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PAD Academy Overview & Who to Monster Exchange for – July 5th, 2021


Due to my wrist (and other) pains, I have been struggling to find a way to do reviews and hopefully this shorter format provides some insight as a supplement to my YouTube video.

For PAD Academy, it is a top-heavy event which offers several powerful cards at the higher rarities. Thankfully, both the 8 and 9-star cards can be Monster Exchanged for which will be the best course of action as the bottom rarity has middling value despite owning a Weapon Assist . This is because their value is terribly low and will be replaced as soon as other options become available.

With this in mind, I will only be highlighting within this article the top major prizes to consider Monster Exchanging for.

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PAD Academy REM Pros & Cons – July 2021
  • Can Monster Exchange for 8 & 9-stars
    • Trade-only, minimal/no rolls
  • All cards have a Weapon Assist
  • Questionable value at bottom rarity
    • Terribly low value overall
    • Comprises the majority of rolls
  • Terribly low rolling rates for 8/9*

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Dracoblader Godfest + New GFE (Sericha & Kio) Review


This coming Friday marks the debut of two new Godfest Exclusives (GFE), Sericha and Kio , along with a regular 5-Magic Stone Godfest. For the most part, this Godfest should be skipped as it will feature lackluster rates due to the non-Super status and mostly exists to bait players into trying to roll the two new cards.

As a whole, the two new Godfest Exclusives are wonderfully powerful and unique but will have significantly less applications for the average player. Their main strength comes from their Weapon Assist forms as they are able to transfer awakenings that were never available before.

This article will be focusing on the strengths of the two new Godfest Exclusives, Sericha and Kio.

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Do not roll in the Godfest

Low rates combined with the eventual return of Monster Hunter and YYH Collab means players should be saving their Magic Stones.

New Godfest Exclusives

The two new Godfest Exclusives may seem strange at first due to the mediocre value of their evolved forms and some players being unaware of how powerful the Weapon Assists are. Continue reading Dracoblader Godfest + New GFE (Sericha & Kio) Review