PAD Academy Overview & Who to Monster Exchange for – July 5th, 2021


Due to my wrist (and other) pains, I have been struggling to find a way to do reviews and hopefully this shorter format provides some insight as a supplement to my YouTube video.

For PAD Academy, it is a top-heavy event which offers several powerful cards at the higher rarities. Thankfully, both the 8 and 9-star cards can be Monster Exchanged for which will be the best course of action as the bottom rarity has middling value despite owning a Weapon Assist . This is because their value is terribly low and will be replaced as soon as other options become available.

With this in mind, I will only be highlighting within this article the top major prizes to consider Monster Exchanging for.

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PAD Academy REM Pros & Cons – July 2021
  • Can Monster Exchange for 8 & 9-stars
    • Trade-only, minimal/no rolls
  • All cards have a Weapon Assist
  • Questionable value at bottom rarity
    • Terribly low value overall
    • Comprises the majority of rolls
  • Terribly low rolling rates for 8/9*

PAD Academy REM
9 Star base
(2% total)
8 Star base
(7.5% total)
7 Star base
(19.8% total)
Summer Lucifer Summer Isis  
6 Star base
(34% total)
5 Star base
(36.7% total)
Summer Theurgia Summer Sasuke 

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

PAD Academy Rankings – July 2021

Cards to Monster Exchange for

Due to the underwhelming rolling odds along with the bottom two rarities holding middling value, this is an event that favours Monster Exchanging to acquire.


  • Outstanding personal damage via Dragons
  • Fantastic LS
    • Immense Damage Reduction
    • Bonus combos
    • Huge RCV multiplier
    • Does not need to Transform
      • Alleviates SB Skill Boost needs
  • 3 turn CD
    • Easy to inherit over
    • Creates 3 Water, Light, & Hearts
      • 1 turn more than Seina for same effect
  • Can abuse 7×6 Swapping due to no Transform
    • Fasca facilitates this
  • Strongest leader we can acquire directly via Monster Exchange
  • No Auto Follow Up Attack
  • Must match Light & Water for Damage Reduction
    • Greatly offset by active/7×6
  • No VDP
    • Wastes all personal damage vs Voids
  • Lower ATK multiplier
    • Offset by 7×6, Enhanced Combos , and being mono colour
Who should Monster Exchange for Kio?

Nautilus and Royal Oak are arguably the two strongest leaders in the game and with well built teams, can clear any dungeon in the game. With that being said, both these cards are terribly hard to acquire and it is possible that you may not be able to put together a competent team for them.

As such, Academy Kio will be most valuable to players who have a deep Light box who do not own a Nautilus or Royal Oak team and wish to push into harder content. Academy Kio is the strongest Monster Exchangeable leader we can acquire up to this point in time as most almost all other top leaders could not be acquired outside of Rolling or IAP-random bundles.

With that being said, we are missing several JP-exclusive cards who are outstanding subs for Kio which in turn does lower his overall potential. At the same time, Kio is still a powerful leader and there is a good chance he will surpass your other available options. Just be mindful of the Exchange cost and whether or not you can abuse 7×6 to avoid needing a second copy for guaranteed activation.


  • 6 (7) SB Skill Boost
  • Super Poison Resist
  • Fantastic personal damage
    • 45 45 45
    • High ATK stat
    • Great candidate for Double Damage Cap latent
  • Useful active
    • RCV & TE buff
    • Board Refresh
      • Solves full Poison/Locked boards
  • Outstanding mono Wood sub
    • Strong leader too but overshadowed by Nautilus
  • 6 SB is less unique now
    • More common but those cards do not have Valeria’s other awakenings
  • Covers the same colour as Alynna for SR3
    • Both are expensive trades
      • If I had to pick one, I would pick Alynna
Who should Monster Exchange for Valeria?

Players who own a Nautilus should strongly consider Monster Exchanging for Valeria as she will greatly elevate your team as she is one of the best possible subs for mono Wood.

This is due to her 6 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, fantastic stats, significant personal damage with the ability to effectively use the Double Damage Cap latent, and meaningful active.

Generally speaking, I would say Alynna , Selica , and Valeria are the strongest mono Wood subs at this point in time as they cover most mechanics when used on a Nautilus team (SR Freyja will often be the 4th sub). As such, if you wish to take your Submarine to the next level, Monster Exchanging for Academy Valeria will be meaningful.

Orochi (Weapon)

  • 5 Effective SB Skill Boost Weapon
    • 4 turn Delay
    • 1 SB
  • 20% Blind Blind Resist & Jammer Jammer ResistResist
  • Fantastically inexpensive Monster Exchange cost
    • Four 6-star GFE
      • Low as you can go!
  • Massive overlap with Shelling Ford
    • Both are 4 turn Delays with 1 SB
Who should Monster Exchange for Orochi?

Players who do not own Shelling Ford should Monster Exchange for Orochi as it is one of the best Effective Skill Boost Skill Boost options as it offers 4 turns of Delay along with a single Skill Boost.

This type of active is inherited on top of a card with a  low base cooldown and then used on turn 1. This grants 4 turns of safety to either Transform or charge up other key active skills.

With that being said, if you already own Shelling Ford, there is much less reason to Monster Exchange for Orochi as they do essentially the same thing.


Kio, Valeria, and Orochi will be the main prizes from the PAD Academy REM and are worth Monster Exchanging for if you are able to take advantage of them. While the cost to acquire Kio and Valeria is the highest possible (five 7* GFE), Orochi has the lowest Exchange cost at four 6* GFE.

Either way, let me know what you think about  this format for Reviews while I work towards finding a solution for my various health problems.

Happy Puzzling!

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20 thoughts on “PAD Academy Overview & Who to Monster Exchange for – July 5th, 2021”

      1. Eh I don’t think I have the box to really use it properly, missing some important assists. Also not a fan of multiple transforms. No denying the end state is a beast though.


  1. Awesome format. For the most part this is all I’m looking for and read anyhow: a round up of the most relevant cards, and a summary analysis of the event overall. I’m sure there is grey area for some collabs, but I’ll take this over nothing anyday. Thanks!


  2. I rolled one Kio and traded for one incase I want to system. I already had 3 Valeria Senpai so I didn’t bother trading. I rolled Orochi and a lot of diamonds. I think I only ended up with like 4 or 5 of the lowest rarity ones. I rolled Lotta Lotta with my roll that came with the Annihilation dungeon clear. I’m happy with my haul.


  3. Assuming a team of NYartemis(L)/GPolowne/Albrecht/3x Nadeko (2 sub 1 friend lead), would you consider Valeria a notable upgrade in any slot? I didn’t trade for Alynna (prob should have).


    1. I have the same thought with a similar team build (I use Alyune instead of a 3rd Nadeko). Personally, I was thinking swapping GPowlone for Valeria, and sticking a color and damage absorb assist on Valeria (namely, the boars head assist from Demon Slayer). While it’s nice to have GPowlone make Albrecht and Alyune’s post-transform skills come up faster, GPowlone still takes 8 turns to get her own skill up once. The enhanced orbs are nice but not needed, especially if you made Achilles shield. Guard Break is useless on the team, etc. Whereas Valeria’s damage strikes fear into the hearts of men while also providing good SA choices and poison resist, leaving other assist options open to your other subs.


    2. Nadeko teams are hard pressed for active skills but Val does cover TE buff like Albrecht but I feel his orb generation works better as nad/art only convert fire


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