible and for my dream 6-star card, I would love to own Tohru due to his impressive personal damage against almost all spawns along with his potent leadership potential.

For my dream 5-star card, I would have to choose the Orb Skin, Kasumi Yoshizawa as she is harder to roll along with her helping me develop my fledgling Rainbow box.

My Dream Rolls

The above chart are the cards I would love to acquire from each rarity if I could choose one for my Mantastic account. This is my own personal opinion based on my Monster Box, goals and whether or not I have dupes.


The Persona Collab is a top-heavy affair with the lackluster bottom rarity comprising 85% of the rolling pool. These are not good odds for any event and if you are truly gungho on acquiring the top rarity cards, utilizing the Monster Exchange with 4 Trade Fodder is more appealing.

This will often be the fate of 5-Stone Collabs as their Bottom rarity tends to be lacking as a response to the lower price tage.

Regardless, let me know what you think about the Persona Collab Rare Egg Machine and how much you plan on rolling in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Seems like a pass collab for me (I already passed last time). Between this and MHA not likely happening seems like I am going to be building my stone stack until key heroes and sin dragons arrive


  2. Seems like an underwhelming Collab, but nostalgic for me in a way since it was the active Collab when I started playing 2 years ago

    I know you’re not rolling, but do you plan on trading? Also, any opinion on whether Yuki or You Narakumi would find a useful place on a Fasca team (I’m thinking rainbow and Alice Mono Light respectively)?


    1. Neither of those cards would work well as Fasca requires Attacker types

      As for Trading, I am not sure. If I Monster Exchange I usually wait til the end to see what new things are on the horizon along with letting any hype die down to ensure I make a better decision


  3. Other than your dream cards, what are the most desirable characters/weapon assists in this collab? Like in Devil May Cry collab everyone wanted Dante. Would you say Tohru is that card for this collab?


    1. Yu Narukami & Izanagi no Okami’s Weapon Assist is a blisteringly fast fujin active that comes with SB and Balance Killer

      I feel that this will be a popular weapon and if I didn’t own Umbrella i may be tempted to get one for myself


  4. Would trading for yu narukami be worth it? The light key hero seems pretty powerful and there aren’t much light leads with autofua. I got good light subs but I’m afraid that I might have overlooked something.


    1. Whenever you are thinking of trading for a card, ask yourself whether or not gaining this new card will greatly advance your progress within the game right away and not hinging on rolling new stuff in the future

      Reason for this is because powercreep is so fast in PAD that many cards get pushed out for stronger things as they are released so you want to ensure you get immediate and sizable value right away


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